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  1. Why would Trump even question that? Because he's afraid that Pence won't pardon him. Based on this I forecast a VP from the comments section at Breitbart.
  2. proninja

    2018 Elections Thread

    GOP stopped being the party of Reagan a while ago, now they're losing Reagan country.
  3. Have you considered hiring a defensive back? Really any will do.
  4. I feel like I'm following you around saying "yeah, me too" a lot lately, but this is me.
  5. Oh. I went with most recent full year. I should pay more attention if that wasn't germane to the discussion
  6. I get where you're going with this but I'm still not certain you're right Officer deaths way down
  7. I get where you're going with this but I'm still not certain you're right.
  8. proninja

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    Just a reminder to our fellow Republicans that Christine Ford has had to move four times, hasn't been able to return to work, and is getting repeated death threats.
  9. proninja

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    Avenatti seems like the dumbest person to do this to. Mueller will just put his head down and keep working. Avenatti will be out for blood. And he may be a raging #####, but he seems like a good attorney.
  10. Ah, the “if you take away Barry Sanders’ long runs, his YPC isn’t that great, so he must be overrated” theory. I don’t buy it. You’re absolutley right that Silicon Valley contributes massively to the revenue base, but it’s no coincidence that Silicon Valley is located in CA. "If you take away their revenue, they didn't actually run a surplus"
  11. proninja

    Michael Avenatti Thread Last page.
  12. proninja

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    Who would have thought it mattered as it related to that case?
  13. proninja

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    Ahh yes, I remember when famous liberals like Harvey Weinstein and Al Franken were presumed innocent. Definitely a big conspiracy against Republicans going on. For sure.
  14. proninja

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    Thank goodness