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  1. That is the stuff we are going to have to work through - and I think it will be age specific...High School/Jr High seem much more problematic than say K-6.
  2. I don't want anyone to be stigmatized by what bathroom to use - but what is needed is clarification. Are we talking 4 bathroom choices? Male, female, transgender identify male and transgender identify female? I know this is a topic that is coming to the forefront of our board of education agenda in the very near future due to a diverse student, faculty and staff demographic. To me it seems if a transgender identifying female feels uncomfortable in a male bathroom - would they feel equally uncomfortable using a facility that has transgender identifying female? Also the non-transgender people that would feel uncomfortable sharing a facility with transgender people also need to be considered. At the end of the day - I want fairness but also to figure out where the costs will come from. Education budgets are tight - we need to figure this out but also need to figure out where the $s are going to come from to make this happen.
  3. DD, so with you on this. Frankly I don't want flag codes mandated, it is so much easier to pick out the people who'd I'd choose the dog over when I see them not showing respect during the anthem or disrespecting the flag. It's their right to do whatever the hell they want just as it is my right to detest them for their lack of respect.
  4. Get a rat trap and place the yogurt on the bait plate. Time to find out how bright this Zach kid is.
  5. Outside of a yearly physical which is required to get a discount on my insurance, I have been to the doctor maybe 5 or 6 times in 20 years. Hate going to the doctor because they only give you bad news and what you don't know can't kill you.
  6. If you are going to put your head in my lap, at least let me unzip first.
  7. I always thought boss was a term that inmates used, so when I hear it used to end a sentence I assume that the person speaking it has done hard time and I am very wary of them. Another phrase that simply has to stop is "essentially". Don't tell me 1 plus 1 is essentially 2. It IS two. Essentially has nothing to do with it.
  8. Okay obscure reference time, but didn't Jadis remind anyone of the alien chick from Galaxy Quest? Once I made that connection it was hard to take the character seriously.
  9. Interesting question on the recidivism rate of LWOP - the closest I could find was a study showing higher rates of recidivism for criminal psychopaths than for criminal non-psychopaths - but that study only studies those that were released and showed recidivism which I assume is very different than recidivism within the confines of a high security prison while serving LWOP.
  10. Rank order I'd go CST>MST>>PST>>>>EST. I like CST slightly better than MST because of 12/3 vs 11/2 kickoffs. Makes it easier to get home from late service and not miss any of the first half action. Living in MST would be better than living in CST though...they have mountains.
  11. You might be on to something. Apparel and music would be a start.
  12. Easy, if they are not lily white or if they vote Dem then they MUST be illegal.
  13. No links - but toys I remember were army rifles that looked real but only shot caps. Talking Monday Night Football (you'd select a play on a little record and put it in the reader, then the other guy would spin the record to a certain defense on the other side of the record). Electric football. Handheld electronic football - had the white one and the green one but always like the older one better. Rock'em Sock'em robots. Table top hockey game with players on rods (kind of like a foosball table). Whiffle bats and whiffle balls - not the cheap knockoffs - the real, skinny yellow bat and the balls with slotted grooves on top side only. Zip racers. A new slot racing set every year because typically carpet fuzz would get in them early and ruin them a few days after Christmas.
  14. It drives my wife crazy that I constantly am flipping between CNN, OAN, FNC and MSNBC - but depending on which you are watching you are likely to get very different perspectives on what is "news" on a given day or even if there is a common story between all four there is a vast difference between how they are shaded. I don't really have a problem with that either. Each base will seek it's own news source and typically the one that echoes their collective view. What is causing the problem is that news and opinion are being conflated. Iam not sure there is much real "news" out there anymore - just commentary - and where you get that commentary usually lines up with your political philosophy. It is kind of fun to watch a "news" story on FNC and then watch the exact same "news" story on MSNBC and you'd think you were watching two completely different news stories. As an aside I flipped over to that channel with Glenn Beck...what's with the sweaters all the time and is he turning into Uncle Glenn's fireside chats?
  15. Unless things have changed, officers are the only one's eligible to resign and then can do so only if they have met their service obligation. I can see where some who have met their obligation may feel compelled to resign - but lets be real would they do so if they had already invested a significant amount of time toward retirement benefits? You can think they would for some noble reason - but at some point practicality enters the equation. It's not like a bunch of soldiers are going to walk away under less than honorable circumstances and deal with having to enter the workforce with that on their resume. I have been out of the service for 22 years so maybe things have changed but resignation was not a viable option for me when I was in the military.