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  1. Hooper31

    Belichick Vs. Brady?

    FInal thought here. There are no stupid questions, only the stupid people that ask them.
  2. Hooper31

    Belichick Vs. Brady?

    You're making the assumption that every man walking around has the same set of priorities. Or that there's a right or wrong set of priorities that everyone should agree upon. Would you rather win more titles? Or have a player on your team with the greatest statistics? And I don't think it's so easy to determine. Consider: Would you rather live a happy life? Or would you rather make the most money possible? How often to people answer this question honestly and actually act on it? What people say and do aren't always the same thing. They two scenarios are necessarily mutually exclusive. People can make boatloads of money and be happy, but we often see men sacrifice their happiness in order to make more money. Which would I pick? I would choose to have an organization that consistently put the team ahead of individual players. Which one is that? I don't know. I think having to pick one ahead of the other is dumb. I would rather just appreciate what they have in the building. The exercise of telling people they have to choose is just lame.
  3. Hooper31

    Belichick Vs. Brady?

    Apologies if I wasn't clear. Not sure I can say it any other way. I think you're wasting your time. I respect both men for the exact opposite behavior that you're wanting to embrace.
  4. Hooper31

    Belichick Vs. Brady?

    No one is making the argument that quarterbacks aren't the most important position. The size of their paychecks (and yes, in comparison to the coaches too) tell the tale better than any other anecdotal evidence. I will look back at this Patriots era with fondness, and it's likely not over yet. I have a lot of respect for getting 53 men to all pull in the same direction putting their teammates before themselves. I believe strongly this is the most important element of winning titles. The existence of a thread like this points exactly to the selfish nature of men. People have a need to place a man before the other. We often feel a pull to rank and categorize individuals. I think the reason TB and BB continue to win is they understand this and refuse to buy into the petty nature that other timid souls cling to.
  5. Hooper31

    Belichick Vs. Brady?

    Oops. Of course meant Pats. WIll edit.
  6. Hooper31

    ***Russell Wilson Bandwagon***

    Great example of someone trying to create a story and controversy where none exists. Seattle is going to wait until the draft and free agency plays out and then they will extend Wilson. Anyone want to put some money on this?
  7. Hooper31

    Belichick Vs. Brady?

    Football is the ultimate team game. Attempting to credit a quarterback with wins or losses is just folly. It's the sort of thing morons discuss on the radio that other morons can't get enough of. I can't help but wonder what percentage of the morons that try to credit quarterbacks with wins and losses actually had their face in a huddle at any point of their life. We love it because of the unselfish nature needed for a team to win at the highest level. No NFL team wins a title with the players only in it for themselves. I'm not making an argument for either TB or BB. Perhaps both have had a big impact on getting the rest of their teams to buy in, but crediting a single player with wins is just stupid in every way. Joe Namath didn't beat the Colts. Eli Manning didn't beat the Pats (twice). Just stop, people. Please, stop.
  8. Bass, mad respect for you through the years, but you're WAY off base here. Every elected Democrat is calling for this guy's head. All of them.
  9. Hooper31

    Missing FBGs

    @*Satan* and @*G* (*God*)
  10. Hooper31

    Men's Undershirts

  11. Hooper31

    Mount Rushmore of Droids

  12. Hooper31

    Mount Rushmore of Droids

    Was hoping I could think of something cool that nobody had mentioned, but all I got is Daggit from Battlestar Galactica.
  13. Hooper31

    Best Movie Openings

    Full Metal Jacket R Lee just being himself was awesome.
  14. Carroll said yesterday in his presser that starters will play as they attempt to keep their momentum rolling.
  15. One of the craziest stories in the NFL that continues to be ignored ... CB Tre Flowers Rookie that played safety through college. Forced into starting at CB all this season. Hell of a promising player that perfectly fits the mold of the prototype Seattle CB. This kid needs more media love.