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  1. Looking good so far ... The two main concerns now are are Hyde and Hill.
  2. DAMIEN WILLIAMSRB, KANSAS CITY CHIEFS Chiefs GM Brett Veach said the starting running back job is "Damien Williams' to lose." The Chiefs are entering free agency and the NFL Draft with Williams sitting at the top of the depth chart, but the team will almost assuredly add more competition. A team captain of "RB doesn't matter", Williams entered the season as a depth piece but broke out as the lead back late in the season while replacing Kareem Hunt. For fantasy purposes, Williams has upside playing in this explosive upside, but it's by no means a lock that he is the starter, despite the GM's comments. However, it helps that Williams just signed a contract extension last December. SOURCE: Brooke Pryor on Twitter Feb 28, 2019, 9:43 PM
  3. It happens every year. That's why I'm never concerned about the first round ... unless I load up on Ravens players to go the the Super Bowl. 😑 Good luck everyone.
  4. Step 1 - Sign player to extension Step 2 - Finish 2018 season strong Step 3 - Get by draft focusing on defense and let unsigned free agents walk. Step 4 -
  5. Curious to see what happens to him next year.
  6. Alright Bloom, let's do this. Underdog here and have a few question in my standard league: QB: Foles vs Houston or Heinicke vs Atl (3 pts TDs and zero deductions for ints) WR1: Cooks or Baldwin - 1 plz Flex: After WR1: I need 3 - Samuels @ NO / Ja Will @ NYJ / Cooks @ Ari / Baldwin vs KC / A Rob @ SF TE: Cook vs Den / Engram (assuming OBJ out) @ Ind - need 1 DEF: Broncos @ Oak or Jets vs GB Still can't believe I'm in the finals, but this is fantasy football Thanks again for all your help this year.
  7. Just picked up Ja Williams / Baldwin / Foles / Jets D / Joseph ... should be an interesting finale.
  8. Same here, but had to drop DWill to get JWill (have both Connor and Samuels)
  9. Any updates here? With the late game, I may have to drop DWill for JaWill for my superbowl.
  10. Just rest up for week 16 and let Jaylen take care of business this week. Disclaimer: Connor and Samuels owner.
  11. Big underdog this week. Outright dropped Howard for DWill 2.0 and it may have saved my bacon.
  12. Starting him over Howard. If he impresses, what's the long term expectations? Is there a chance that he gets the starting gig in 2019?
  13. Standard: Howard / Samuels / A Rob / Dede / Ivory / D William - need 2 Defense: Falcons vs Ari or Broncos vs Cle - Points and turnovers/sacks count (not yard and special teams) Thanks as always.