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  1. Did the meaning of the word get changed to "Trump bootlicker" and I didn't notice?
  2. I think my issue is the apparent minimizing of this. As though rape isn't the kind of crime it actually is - that it's more like stealing a candy bar than it's like murder. Admittedly I have very strong feelings about this topic, but I'm rather surprised. It's almost like Republicans don't actually care about the safety of our daughters and the whole not letting trans people use the bathroom thing was actually just about not letting trans people use the bathroom.
  3. I'm old enough to remember when Ren called himself a libertarian
  4. If you're playing basketball against someone one on one and they keep kicking you in the nuts to steal the ball, I'm not convinced the only right thing to do is keep playing fairly0 and let them keep kicking you in the balls.
  5. I ddid my care that it’s’s disgusting behavior and should be pointed out as such. And it’s sad that someone gets jollies off of saying disgusting things in hopes that people react to it. I use to believe @HellToupee was just someone who thought differently and otherwise tried to be better than a troll. I am getting more and more information that is not the case He finally made it to my ignore list yesterday. I don't regret that decision today.
  6. You *did* used to be a Republican, I guess
  7. I read another site tonight suggesting the same action by the agencies. This could get really interesting quickly pop mf'ing corn
  8. I'm going to wake up to this still going on, aren't I
  9. Like, say, Merrick Garland
  10. Yeah crazy can't nominate someone, anyone, that appeals to both sides....why does it have to be our team vs their team? Ridiculous If only they would nominate a centrist like Merrick Garland
  11. Was his name Bart, by any chance?
  12. How does he know which party she is talking about if he wasn't there and didn't assault her?
  13. Yeah, I can't imagine why someone involved in a rape attempt would lie about it.
  14. Of course. But one should also be enough to not confirm him to the Supreme Court.
  15. I, for one, am hoping that there aren't any more victimized women out there. One should be enough.