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  1. Not sure about right or wrong religion - grew up in a Roman Catholic home- got disaffected and fell away during college, met and married a protestant girl. As we raised our family - had five children - went to a "bible" church mainly made up of fallen away Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans, Baptists etc. Really nice people, love God, serve others,etc. As I get older (now 49) I find myself missing my Catholic roots. Still go to the bible church with my wife, kids and now grandkids, but find myself missing the comfortableness of the traditions of the Catholic church. Was at a wedding this weekend for one of my cousins and it was at a Catholic cathedral - surprising after 20 years of going to a different church how comfortable I felt attending mass. Some prayers have changed - but the traditions are strong.
  2. This sounds stupid - but the kids love it. On the throws to home from the outfield, set up a big metal trashcan. They throw at the can. When they hit it, it is cool and a very audible reward for throwing accurately at a distance. But..every thing described above is EXACTLY how we run tryouts. Typical pro-style/college style tryout.
  3. Sometime around 12U seems right. Looking back, my best advice (which I wish I had followed) is practice more than you play. Too many team practice before the season then do nothing but play games for the entire season. Teach the games, compete for positions at practice - display your hard work in the games. And have kids competing for playing time through the practices - make playing time a privilege earned through hard work not doled out. 13U and 14U are ideal for instilling the notion that high school ball playing time is earned not given.
  4. I agree with you. The funniest thing was that after the game - the same parents who complain the loudest about why their kid doesn't play as often were complaining about why the coach removed the starters to put us in a position to lose the game. It's like they want their kid to play but only if they play well and the team wins. Any other outcome and the coach is an idiot.
  5. This one hit so close to home - different age group - my son plays for a Senior Legion team. Yesterday we were beating a team 8-1 in the top of the 4th and the coach decided it was time to give guys that don't normally play some PT. 15 man roster, so he brings in 6 guys that normally don't get much pt. The six guys that came in combined for 1-8 with 4 ks at the plate and 5 errors in the field. We wound up losing on a walk off error to ss. To a team that was 5-30 (not that we are spectacular but heading into the game we were 18-14). Sucks to have lost, but hopefully it will put the fire in the belly of those kids to step up next time they are competing for a position or trying to hold on to a lead.
  6. You are forgetting Carhenge, the World's Largest Ball of Stamps, corn, and cows.
  7. Philosophically, I don't dislike winning at the younger ages and yes winning is a good thing - but I see so many daddy ball teams that load up with raw talent - schedule inferior competition and put winning ahead of development. I guess I just prefer to do both - win and develop - but I'll be damned if I care about winning at the expense of development. So I was not really calling you out - moreso calling out those that seem to put a win-loss record ahead of teaching the game. I really do view 8U-12U as development, 13U-14U as preparatory and high school and beyond as "mattering". Then again most of the players I have had the chance to work with have a goal of at least college ball and very few kids are getting looked at before high school.
  8. Got tickets for Des Moines. Happy birthday to me - will be the first Foo Fighters concert for my 17 year old and second for my 20 year old. Can't wait.
  9. Complete misread on your part I am afraid. I played college ball and have developed more talent than most I imagine. If you think winning matters more than development then you are not set up for sustainability for a program or a player. Do you think a high school or college coach or a pro scout gives two ####s about how many wins Little Johnny's team had in his 8U season? Focus on making kids better younger and wins will follow.
  10. I'll take it a step further - the wins at ANY age don't matter unless you are getting paid. Fortunately, the older they get the more competitive kids will continue to play while the less competitive/less gifted will drop out along the way - so when they do get to 13U/14U/High School/College you don't have to worry about the wins because talent/competitive nature have kicked in and it is a much more enjoyable product to watch. It still never ceases to amaze me though how many parents/daddy ball coaches think their 8U kid is ready to be the starting shortstop for the Yankees. Let the kids learn to love the game and if they are one of the .01% that makes it to the bigs good on them - just don't make your aspirations theirs...let them chart their own course.
  11. 0 on either side - Mom's side was from England (arrived after WWII - war bride) and Germany (arrived in 1880s). Dad's side arrived in 1870s and 1880s from Germany and Ireland.
  12. At least your kids are only 8U. I coached a team from 8U up through 14U. I had a kid who looked fast, but ran pigeon toed so he wound up being one of the slowest guys on the team. He could get thrown out at first if he hit a line drive to center field slow. He had a habit of slamming his fists against his batting helmet if he hit a ball poorly then would make a bunch of audible noises as he ran out grounders to first. We are in a tournament during 12U year and after a few games of these antics he was worse than usual. Somehow we wind up winning the championship game and afterwards one of the opposing parents pulls me aside and tells me how much they respected us for allowing the handicapped kid to play. I asked what they were talking about - and they said that boy with Tourette's. I then had to explain he wasn't handicapped just overly emotional. Made me laugh though.
  13. Our oldest (only daughter) came home drunk the summer heading into her senior and tried to pass it off as food poisoning. Wife later found an empty bottle of vodka in her sock drawer - she claimed it was empty when she got it. The way I handled it was told her that night that I was glad she was home safe, but disappointed in her choices and we would talk about it the next morning. Next morning dawned - wife and I sat her down and talked about the consequences of drinking too much and drinking and driving (which at least she hadn't done) and left it at that. Never had any more issues. Neither my wife nor I drink and no alcohol in the house, so really just chalk it up to kids being kids so keep them informed of choices and consequences.
  14. That is the key. 11.5 scholarships except at JUCO (and no athletic scholarships at DIII). My kid is a rising Senior - never been to an elite camp - but plenty of regional showcases; just don't have the money to chase after those things....but (proud Dad moment) this last weekend his team won a tournament and he was named the tournament MVP and after the game he got his first face to face visit with a D1 head coach. The beauty of it is he is considering several offers from a bunch of DIII and NAIA schools because he wants to go to a small school - so the D1 interest was a great touch to a perfect weekend of baseball. Good to see hard work pay off for this kid - but nothing set in stone until he signs - just has to keep plugging away through his final year of high school and make some tough decisions because the degree he will get will take him further than the baseball.
  15. Now I feel stupid - I never knew what those meant. Figured it was some secret code for a cult or something but never had enough curiosity to look up what 13.1 or 26.2 meant. Honestly I thought it was some bible verse reference or something.