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  1. My first thought awhile back was Ides of March ("Vehicle") with Jim Peterik, who was later with Survivor, but I know that's not it.
  2. Hmm - have to give this one some thought. Will probably kick myself for not knowing it off the bat.
  3. I don't believe "Lunatic Fringe" charted that high on the Billboard Top 100 despite its popularity - certainly not #1 as per Doug's clues.
  4. Good thought, although his solo and band stuff were both during the '70s.
  5. Racking my brain on this, Doug, even if not a true OHW situation. Can you give another clue without giving it away?
  6. Over the weekend, B-movie director Larry Cohen died. Directed It's Alive, which scared the bejeezus out of me when I was a little kid and saw it on HBO. Also directed the underrated Q in the early '80s with Michael Moriarty.
  7. Gadd is the man. His work on Steely Dan's "Aja" is about as good as it gets.
  8. I can envision a CJ Anderson signing - seems like a Gruden type of player.
  9. It was hard to say if it was an issue for him, or it’s just that they had good pass catching RBs in Clement/Smallwood/Sproles.
  10. Connected to Link Wray on the map.
  11. I hear you on Mike Harrison. He took over vocal duties with that album after Gary “Dream Weaver” Wright left the band.
  12. Agree 100%, assuming the NBA rigs the lottery like they probably did with Patrick Ewing in 1985.