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  1. Not sure how my name got on this list, but I won't be participating.
  2. Kasich finished last in seven of the Super Tuesday contests.
  3. I thought the last couple of episodes have been really funny. Maybe I just like Rafi more than everyone else.
  4. Foster back in
  5. Those watching the game, does the Dolphins defense look bad, or is it just all the penalties?
  6. Is anyone who doesn't alreadyhave HBO going to subscribe now that they have Simmons?
  7. I didn't care for the lava short either. The movie was OK, some very funny moments, but overall it didn't live up to other Pixar movies.
  8. LeBatard didn't call Goodell a liar, back it up with nothing, then dare his bosses to punish him for it.
  9. There's a lot of hate out there for Goodell, but he didn't hit his kid, didn't hit his wife, didn't get arrested, didn't fail a drug test, and didn't cheat. Maybe some of that hate should be saved for the guys who did.
  10. Goodell is a a Grade-A, massively inflamed a:$$hole and a thin-skinned p:u$$y, so I wouldn't be surprised either. Goodell is a lot of things, but thin-skinned isn't one of them. He gets booed mercilessly at the draft every year, and keeps smiling the whole time.
  11. Does anyone else find it interesting that Simmons is pretty much fired the same time it's announced his biggest target, Goodell, is about to punish one of his favorite teams? I disagree with a lot of what Simmons has said about Goodell, and I don't blame his bosses for cutting ties with someone who regularly thumbs his nose at them, but I still find it interesting. If/when Goodell suspends Brady we have to expect some kind of comment from Simmons, right? ESPN can keep him off grantland and his podcast, but can they keep him off Twitter or Dan Patrick or Carolla's podcast?
  12. What Golic said, did it sound worse when he said it than when I read it? Because reading it, it seems like he just disagreed with Simmons take, and ribbed him a little for liking attention. For Simmons to say he has no respect for them makes it seem like he's just looking for a fight.
  13. That vote was taken under a bit of duress, wouldn't you say? Russians have them surrounded and no one from the west has shown any desire to defend them. How else would that vote go?
  14. I thought the two best songs of the night involved Jeff Lynne. He should have his own show where guests come on and cover Beatles songs with him. I'd watch that.
  15. Did anyone else find it odd that Paul played Birthday? One of the very few Beatles songs where Ringo didn't play the drums.