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  1. Lol kliff with the big brain move running the ball down 10 with 4 mins left
  2. Didn't bet it but looked like both unders came through. Bet tulsa qb under yards
  3. There's a WR whose lines tonight are 1.5 and 47.5 yards lol
  4. Ended up being nothing since brady didn't go over. Lol that was so bad though
  5. And I'm old enough to remember when he was at UH before that. Jk you're probably older than me lol
  6. He was good under Kendal, bad under Holgerson. Dana was when he sat out the rest of the year after his 4 games.
  7. I don't know what happened to him here after the Briles year but he just needs to make that switch to WR already for his future.