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  1. Something needs to be done - more security in schools is a start, but also more counselors/psychologists to address the causes behind why kids can go over the edge. Face it, there are a lot of kids that aren't getting any help at home and don't have access to many social services anywhere other than at school. Whether its meals, supplies, social services - how can we expect these kids to place a priority on education when their basic needs are not being met? Yet, at least in this state, whenever their is a budget shortfall the first place they cut is education. We are doing a disservice to our future and making it so our kids merely survive the educational process instead of thriving in it. We can't count on parents to do the job - sad to say - so if we don't address these issues through the school system these kids have no chance. Yes, gun laws and enforcement of those laws is critical - but so is meeting the needs of our kids where they are at. Where is the money for this going to come from and who will have the courage to make it a priority?
  2. The latest craze among our millenials is "health" days they take at no notice when they are feeling a little off. Not sick mind you, but just don't feel like if they come in that day they will be very productive. Note we no longer have a vacation policy - it is unlimited vacation if approved by manager - and she never denies these "health" days. It's all good as long as the work gets done, but those of us from an older generation who think in terms of a set number of vacation/pto/sick days need to adjust to this new policy. "Health" days...pfffft, but as long as they feel safe I am sure they will be more productive. ETA - but we did it to ourselves. We raised a generation of kids that needed to get participation trophies - they didn't ask for them, it was their parents that came up with this idea. They need "safe" spaces - we are the ones that gave them that idea and they just soaked it up. We coddled them by lowering standards so everyone was labeled extraordinary. It is a monster of our own creation.
  3. Wait a minute, why are we dividing groups by binary genders? I have been getting inundated with the idea that gender is fluid and you can be whatever you feel - so neatly categorizing by boy/girl or female/male seems to run contrary to the call for gender neutrality. I am appalled.
  4. ..but here's the thing, in a world of MSNBC and FoxNews, CNN was a "news" channel that I actually felt was fair and balanced. It is not bat feces crazy like MSNBC or Fox, but it has definitely taken on a anti-GOP personality. Maybe it's brought on by the current POTUS stepping on every freaking rake in the hardware store, but it has gone from mild dissent to what appears to be an anti-GOP (or maybe it is just an anti-Trump, which is hard to distinguish) agenda. One America News seems to be veering in the same direction as Fox. Whatever happened to a real news channel and reporting as opposed to editorializing?
  5. On our local school board - you would be surprised at the number of people who claim to be one party are actually not and it all has to do with electorate and/or what elections you want to influence. This particular school board, you'd have a hard time getting elected as an Independent, let alone a registered Democrat. So oddly almost all of the candidates are registered Republicans regardless of actual political affiliation.
  6. So you are playing a pickup football game, bragging rights are all important. You have one pool with D1 football players and you have another pool with really nice people that have never seen a football. When you pick your team are you picking from pool 1, pool 2, or a lottery?
  7. Really, your last shred of respect is gone? Equating MS13 gang members with all illegal immigrants wasn't what I took away from the speech although I can understand where someone could hear that. I took away that we have an immigration problem - we want to vet immigrants so that there is mutual benefit for them as well as the US when they come to the US - very utilitarian, although not so much humanitarian.
  8. Tend to agree - really like Run, Sky is a Neighborhood, T-shirt (after the horrible intro), Make It Right and The Line. La Dee Da and Dirty Water might grow on me. The rest are okay, but haven't settled in yet.
  9. Red meat for the GOP, but after watching 40+ years of these things if your side has the Presidency you will love the speech and if your side does not have the Presidency you will call it the worst speech ever. The way he co-opted Dreamers had to be a little infuriating to the Dems, but it could backfire with overuse as he may be seen as flippant (I know, a stretch...right?). Also, if we base support on who stands then it appears that Democrats are against low unemployment in minority categories, against the flag, against a booming economy, against infrastructure improvements, against combating opioids, against Detroit rebirth, against lower prescription drug prices, etc. Now I know a lot of that is just daydreams and promises - but the optics aren't great. The hatred of a man overshadows any good that man proposes. Curious at two points in the speech there appeared to be a delay (or maybe cutting away audio) as if some type of protests was edited out. Wonder what that was about.
  10. I turn 50 on August 12th - my buddy (unfortunately a Cubs fan) is talking about a road trip to Wrigley. Meanwhile the wife is getting tickets for the October show in KC for my birthday - could be getting two concerts out of just turning a year older.
  11. So how rough was his voice in Sioux Falls, because he could barely speak/sing the night before in Des Moines. Still a fantastic show by any measure.
  12. I thought I was going to get a bonus to finally finance the pool, but all I got was a 12 month subscription to jelly of the month club. Seriously though do people actually get pay raises and bonuses this early? Every year we don't seem to find that out until mid-February/early-March. Not counting on much.
  13. Just checked - 49 and just over 250K which is pretty pathetic, add in my wife's and it is $300K - still pathetic. Now that kids are moving out we have upped our contributions, but from the looks of things I would need to up it to 20% (from 8%) to play catchup. Or work until I die.
  14. Does she need somewhere to hang clothes? Got my wife a treadmill she wanted last year and it does a fine job collecting dust when it is not being used as a clothes rack.
  15. It's like asking who do you like more...Hitler or Stalin? Respect the Patriots but am tired of them winning or being in the hunt every freaking year. Don't hate the Eagles, just the city they play in - dirty city full of jerks. So I will just root for me winning my super bowl squares and don't care about the actual game outcome. The two teams out of all the playoff teams I did not want to make the SB made it - what a disappointment.