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  1. That's my take on it as well - looks like something an artistic, rebellious high schooler would create in an intro to arts class in an attempt to show their edginess. PTO would fawn over it publicly and be aghast internally, art teacher would give him praise and encourage him to draw Tippy the Turtle for a scholarship to Art College.
  2. I am a believer - but was thinking in church today how it could have been the biggest hoax ever if they had simply stolen the body and then attributed it to the resurrection. I don't believe that, but I can see how that argument could be made. Yes it would be hard to keep the story straight and swear everyone to secrecy, but if only a few were involved then all they would have to do is commit the hoax and then goad other believers into the veracity of accounts they made up. You would just need a few unbreakable hoaxers.
  3. Fairly safe bet - just like in the American Civil War the blue states would have the industry to effectively choke out the red states. Can't underestimate the visceral hatred from blue and the overwhelming advantages in production capability.
  4. Damn. I imagine the school board had a field day with complaints about politicization in the classroom on this one.
  5. If the Dems just back JWow and Snookie in the next election they will win in a landslide. America loves it some reality presidency.
  6. Well if they would just get to aborting all of their non-selfsustaining people they could fix that.
  7. At the end i just wound up hating garbage pail kids more - half expected Dwight or Eugene to meet Lucille at the end. We are on the threshhold of WAR and now - a brief 6 month pause for effect.
  8. Easily....for me - but unfortunately my wife is in buy stuff for grandbabies mode right now so I would have to hide her car keys and all access to Amazon. ETA - we always have a $12K cash reserve for emergencies, but most of our "extra" income goes directly into 401K or IRA, so the more I think about it it would be tight to come up with an additional $2K without curtailing the money going into retirement accounts.
  9. 2,3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>1,4
  10. For every automatable activity, there has to be code to automate that activity. To be the person that writes the code that enables code to self-write and self-test seems to be the ideal place to be. Fear of automation is a boogeyman. Embrace your fear.
  11. Two of our kids are married now. Three still live at home. The oldest still living at home just told us he has realized college is not for him so he wants to look into a trade. Our rules are simple, if you are living at home we expect you home by midnight unless you call us and let us know where you are. If you are going to school, you can live at home so long as you pick up after yourself, do your own laundry, and abide by house rules. If you do not go to school, you are expected to work full time. So far it is working out fine. Will be interesting to see how he handles looking at a trade school - otherwise he will be working full time and living at home but I get the feeling he really wants to get an apartment. If so, that is on him. Now, if he were to be a bum, not work nor go to school then he would be looking at being thrown out, but he is a good kid and I think things will work out just fine.
  12. Fortunately I have health care provided by my employer. My brother-in-law who is self employed does not have that luxury and is paying through the nose for his coverage through Obamacare. Trump saying Obamacare is doomed to fail certainly isn't reassuring, sometimes you play the cards you are dealt and put on the best possible face. I wonder what percentage of people opted out and are paying the fine versus meeting the increasing premium. Sure would be nice if our elected officials would do something beneficial for a change instead of constantly trying to win.
  13. In fairness, college is the biggest racket out there. We as a society have allowed them to turn into a massive money making scheme and attached degree prerequisites on jobs that in no way should require a degree. So generations of kids are now building up massive debt to get the degree that will now land them in a relatively menial job that did not require a degree 20 years ago. More people should be looking into the trades and less people going to college, but we have created such a paradigm that it is not the case. College is OVERRATED (says the guy with two degrees who is 20 years into the IT industry doing stuff that I could teach a high school graduate to do if they had a modicum of logic).
  14. If you need to clip your fingernails - go outside or do it in the bathroom. No one wants to wade through nail clippings in the cubicle farm.