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  1. If everyone comes back healthy (Big Ben / Ju Ju / Pouncey) he'll be top 10 again.
  2. That's what we said last year and yet, here we are.
  3. Opponent out bid me for Boone (he had more FAAB $). Oh well, Boyd was a decent alternative.
  4. Bought really low leading into the playoffs ... worked out well!
  5. For all the marbles! QB (3 pt pass TD and 0 for ints) Fitz vs Cin or Wentz vs Dal Need one, but please rank: (non-ppr) Parker vs Cin / Conner @ NYJ / Laird vs Cin / Doyle @ MIA You haven't been right all the time this year, but I appreciate all your efforts during the 2019 season!
  6. These two have been back and forth all week.
  7. I hate that his game is Sunday night! I will have to decide if I put him over Parker / Laird /Gallup before then.
  8. Need more than ever: QB (3 pass TD / 0 INT) Fitz @ NYG or Wentz @ Car Rank pick 4 non-ppr (a few unknowns due to injuries) Conner vs Buf / Henry vs Hou / Parker @ NYG / Barkley vs MIA / Laird @ NYG / Julio @ SF / Gallup vs LAR / Boyd vs NE Thx