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  1. Bobby Wagner got an MVP vote. Dak Prescott got an MVP vote. Seriously. Quit being a tool. If you have to have it, take the last word. I promise I won't reply to you.
  2. No, you assumed. I only pointed it out. Do you frequently walk around telling people what they should and shouldn't be surprised by? You don't want to be that guy. It's a bad look,.
  3. Did I say that? I don't think so. I just pointed out he's never received a vote. It's surprising. He's had several years where he could have had consideration and earned a vote or two. He's led the league in passer rating (2015). He's led the league in TD passes(2017). He was PFF's MVP last year (2019).
  4. Six years and counting. Still my favorite thread to bump. Atta meatwad.
  5. Russell has never received a single MVP vote. Not one.
  6. The prosecution presents exhibit A. I don't believe it was KidC. I can't remember who it was. He called it AVT. We had exchanged some emails (two maybe?) about this article I wrote. Some form of credit would have been nice, but that was around 20 years ago. Both Greg Kellogg and Bob Harris (I think. Can't be sure of who it was) told me they had also written articles detailing the same concept long before I did. Thanks for that blast from the past. I'm sure I'm not the only one around here that has a bit of a "foggy" memory. Early onset suxor. Law of ccosines? No sweat. Derivative of the inverse tangent? Got it. My brothers name? Ummm.
  7. No. It's not. It's selective reporting. I just watched (on fox) the hearing and they were showing pictures of tons of blue mail boxes piled up as if they were recently gathered. They've been taking those down for years. They've been removing sorting machines for years. I just talked to my insanely liberal step dad (postal workers union president) and he even told me its a non-story.
  8. I feel obliged to contribute to this thread and story in general. Both my parents are life long USPS workers. My step-dad was president of the WA state postal workers union for a long time (mail handlers, not letter carriers). Full disclosure, I'm pretty much a bleeding heart liberal. This entire fiasco looks like a non-story to me. It's a lot of noise stemming from paranoia in my opinion. I've been voting by mail in WA state for so long that I don't know how many years its been. There's never been any talk about it being fraudulent and I think any talk about that now is just conspiracy theory run amok. I think our president is generally a dirtbag, but we're wasting our time with this story. I'm watching the Dejoy hearing right now. He comes off as completely honest and reputable. Several of the (D) senators don't. They're grandstanding, and it's embarrassing. Demanding "yes or no" answers to complex questions is just silly. They look so partisan its pathetic. Every time they mention some disabled vet and their medication I cringe. Both Romney and Paul were being reasonable in their line of questioning. Dejoy isn't trying to dismantle the postal service. He's facing the reality that all the post master generals have faced since the advent of the internet. Ask yourself, when's the last time you had to rely on mailing a letter using a blue box? When's the last time you sent someone a letter via email as opposed to sending a hand written letter? I don't have a problem with taking steps to make the post office more efficient. We don't need delivery 6 days a week. It's reasonable to understand that the the postal work force is being slowly lowered in numbers over time. I fully get that unneeded machinery is being removed. That said, I think it's fair to assume the post office shouldn't be running at a profit. In order run at a profit you're going to have to raise the cost of a first class stamp a ton. Go to UPS or FEDEX and ask them to hand deliver a letter across the country in three days. How much is that going to cost you? Watching both sides of the aisle position themselves so they can claim skulduggery after the election is just lame.
  9. How do I feel about baseball? I'm the worst fear of MLB come to fruition. I'm a 51 year old white male and I'm 100% ambivalent about MLB. They started to lose me about 20 years ago. Eventually I got to the point where I stopped following the sport entirely. I don't have an opinion about the state of baseball either way. I believe Seager is still a Seattle Mariner. Other than him I can't name another player on the roster. I used to watch when I knew Felix was pitching, but haven't watched a game in at least a couple of years. I guess I bothered to respond to the thread.
  10. Another thought to add on this... The process of notifying a parent or a student via email or phone call is just silly now and really just enabling. If they don't know, they don't want to know. I'm guessing there's not a high school in the country that doesn't use some form of online reporting system to let parents and students both know exactly where the students stands on every assignment. There are some teachers that don't update their grades every day, but that's another story. I put that on administration for allowing them to slack. We're living in an age now where grade information can and should be real time. I keep my grades real time as much as possible, but I've moved one step farther now. I don't give an assignment unless it's already posted online. I would rather change the conversation. Not "why didn't you do?", but instead "what's due tomorrow?".
  11. I teach in WA state. Our district if going remote for 4.5 weeks at only three classes. We'll switch to the other half of the classes for 4.5 more weeks. That's 25% of the school year. The hope is the 9 weeks after that we can go to some form of a hybrid model where half the students are in class every other day. Technology is currently being doled out to those in need. Not sure what it will look like in terms of attendance. A bit worried about the AP classes I teach. We'll see, said Gust.
  12. This reminds me of the lady that refused to discipline her kid in the checkout line at the grocery store. Her line was "You're in school now, don't they teach you to behave?" I'll do what I can to help educate your kid, but if your kid doesn't complete work you have to own that and be willing to dole out consequences. Otherwise, do us all a favor and stop breeding. Thanks in advance. Thanks, Sinn. Appreciate the thread. It's been a weird year to say the least. Magnifying glasses have been placed on parents as well as teachers that do or don't enjoy their roles in the lives of students.
  13. I think you’re discounting HOW Seattle wants to function as a team. Running the ball and controlling the clock allows the defense to rest. Do they want to score a lot? Sure, but they want the defense to be elite, and that requires both sides of the ball complimenting the other. They don’t hesitate to “open up” the defense because they don’t trust Wilson. They don’t do it because they have the entire team in mind. Seattle has been very consistent with this philosophy over the past 10 years.
  14. Would the question have a different answer if it was in reference to transcendent talents at the position as opposed to the average safety or average CB?
  15. Would be interesting to see the same breakdown for the CB position.
  16. You should check out the info Chase is sharing on Twitter today with safeties and super bowl success. An interesting analysis.
  17. I don’t understand how you can have such a strong opinion here. Seems a reasonable argument can be made for both sides here. Perhaps a good trade for both teams?
  18. Just read this in a tweet. Think it’s a solid take on the situation We often look for a winner and a loser in every trade. I think the cheesy truth is that both sides can win. Teams are in different places. The Jets aren't contenders. If I was the Jets, I would rather have two 1.20's and McDougald. If I was the Seahawks I'd rather have Adams.
  19. Thanks, Jets. We will continue to cheer a contending team each year with star players. At least you get to enjoy draft day. Best of luck with that.
  20. Third round pick. They took Bobby Wagner in the second that year. Not too often a GM nails two HOF players on back to back picks.
  21. Love the trade. Some fans will point to giving up the two first round picks as too much, but those picks are gambles. Adams is a stud. Seriously, fans place too much value on first round picks. Go back and look at your team’s first rounders the past ten years.
  22. They're certainly better at being violent resulting in liberals being killed, but they sure love to go nuts when the opposite happens.
  23. His attorney recently argued in court that TC has no obligation to tell the truth and that no reasonable viewer would consider his show as news. Seriously? WTF?