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  1. Short version: I know someone that has died from the virus. I'm taking it poorly because of our history. Long version: His name was Steve Colby. I knew him because I was a high school basketball coach and he was a ref. He was a great ref. One of our best in Washington state. He reffed in our local association and we had him for many games. In 2000 we made it to a state title game and Steve earned the right to ref that game. It got ugly and we were down 19 in the third quarter. Monster comeback. Final minute our point guard hits a three from beyond the CBA line. State games are played in the Yakima Sundome where the Yakima SunKings play. Opponent works down the clock for a final shot. They miss. We rebound. Our point guard comes flying across mid-court and there's a huge collision. Immediately I think we're headed to the line with a great shot to win the game. Steve calls a charge and our point guard fouls out. We go into the overtime and they press the hell out of us. We ran a single high one guard set all the time and didn't have another guard. We lost in overtime. I never talked to Steve about the call. People from all over that watched it said it was an embarrassingly bad call. On tape it was worse. No possible way that was a charge. I hate that we never talked about it. He had to know he messed up and probably felt bad about it. I'm going to head to my grave not having told him I thought he was one of the best. F.
  2. Got a note from my girlfriend telling me it was a rough start. She has two daughters. One has been expelled and the other has received detention for skipping.
  3. Good stuff available on Khan Academy for this.
  4. 27 years teaching high school mathematics. Advice to parents: Find out what avenue your school utilizes to get information back and forth to your kid. Google Classroom is dominating across the country now because its free. Don't just trust your kid. Login to their account and see what it is they are being asked to do. Email a teacher and ask them what they want your kid to do if you're unsure. Every district across the county is going to have expectations for their teachers to be providing learning opportunities. If you feel lost, utilize Khan Academy. Make yourself the teacher and assign your kid to your class. Anyone can set up a class for free. This way, you can see exactly what your kid is doing, or not doing. The reports are fairly detailed and easy to navigate. Feel free to hit me with a PM if you need high school math help. I work for free and would be glad help. I find the best way to help is taking a pic of a problem and sending it to me. I can write up an explanation and send it back. If that doesn't work, I don't mind talking a kid through stuff over the phone or via zoom conference call.
  5. Thanks for sharing this. I teach AP Statistics. They utilize a Chi-Square test in this study. We were covering that particular test of data when our school closed. Just turned this into an online extra credit assignment. Lemons->Lemonade
  6. Have to give a shout out to Costco. They did a good job yesterday of managing their crowds. Line formed outside in a long flagged off tunnel. They limited the number of customers entering the store and would only allow more in as others exited. When inside it wasn’t crowded at all and very calm.
  7. This was encouraging. A CNN article praising the president.
  8. Agreed. I'm no saint. Can't say I didn't struggle with the idea of blowing it off, but it just feels like the right thing to do. Actually going to go play nine holes of golf with a friend first. Don't want to pass out walking down the first fairway.
  9. Heading out to donate blood. Supplies are getting low. If you're looking for some way to help out a random stranger this is a noble way to do so.
  10. Would have had my vote for best pic this past year.
  11. For those wanting to have a better understanding of how efforts early on can have big impacts later when dealing with a crisis like this.
  12. Governor just closed all schools in WA state until April 24. I might be surfing in the FFA a bit more in the near future.