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  1. If everyone comes back healthy (Big Ben / Ju Ju / Pouncey) he'll be top 10 again.
  2. That's what we said last year and yet, here we are.
  3. Opponent out bid me for Boone (he had more FAAB $). Oh well, Boyd was a decent alternative.
  4. Bought really low leading into the playoffs ... worked out well!
  5. For all the marbles! QB (3 pt pass TD and 0 for ints) Fitz vs Cin or Wentz vs Dal Need one, but please rank: (non-ppr) Parker vs Cin / Conner @ NYJ / Laird vs Cin / Doyle @ MIA You haven't been right all the time this year, but I appreciate all your efforts during the 2019 season!
  6. These two have been back and forth all week.
  7. I hate that his game is Sunday night! I will have to decide if I put him over Parker / Laird /Gallup before then.
  8. Need more than ever: QB (3 pass TD / 0 INT) Fitz @ NYG or Wentz @ Car Rank pick 4 non-ppr (a few unknowns due to injuries) Conner vs Buf / Henry vs Hou / Parker @ NYG / Barkley vs MIA / Laird @ NYG / Julio @ SF / Gallup vs LAR / Boyd vs NE Thx
  9. Bloom ... big week! QB: (3pts TD and 0 for fumble and ints) Wentz vs Giants or Fitz A Jets Flex: Rank the following: (need 3) Barkley vs Det / Boyd @ Cle / Laird @ Jets / Parker @ Jets / Julio vs Car TE: Waller vs Ten or Doyle @ TB Def: Pit @ Ari or Car @ ATL Thanks
  10. He's 100% my insurance policy on my bench. But I'm really anxious to see what he can do this week vs the Jets.
  11. Off the injury report. Curious to see that they do during the final stretch of the season ....
  12. Knowing the following, what do think the Cardinals are going to do next year?
  13. .... if you have Gallup by any chance, he will do well.
  14. Have him starting over Boyd / Gallup and DeVante ...I just can't bench him.
  15. As a Big Ben / Newton / Dalton owner, welcome aboard Foles! Hope you can make a difference in the playoffs ... if I make it there.
  16. Funny how less than a week ago we were talking about Edmonds being the new dog in town. How quickly things change.