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  1. So this fall I am traveling almost every weekend with my HS kid doing college tours/games for baseball, so very little time to spend on fantasy football. Saturday night, on a whim I picked up JJ Nelson, Chris Thompson and Theo Riddick to fill out a godawful bench. Said what the hell, put JJ Nelson in over Shepard, Thompson in over Rishard Matthews at flex. Got back home last night and checked the scores - wow. I should do less draft prep and just rely on coin flips from now on.
  2. Well in one league no one drops good players - but my other league - dude drops Bernardrick McKinney to pick up Demarcus Lawrence (very good LB dropped for a decent DL - but the guy that dropped him already has 3 good DL and you can only start 2 - whereas his only good LB was McKinney leaving him with must start 2 of Beasley/KJ Wright/Alonso). Another dude dropped Gore outright for Javorius Allen...a bit early for that move I think.
  3. Pretty sure Indongo is going to need 3 new ribs, a liver and possibly a kidney. Crawford with a bodyshot knockout is pretty freaking cool to watch.
  4. Funny - Gordon is who I wound up with in Round 1 as well - you got a pretty decent squad to start with...12 is a hard position to draft from. Our league is a bit different in that you can only take one player from each required position in the first 7 round s- then from round 8-24 it is a free for all. So I wound up with 1.12 - RB Melvin Gordon 2.1 - WR Jordy Nelson 3.12 - DL Khalil Mack 4.1 - LB Vontaze Burfict 5.12 - QB Kirk Cousins 6.1 - DB Barry Church 7.12 - Phil Dawson first pick of the free for all - RB Lamar Miller The problem with 12 pick is if you don't snag a RB there, by the time you get your next pick the RBs are picked clean - but by grabbing a RB there my WR corps wound up a little sketchy (Crabtree, Olsen, Rishard Matthews, Beasley, John Brown). Here's hoping a really good IDP presence will offset my weakneCousins, Manning, Bortles) and wr.
  5. True - but there venom is rarely delivered in bites to humans - so essentially they are more a nuisance than a threat to humanity. Lived there in 1980-81 as a middle schooler with my Dad stationed at Andersen AFB. Back then, and that age if you ever wanted a taste of the other side of racism just be a white middle schooler going to school off base. I loved Guam, but mainly because I could play baseball 10 months out of the year. We could have played 12 months out of the year but they always shut it down for December and January. Also,as i remember it is VERY expensive due to the Japanese tourism and flights are not cheap - but I haven't checked in several years.
  6. Took a road trip to St Louis for a wedding with my teenagers - they played the Evolve cd - while I like Thunder, the song I found pretty awesome was Yesterday.
  7. I have 4 sons, only one of which played football and he gave it up after 8th grade - as he entered high school he didn't want to risk getting injured and screwing up his passion for baseball. Wish they all had played. Nowadays too many kids play only one or no sports and I wish it was like it was back in the day when you were encouraged to play a different sport in every season. Different times now is there is so much specialization.
  8. Not sure about right or wrong religion - grew up in a Roman Catholic home- got disaffected and fell away during college, met and married a protestant girl. As we raised our family - had five children - went to a "bible" church mainly made up of fallen away Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans, Baptists etc. Really nice people, love God, serve others,etc. As I get older (now 49) I find myself missing my Catholic roots. Still go to the bible church with my wife, kids and now grandkids, but find myself missing the comfortableness of the traditions of the Catholic church. Was at a wedding this weekend for one of my cousins and it was at a Catholic cathedral - surprising after 20 years of going to a different church how comfortable I felt attending mass. Some prayers have changed - but the traditions are strong.
  9. This sounds stupid - but the kids love it. On the throws to home from the outfield, set up a big metal trashcan. They throw at the can. When they hit it, it is cool and a very audible reward for throwing accurately at a distance. But..every thing described above is EXACTLY how we run tryouts. Typical pro-style/college style tryout.
  10. Sometime around 12U seems right. Looking back, my best advice (which I wish I had followed) is practice more than you play. Too many team practice before the season then do nothing but play games for the entire season. Teach the games, compete for positions at practice - display your hard work in the games. And have kids competing for playing time through the practices - make playing time a privilege earned through hard work not doled out. 13U and 14U are ideal for instilling the notion that high school ball playing time is earned not given.
  11. I agree with you. The funniest thing was that after the game - the same parents who complain the loudest about why their kid doesn't play as often were complaining about why the coach removed the starters to put us in a position to lose the game. It's like they want their kid to play but only if they play well and the team wins. Any other outcome and the coach is an idiot.
  12. This one hit so close to home - different age group - my son plays for a Senior Legion team. Yesterday we were beating a team 8-1 in the top of the 4th and the coach decided it was time to give guys that don't normally play some PT. 15 man roster, so he brings in 6 guys that normally don't get much pt. The six guys that came in combined for 1-8 with 4 ks at the plate and 5 errors in the field. We wound up losing on a walk off error to ss. To a team that was 5-30 (not that we are spectacular but heading into the game we were 18-14). Sucks to have lost, but hopefully it will put the fire in the belly of those kids to step up next time they are competing for a position or trying to hold on to a lead.
  13. You are forgetting Carhenge, the World's Largest Ball of Stamps, corn, and cows.
  14. Philosophically, I don't dislike winning at the younger ages and yes winning is a good thing - but I see so many daddy ball teams that load up with raw talent - schedule inferior competition and put winning ahead of development. I guess I just prefer to do both - win and develop - but I'll be damned if I care about winning at the expense of development. So I was not really calling you out - moreso calling out those that seem to put a win-loss record ahead of teaching the game. I really do view 8U-12U as development, 13U-14U as preparatory and high school and beyond as "mattering". Then again most of the players I have had the chance to work with have a goal of at least college ball and very few kids are getting looked at before high school.
  15. Got tickets for Des Moines. Happy birthday to me - will be the first Foo Fighters concert for my 17 year old and second for my 20 year old. Can't wait.