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  1. Which book was it in Vegas that had the best player prop selection?
  2. So close to week 0. Can't believe it's Florida and Miami too.
  3. I signed up because it's a no brainer. He does most of the thinking for me and if you're betting props, $180 is absolutely nothing. Between him and tagliere's article it's really all you need for NFL.
  4. If you have a slow local that Atlanta trade all but guarantees Hunter u5.5 ETA: also guarantees Garland o4.5 if you're local is super slow ETA: NBA draft
  5. Let's say you're holding a Toronto +5000 to win the ship. What do you do
  6. Ok but what's the first song they play at halftime for the Superbowl?
  7. Todd gurley tweeted they use clear.
  8. That might have been my only real bet on the Superbowl last year
  9. Somebody tell me what to bet. The weather forecast is throwing me off.
  10. Allen u6.5 and they gave him an assist on some terrible play that he was like 4-5th player there. You posted a video of the play and all