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  1. At the NYC Marathon, I once saw a sign that said "GO NAD!". I was probably the only immature one who enjoyed that.
  2. Agreed, although generally speaking the NE RB situation has become less of a cluster than in past years. When Belichick has his grinder (Blount, Michel), it's been more predictable than it used to be. Still too hard to rely on one guy though, to be sure.
  3. Michel vs Harris in NE. I think this is going to be more of a running team than in the past with Brady aging and no Gronk. White clearly has his role established, but early down work is unsettled and Harris, if he takes the job, could also eat into White's pass catching duties due to his versatility.
  4. From what I recall, Brian was a really good baseball player, too.
  5. Still call recording something on the DVR “taping”.
  6. May not be well known beyond diehard NHL fans, but HOF defenseman Brian Leetch was one of the nicest guys to ever lace up a pair of skates and was highly respected throughout the hockey community.
  7. Good call - was going to say Starrider as well. I also put them in the “ok” camp. Strong group of musicians and some good hooks, but nothing special for their time. Like other bands of their era (notably Styx, Journey, REO) they had several decent albums in the 70s, one career defining album in the early ‘80s (4) and then fell off the cliff with a bunch of turkeys through the ‘80s (although Journey did have Frontiers)
  10. True, although IIRC after Ajayi was traded to Philly, Williams had first crack at the job but was considerably outplayed by Drake and was relegated to 3rd down duties.