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  1. In my favorite league - up 106-69 but opponent has Baldwin, Graham and whoever they pick up for Kam Chancellor. About a 90% chance of holding on to clinch overall #1 seed. In my other league, set this years high score and am up 184-138 - I have Deion Jones left and they have Jimmy Graham left. Average score in that league is 110 - and my opponent will be the second highest score this week. I would feel bad for them, but I have 4 losses in this league - 3 when I faced the highest scoring team (twice when I was second highest scoring), and once I lost facing the second highest scoring team when I had the 4th highest scoring. So for once I don't need ANYTHING on MNF other than hoping Baldwin and Graham don't go off setting season high marks in the same game.
  2. Went against Roethlisberger/Brown in one league and Roethlisberger/Boswell in the other. Both 6 pt td leagues. Fortunately in the first those are the opponents only decent players so I have a chance (but 7 tds out of two players will make it tough) and in the other league I have Brown which offset most of Roethlisbergers points (but his monster kicker night coul dcome back to haunt me).
  3. I am in a redraft with sick depth at RB, trying to trade Lamar Miller for an upgrade at WR2 and throwing Nelson in as a WR replacement . No takers, they want Miller, but not Nelson. I can't even give this guy away. Nelson was my WR1 on draft day. Now he never is in my lineup, behind the likes of Crabtree, Ertz, Thielen, Lee and Funchess.
  4. Ran into Cam, Murray and Kamara in my league where I am the overall point leader but sitting at 5-4....but thanks to Funchess wound up winning 146-144 (average score is around 110) moving to 6-4. I have faced the highest scoring weekly team in 3 games, the second highest weekly score in 4 games and have been the highest scoring weekly team in 4 games. My team has given up the most points by just under 100 points on the season. You can't make this stuff up.
  5. In our company it is unspoken that for any corporate events (which are not very common other than a holiday party and a summer "family" event at a local amusement park) everyone is expected to be there. Would you get fired for not being there? No, but it would not go unnoticed and would find it's way into your yearly review under the "teamwork and collaboration" area. Show up, shake a few hands of a few people, put on a modest show of appreciation then slip away when the opportunity presents itself. For the most part I work with some awesome people so these occasions are not terrible, but the yearly departmental Christmas party with the white elephant exchange is BRUTAL. Usually I try to take on-call responsibilities that week so I have a ready made excuse to not show up or bail early. The summer family party and the company wide Christmas party are actually enjoyable with good food and entertainment so it is actually decent to attend. The random after work meet and greets are completely optional - if you are bucking for a promotion it is advisable to attend but for the most part it is just a bunch of higher level managers trying to appear to be in touch with the working masses.
  6. Same boat - lost Ertz prior to game time so had to start Crabtree, Nelson and Funchess. At the start of the season those three would have been gold - now, not so much. Think the fantasy gods are starting to call me out on my ridiculous overperforming players in the beginning of the season.
  7. Dang, Cousins finally let me down - it was a good run while it lasted. At least I lost by 20 so the difference between Mariota and Cousins would not have changed the outcome.
  8. Well that is what I have been doing for 23 years - but the point being our rule would be okay if there was any latitude. There are times when despite your planning, a late scratch occurs and you can't field a full lineup through no fault of your own. If you did not plan for your byes it is one thing, but if you have used your bench spots to cover byes and injuries happen beyond what you can cover with your 3 roster moves there should be leeway. Slippery slope, I know but it sucks to have plans in place and then even your plans are derailed. Even if they added a proviso that exceptions can be made due to injury so that no team has to field an incomplete lineup I would be okay with it. There would have to be some sort of penalty - i.e., the player you pick up you have to drop the player he is replacing or something like that - but even that could get tricky with a shady owner.
  9. I just traded for Mariota for the playoff run matchups, but am starting Cousins (not too confidently) over Mariota and Manning. Hope he throws to Chris Thompason all day - as I am forced to play Thompson with Gordon on bye.
  10. We have the same rule in our league and I HATE it. Every year I lobby for it to be changed - every year it is and 11--1 or 10-2 vote against it. This week we have two teams that will not be fielding full rosters due to Ertz and Bullock scratches. Maybe they will vote correctly next year.
  11. At this point I don't even remember what he was being suspended for - if it were so grievous that it landed a 6 week suspension, you'd think he would not have been granted so many stays.
  12. Only in two leagues - 12 team Redraft League 1 (23rd year) - won the last 7 games last year to win the Championship (12-3-1), have started this year 8-0. So on a 15 game winning streak and 20-3-1 since last year. This team is so average yet has the most points scored. Cousins, Gordon, Miller (Thompson for bye weeks), Crabtree, Nelson or Funchess, Ertz, Butker, Mack, Jordan, Burfict, Kirksey, E Kendricks, Church, Vaccaro (Addae sometimes). 12 team Redraft League 2 (2nd year) - best team I ever drafted - sitting at 5-3. Brady, K Hunt, Ingram, Martin, Brown, Funchess, Gronk, Gostkowski, Mack, D Jones, Jack, Neal (Prescott, Lockett, APeterson, Ogletree, Vernon Davis and Prater on the bench usually) This team is 100 points ahead of the #2 scoring team, but has allowed 120 more points than the team that has allowed the second most points.
  13. Don't mean to brag but I have a 100% championship rate fromg last year and am currently on a 15 game winning streak dating back to last year. Last loss was Week 9 of last helped that all the other owners from last years league moved on to middle school so I have a fresh set of guppies.
  14. Well go figure - My crap team I projected to go about 7-6 is now going to be 8-0. The team I thought I had a legit shot to go 13-0 or 12-1 drops to 5-3. Russell freaking Wilson and his 43 points did me in. In fairness if Antonio Bryant and Kareem Hunt go absolutely crazy then I could still pull it off - but chasing 30 with those two left plus Jarrad Davis versus Kelce, Tavon Wilson and Marvin Jones is not promising.
  15. Before the Rodgers injury I was shopping him for Hopkins, Bryant, or Baldwin. Now I am in a hold position because I can't get guys of that caliber for him - so he will be a bye week cover player unless he starts putting up WR1 or WR2 numbers.