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  1. Remember when Kwiakowski and Thomas were classics riders, by the way? I like Bernal, have him in the fantasy league, and was rooting hard for him to crack, just so we could see what was going to happen with Froome/Thomas a little earlier. If they played cat and mouse the break may have had a better shot at sticking.
  2. So, there's not much talent left after Nibali, as it turns out. I've got three climbers already, and most of the GC guys are categorized as climbers. I went budget heavy in leaders because I liked some of the cheap climbers, and Roglic is the only guy near GC who is cheaper than Nibali that I can actually swap him for. Also, sidenote, I'm shocked that Dumolin is doing so well with a Giro in his legs. I know there was one extra week between the two this year, but it's still damn impressive.
  3. If Nibali, quintana, and Bardet attack you in the mountains and the best they get is one guy gets ten seconds ahead then you claw him back, I'm inclined to call that pretty impressive. The fact that they didn't stick doesn't mean they were half hearted.
  4. People were hitting Froome, and Bernal drug them all back with Thomas and Froome on his wheel until just a few k to go. Bernal is for real. He just sat on the front for most of Alpe 'd Huez getting attacked by the best climbers in the world and drug them all back. And he's only 21. In 15 years he could own every GT record.
  5. Nope. Was going to swap Sagan for Bardet but decided I'd wait a couple stages to see how they shook out. Glad I didn't. At least he's still in the race.
  6. RIP my team. Especially with quintana not able to hang with the other GC guys.
  7. Rapists who bring illegal drugs, vote Democrat, steal my job, and also get on welfare.
  8. yeah, odds are this is the case He knows minute by minute what hackers were doing at their desk in a Russian intelligence building two years ago, so yeah, probably
  9. Also, "spanish prosecutor" is Jose Grinda, who has a long history of going after the Russian mob. He's not some rando.
  10. Between today's effort and him waiting this long to sign a deal for next year giving his team a chance to find funding, he's officially a guy I root for now.
  11. I'm not supposed to say this, but we only want you to *think* there's a shortage
  12. Two things: 1. Please ignore weebs. It's annoying to see his posts quoted into the thread I can see 2. Regular trolling won't catch a ban. Just the way it is. Insulting people, even if you're right, will catch a ban. Ignore the former, be careful how you phrase the latter.
  13. I think he meant realistic things that could theoretically happen, not utter fantasy