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  1. I think you’re discounting HOW Seattle wants to function as a team. Running the ball and controlling the clock allows the defense to rest. Do they want to score a lot? Sure, but they want the defense to be elite, and that requires both sides of the ball complimenting the other. They don’t hesitate to “open up” the defense because they don’t trust Wilson. They don’t do it because they have the entire team in mind. Seattle has been very consistent with this philosophy over the past 10 years.
  2. Would the question have a different answer if it was in reference to transcendent talents at the position as opposed to the average safety or average CB?
  3. Would be interesting to see the same breakdown for the CB position.
  4. You should check out the info Chase is sharing on Twitter today with safeties and super bowl success. An interesting analysis.
  5. I don’t understand how you can have such a strong opinion here. Seems a reasonable argument can be made for both sides here. Perhaps a good trade for both teams?
  6. Just read this in a tweet. Think it’s a solid take on the situation We often look for a winner and a loser in every trade. I think the cheesy truth is that both sides can win. Teams are in different places. The Jets aren't contenders. If I was the Jets, I would rather have two 1.20's and McDougald. If I was the Seahawks I'd rather have Adams.
  7. Thanks, Jets. We will continue to cheer a contending team each year with star players. At least you get to enjoy draft day. Best of luck with that.
  8. Third round pick. They took Bobby Wagner in the second that year. Not too often a GM nails two HOF players on back to back picks.
  9. Love the trade. Some fans will point to giving up the two first round picks as too much, but those picks are gambles. Adams is a stud. Seriously, fans place too much value on first round picks. Go back and look at your team’s first rounders the past ten years.
  10. They're certainly better at being violent resulting in liberals being killed, but they sure love to go nuts when the opposite happens.
  11. His attorney recently argued in court that TC has no obligation to tell the truth and that no reasonable viewer would consider his show as news. Seriously? WTF?
  12. It's a problem. We shouldn't be ignoring it, or exacerbating it. We should be doing our best to collect relevant data. That's not happening. I would not choose to draw such definitive conclusions based on what we know. LInk to the Johns-Hopkins data. There's only one graph that I look at each day on that linked page. It's the Daily Deaths. In my mind it's the only objective data we have to go on. When you hear about "increases" in cases that's relative to the number being tested. Most news outlets aren't sharing that number **. If we were talking about a percent of randomly selected people being tested we might have some data worth discussion, but for now we're dealing with several forms of statistical bias. Who is volunteering to be tested? And what motivation exists for them that may not have a couple of months ago? Again, bias data. However, the death count isn't so subjective. You can make arguments about who is or isn't being counted as an official Covid death, but unless you subscribe to a nationwide conspiracy among doctors it's the best we have. The deaths are steadily dropping. Will we see an increase in death count in a week? If so, it would seem there was a legitimate increase in the number of true cases (whether tested or not). We'll see. This is the discussion I would be having each day if I were the president. I think the president has tried to take the conversation in this direction, but he's done a poor job if it. Disclosure: I'm generally a fairly liberal guy. Note: The sinusoidal nature of that deaths graph is due to some states not reporting deaths over the weekends. They get lumped into Tuesday and Wednesday each week causing what looks like a dampened sine curve. It's best to click on the button for the 7-day average so you're comparing each day to the one 7 days previous. ** Another problem. In comparing the percentage of cases to the death counts I've noticed some really screwy data. I live in Washington state. My buddy an I were comparing our counties. Spokane (him) 1,167 cases 39 deaths 533 active cases 21,868 total tests (5.3% positive tests) Whatcom (me) 588 cases 40 deaths 548 active cases 16,563 total tests (3.5% positive tests) Spokane is showing about a 3% death rate in their cases. Whatcom is showing about a 7% death rate in their cases. Again, the data we're collecting is inconsistent. It should be systematically collected and normed for things like age and population density, but it's not. Making broad sweeping decisions based on poor data and paranoia is folly. Am I trying to make this into an AP Statistics problem? Well, yeah. Isn't that the intelligent educated thing to do? Why would anyone argue against that? Isn't the alternative making emotional charged guesses? How is that better?
  13. Maybe. The problem here is we don't really know how many cases there were weeks ago. With increased testing you get more cases. The news outlets are doing a poor job of sharing relevant data. I'm going to have a great time next school year in my AP Statistics class sharing all the crazy examples of horribly biased forms of data collection. I continue to be surprised that there isn't someone out there collecting RANDOM samples from our population. I guess it's more proof that doing statistically sound data collection isn't profitable enough for anyone to bother. I like to think somewhere Edward R. Murrow is nodding in agreement with me. Profit centered news outlets benefit only themselves.
  14. OMG. It’s still there. What a bunch of morons.
  15. Oh for ####s sake. How can anyone take them seriously?