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  1. Mr. Know-It-All

    2019 New Head Coach, GM & Coordinator Hires

    Does Gregg Williams suck? I am not a Browns fan but from the outside it sure seemed like he had them going in a positive direction after Hue Jackson was kicked to the curb.
  2. Mr. Know-It-All

    Cover Songs that are better than the original

    I preferred Manfred Mann's Earth Band's rendition of Blinded By the Light more than Bruce Sprinsteen's original rendition. Sorry if this was already mentioned, didn't feel like wading through 13 pages. whoops - so it as discussed back on page 10. So be it, but I stand by assessment.
  3. Mr. Know-It-All

    Issues Thread #1 Immigration Issues

    I think immigration is a good thing, hell over half of the people I work with on a daily basis are on work Visas and the number continues to grow...and what exactly is wrong with that? Nothing. Where I have limited understanding is those that are not following whatever the process is - it seems the people I work with go through a process where they have a job lined up and have a Visa that allows them to live here and perform that function. If they desire citizenship they go through a different process - but that is certainly not a requirement. So my only "fear" of open borders would be that there was a large influx of people with no jobs lined up. I don't know if that is a real fear or an imagined boogeyman. If folks came here with absolutely nothing and no means lined up for housing/clothes/food/education/medical care, etc. then it would seem like that would be a drain on "our" economy. It is noble to serve those that are less fortunate whether they be legal/illegal/adults/children/etc. but at some point when we determine what that number should be there should be some correlation to tangible benefit both to those immigrating here as well as the society into which they are immigrating. So I side with immigration, probably more and better streamlined than we have now, but I am NOT for open borders. I could be persuaded though if I had a better understanding of what the real impact to our economy (good and bad) would be with open borders.
  4. Mr. Know-It-All

    How Effectively Could You Argue the Opposing View?

    I have always been a moderate conservative - but the last 3 years serving on the Board of Education has really opened my eyes and changed my position to the point that barring a few issues on the far left and a few issues on the far right I could easily classify myself as a Democrat or a Republican and play the part without much effort. Right issues I struggle with Corporate Welfare and the Death Penalty Left Issues I struggle with Abortion and Socialism (extreme left view of this) I am sure there are other issues on both sides that I would struggle with but those are the first that came to mind.
  5. How about we get a rail for the southern border. And on that rail will be a 20 foot section of wall. And we have a guy that monitors the southern border and just moves the section directly in front of people when they are trying to cross. Fool proof. A sliding wall.
  6. Mr. Know-It-All

    What's with the hate on e sports? There is a local college that has Esports as a Varsity level sport - offering scholarships for that sport. Now this particular college likes to tout the percentage of their student body that participates in Varsity level competition. I don't know if this has become a thing at other colleges/universities. Hey anyway to get help with tuition costs is a good thing.
  7. Mr. Know-It-All

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    Who the hell cares about policy - she is cute in that video and I cannot understand any outrage over it.
  8. Mr. Know-It-All

    a newer song you love?

    AD - saw the Struts opening for Foo Fighters last year (actually October of 2017). Incredible. Flash forward to this Christmas where my son in law got me their first and second cds. Really, really good front to back. They may not be everyone's cup of tea - but I love them. Evokes a little Queen, mixed in with a little My Chemical Romance among others. Best description I have heard is Glam-Goth.
  9. Mr. Know-It-All

    Running Up The Score / Sportsmanship in HS Sports

    I am trying to remember but in baseball (at least here in Nebraska) - a kid can play both JV and Varsity on the same day but pitching limits are cumulative and you can play a maximum of two games in a day. So lets say you are a JV player that suits up for Varsity and you play in the JV game - you could only participate in one game of the Varsity Doubleheader that same day. For the most part around here though - few kids play both JV and Varsity except at the end of the season as a reward (a call up if you will). Playing both takes away from the development of the other JV players and if you are not good enough to significantly contribute at Varsity they would rather you continue to develop at JV instead of riding the pine at Varsity.
  10. Mr. Know-It-All

    Transgender People - The Basics

    Whole lot of issues in this one example. So anyone that has psychological/psychiatric or hygiene issues should not be allowed to use the bathroom (because all of those things are not germane to the transgender aspect of your argument)? Are there not laws in place to handle assault or voyeurism if you are that concerned about an actual assault or someone posing as a transgender person to get a free peepshow?
  11. Mr. Know-It-All

    FBG help needed (facebook vote help)

    Done and good luck.
  12. Mr. Know-It-All

    Transgender People - The Basics

    What I don't understand is how a transgender persons desire to be cast in the gender they intrinsically identify with has anything to do with anybody else. By that I mean their expression of gender does not impact me one bit other than the basic civility it requires to address them by their preferred pronoun and offer them the dignity that we afford to anyone else on this planet. Trust me I get the whole argument about hormones and genes and sexual assignment. All of that doesn't matter much when we are talking about simple dignity to a fellow human being. That is my take on it - I have friends that are gay, straight, transgender...but I don't treat them differently based upon their sexual or gender identity. I treat them as friends. If they are a-holes I will afford them the same disdain I show for anyone else that is an #####.
  13. Mr. Know-It-All

    Is rock dead?

    The Struts and Greta Van Fleet somehow wound up on my playlist (go figure Foo Fighters are my band of choice). The Struts have a great lead singer - kind of remind me of a mix of Queen and My Chemical Romance (what a combo amirite?). Greta Van Fleet reminds me a great deal of Led Zeplin. Long story short I think those are two examples of rock still being alive.
  14. Mr. Know-It-All

    Check in if you're staying home New Year's

    Took the adult kids to our annual Red Lobster feast in late afternoon/early evening. Now the wife and I are back home and the kids are off at their various NYE parties. High probability I will be asleep before New Years.