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  1. Not sure how my name got on this list, but I won't be participating.
  2. That vote was taken under a bit of duress, wouldn't you say? Russians have them surrounded and no one from the west has shown any desire to defend them. How else would that vote go?
  3. I thought the two best songs of the night involved Jeff Lynne. He should have his own show where guests come on and cover Beatles songs with him. I'd watch that.
  4. Did anyone else find it odd that Paul played Birthday? One of the very few Beatles songs where Ringo didn't play the drums.
  5. He's won six majors since 2002, including a career Grand Slam, and that 2008 US Open was about as impressive as anything else he's ever done.
  6."He could easily be the type of player who is winning majors consistently into his mid-40s, given his historic work ethic and desire." His historic work ethic and desire got him zero majors in his mid-30s, it's hard to believe he'll do it consistently into his mid-40s.
  7. I'm no hater but I have doubts. He won zero majors in his mid-thirties, I don't expect him to win five in his late thirties and forties.
  8. Meh, who cares. It's all about winning majors, not the ham and egger tourneys. #1 in the world does not equal "finished," "done," or anything in that category. So it matters for purposes of this silly thread. Not so sure. The original post in this thread said he will remain competitive...and that is all he is at this point. He may be # 1, but he is the worst # 1 in history and he no longer strikes fear into opponents. Worse than Norman?
  9. I'm loving Norm MacDonald's podcast.
  10. Phil was whacked in front of his family because they were at war and he was on the run with them. Under normal circumstances they would have waited until he was alone.
  11. You should be able to find a 12 inch Lodge at Walmart for about twenty bucks.
  12. We all know what the fifth song was.
  13. FYI - Best of Both Worlds is available on Amazon for five bucks right now.
  14. We asked nicely and some of you guys are intentionally being ##### about it. I'd rather watch each episode without any spoilers of any kind. So adios, #####es.