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  1. Seems like he's going through similar issues as David Johnson did last year and Gurley three years ago: even the best RBs can't overcome terrible situations where the surrounding offense just can't generate much production.
  2. Starting to get concerned about Allen's production. While every WR has their slow spots, he never had single-digit fantasy points for three consecutive weeks during either 2018 or 2017. Has always been a model of consistency even when teams have rolled extra coverage to him. I don't think it's necessarily that he's lost a step - although eminently possible - but perhaps that with the emergence of Ekeler and Williams, coupled with the returns of Henry and Gordon, there are a lot of options for Rivers and he doesn't feel the need to force feed Keenan as much as in the past. ETA: That and the fact that Rivers has looked as bad as we've seen him.
  3. Also second Pamela's. I've been to the one by University of Pittsburgh several times, but didn't know there were others. Cheap, plentiful and really good pancakes. Not sure if it was mentioned, but If you want another cheap meal downtown and like tacos, check out Condado (small regional chain). Best I've ever had.
  4. I’ve said the same in a few threads. DJ is a fantastic receiver, which makes up for his lackluster running production, but Edmonds may be a better all around RB (not sure about blocking). It’s going to take some patience for Edmonds though, as DJ probably isn’t going anywhere for a few years barring injury.
  5. DJ having a good fantasy game so far even with Edmonds being used liberally. That said, not just off this week, but unfortunately Edmonds seems to be a better runner.
  6. Mark Walton Last week, I half-heartedly mentioned him in the RB lottery thread, but maybe now maybe closer to a full heart.
  7. As ConnSkin noted, they don’t clear guys that quickly like they used to.
  8. Same. If I knew Hockenson would be cleared for tomorrow by the 4PM games, I might go with TJ. Doubt we’ll have that info by then though.
  9. TJ hasn't done much since that record breaking week 1, but he's still a rookie at a position in which it takes time to adjust to the NFL. That said, the sky is the limit for this kid, and the Lions drafted him at #8 overall thinking the same thing. It may just be some ups and downs this year as he gets up to speed.
  10. As much as Schefter is in the know, it's still his opinion. For all we know, Kittle will gut it out and still play well. Seems like he did the same thing for much of last year. Huge game against a divisional opponent. I don't see how he rests unless it's pretty bad.
  11. One I'll add is that I think David Johnson is not the stud RB we thought he was. Great athlete and receiver, but I think he lacks running instincts that other top RBs have. Arians seemed to set him up for perfect success. Kingsbury's system and the offensive line doesn't help DJ in a wide open passing attack, but at some point you have to question how good of a pure RB Johnson in. It may sound blasphemous, but I think Chase Edmonds may not be too far behind him in overall skill set.
  12. I think there is a big Brees factor here. The team is winning and largely because Bridgewater is playing mostly mistake free football and basically game managing.
  13. Also Keanu in Youngblood as a French-Canadian goalie.