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  1. I think it's even more difficult than with DeNiro to pick one role that stands out versus the others. I'd go with Joanna Kramer.
  2. 5.xx Charlie Daniels Band - "Still In Saigon" (Prime Country - 80s/90s Country) @Mrs. Rannous if she's around otherwise @Eephus
  3. Agree on first half versus second half for Mims, but keep in mind that the entire Jets passing offense had like 10 yards in the second half. So the whole bottom dropped out, not just Mims.
  4. I hear you, GB. Guess I'm still grieving a bit that he's not the target monster we expected, but things do seem to be heading in the right direction. As you say, have to credit Robby here - he's been playing out of his mind and seems to have a bit more chemistry with Teddy (probably hearkening back to their Jets time together).
  5. Sounds like the coaches are very happy with Swift, but also still enamored of Peterson's legend compared to the current situation.
  6. x5 Hope Tua leans on him as many young QBs often do, but definitely have some trepidation that it will be the case.
  7. I got nothing on this guy, but growing up in Milwaukee during the late ‘70s/early ‘80s brings back great memories of that name:
  8. No way I’m clicking on any links in this thread I can promise it’s innocuous. Just a news story about George Brett, who famously battled hemorrhoids during the 1980 World Series.
  9. Only vaguely familiar with this one, but I like it. Great backstory there. And I’ve always found that album cover to be, um, interesting.
  10. That’s definitely the happiest smiley on this board. I’ll have what he’s/she’s having.