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  1. Just shocked Seattle was even in this game. SF is so much better across the board. Probably ought to blame the fans. If they wanted it bad enough SF would have won.
  2. I was wondering if anyone else would notice that according to PFF that Seattle was missing their best player. Granted, its a smaller sample size of games, but Dissly has been a huge impact player when active.
  3. The day has arrived. Thinking the SF defensive line will be too much. Maybe Seattle run game with Carson can slow them down enough?
  4. Other things of interest in this game. Seattle has the best MNF record of any NFL team. SF has the second best MNF record. The two teams currently have a 15-2 record. Probably one of the better combined records for a week 10 game in the history of MNF. IDK, wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong on that last one, but the two teams present a fairly solid matchup for a primetime game.
  5. Seven years ago I started this thread: Back in 2012 this was a epic game. Violent. Talent all over the place, especially on defense. I have serious doubts Seattle has much a chance this coming weekend even with Wilson playing at an MVP level. SF has a serious defense. SEA has serious issues on defense. Hoping for a great game. :FingersCrossed:
  6. I think you make a good point. Did I mis-characterize the situation? Yes, but I did so because I've witnessed what theoretical edicts that been handed down and what they really look like when implemented. The math teachers on the front line aren't going to be having philosophical discussions when pressed. As much as someone might want that to happen I can pretty much guarantee you that it won't.
  7. My first thought when I saw this thread..... NoBodyLikesMath.
  8. 27 years teaching high school math. We're still paying for Sputnik. Our nation freaked and tried to manufacture as many engineers and scientists as possible. I stopped teaching AP Calc about 10 years ago. Love teaching my AP Stats class now. Algebra 2 for the masses is a crime being committed against our youth. It shouldn't be required for graduation or college admission. The article above is a nonstory. Who cares if the context of a few word problems are changed? It can be done and keep the same mathematical content.
  9. Five years and counting on this thread. Still one of my favorite calls by a FBG member. It will happen at some point when Pete and Russell are gone. What will it look like when the wheels actually do come off?
  10. This Seahawks fan is just stopping by to say thanks. Appreciate you helping us out with our nickle DB issue.