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  1. I've had a significant number of family members that have served, but only one that sticks out in my mind that I know a little about who lost his life in a war. I had a surreal experience when I went to Arlington National last year during spring break and located his tombstone. He's my name sake. It's a bit weird to see your name on a tombstone. He was a first born in our nation. His father was brought here in the early 19th century. They were ashkenazic jews from Germany. Western PA coal miners who settled in and around Punxsutawney, PA. Yeah, groundhog day. Being a math guy I tend to have a deeper understanding of exponential growth. The idea that we have only one line that results in us is sort of silly. Our tree gets much wider than most realize in only a few generations. In the last 250 years there are about 1 million people that got together and got it on to result in just you. Yeah, 1 million ancestors that resulted in you. However, if you track only your dad's dad's dad's dad's.....etc. You end up with just a single line of dudes. One of the guys in my paternal line is the man buried in that pic. Me: David Shick born in 1969 My dad: John Shick born in 1939 My grandpa: Alvie Shick born in 1900 My great grandpa: John Shick born in 1880 My great great grandpa: John Shick born in 1857 My great great great grandpa: David Shick born in 1835 David served and died on June 16th, 1864 at the second battle of Petersburg. When Memorial Day rolls around I can't help but think of him. I know nothing of who he really was or what he was like, but I can't help but picture myself in his place. I have a wonderful life and opportunities thanks to these men. Today my thoughts turn to David and wonder what his life was like before he died in the civil war.
  2. 26 years teaching high school mathematics. I get paid serious bank to goof off just over 180 days a year. Good times.
  3. Year after year I'm reminded of what a realistic solid draft looks like. So easy to fall into the trap of thinking they are all future stars in the NFL when in reality the majority of them won't be starting caliber talent.
  4. This sounds like you don't know what happened in that hotel room. Perhaps it would be worth your time to read the police report and listen to her interview with regard to what happened between Clark and his girlfriend.
  5. Also of note, it got worse with age.
  6. Seattle went from having only 4 picks in this draft before the trade up to drafting 11 players. They had a 1, 3, 4, 5 before the Clark trade They selected a 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 6, 6, 7 in this draft. They acquired a mass of picks by trading down a few times. That's a change of an extra 2, 2, 4, 4, 6, 6, 7 and no more Frank Clark. Of course time will tell when it comes to how these players will pan out. Likely most will have no impact. If they get two starters out of this mix I call it a push. If one of them turns into a star they win.
  7. The return of my annual thread. Did this last six years. Link to the grades from the 2014 draft. Seattle grade = C Link to the grades from the 2013 draft. Seattle grade = C- Link to the grades from the 2012 draft. Seattle grade = A Link to the grades from the 2011 draft. Seattle grade = A Link to the grades from the 2010 draft. Seattle grade = A Link to the grades from the 2009 draft. Seattle grade = F Journalists keep saying they're forced to give grades. They know it's a stupid activity. They routinely admit it and proceed to throw down the grades anyway. Let's choose to be better. After investing the time for only a few years it changes one's perspective. Realizing what actually constitutes a respectable draft. It doesn't take much. Most years you're looking at getting a starter or two if you're lucky. The vast majority of players drafted don't make it onto the field. If you go back and look through the Seahawks 2010, 2011, and 2012 drafts you'll see why they played in back to back Super Bowls. They crushed those years and got somewhat lucky. Pro-bowl starters outside the first two rounds? They had a bunch in Sherman, Wright, Chancellor, Baldwin, and Wilson on a rookie contract. Geesh. If you wish to participate please include the following: 1. List of drafted players. LINK to 2. Players still with team 3. Starters 4. Potential future starters 5. Pro-bowls 6. Positives 7. Negatives 8. Grade Year Year Pick# Round Pick Overall Player Position College 2015 1 2 31 63 Frank Clark DE Michigan 2 3 5 69 Tyler Lockett WR Kansas State 3 4 31 130 Terry Poole G San Diego State 4 4 35 134 Mark Glowinski G West Virginia 5 5 34 170 Tye Smith DB Towson 6 6 33 209 Obum Gwacham DE Oregon State 7 6 38 214 Kristjan Sokoli DT Buffalo 8 7 31 248 Ryan Murphy DB Oregon State 2. Players still with team: 2 3. Starters: 1 4. Potential future starters: 0 5. Pro-bowls: 1 6. Positives: Frank Clark and Tyler Lockett have been great additions. Lockett made a pro-bowl and Clark turned out to be a great pick. Seattle just flipped him for 7 players they just drafted in this year's draft. For Clark they got a 2, 2, 4, 4, 6, 6, and a 7. Quite a haul for a former second round pick. Added bonus they didn't have to invest all that salary cap space on him. Thinking they can live with that. Glowinski has turned into a solid guard, but for another team. I'm thinking that all the praise they used to get for Tom Cable will be looked upon very differently with time. Cable ruined this team's offensive. Solari has been a revelation. Most the same group just went from worst to first in the NFL in rushing. 7. Negatives: Glowinski playing well for someone else sucks, but overall that doesn't mean he wasn't a good pick. See above. Poole turned into a wasted pick but we shouldn't have too great of expectations out of a 4th round project. Would have been nice to get some special teams help and depth out of the later rounds, but no dice there. 8. Grade: B
  8. You read it on the Intergoogle. Must be true.
  9. The current administration in Seattle nearly won back to back titles starting undrafted free agents on the outside at WR. I wouldn't mind them taking a WR, but I have my doubts that Carrol and Schneider value the WR position as much as you think they should.
  10. I understand your frustration. It's all a matter of perspective. I lean the other way because of the teams I coached. I was blessed with a rather large front line and only one ball guard. We used to play physical punishing half court defense and slow methodical offense. Nobody wanted to play us. Got all the way to a state title game (lost in OT). Set a state record for fewest points given up in a final four game what we won 42-18. Again, a matter of perspective. I understand it's not entertaining to watch.
  11. This is a misrepresentation of their offense. They move the ball from side to side making the defense move. Make the defense shift to defend both sides of the court multiple times in a possession and you will find the open spaces that creates scoring opportunities.