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  1. As a fairly neutral observer it seems I see way more anti-Trump stuff than I do pro-Trump stuff but it is usually from the same handful of posters on both sides - they just seem like more because they never seem to take a break from posting here.
  2. I have reached this point as well. Now 1-4 with a myriad of injuries (including injuries to guys I picked up to replace injuries). So I'm still "competing" and trying my best - but at this point I know I am buried so no point in getting mad; just play spoiler for the next 8 games and hope for a better outcome next year.
  3. My 4-0 team is now 4-1. Good team but couldnt overcome Wilson, McCaffrey, Thielen and Chark. My 1-3 team has sucked all year - finally have a good week and run into Aaron Jones. Gonna take a miracle from Brissett and Damien Williams. Hell If I had Mahomes instead of Brissett I still wouldn't like my odds. Bad weekend all around - but at least my Huskers took down MIGHTY Northwestern on a last second field goal.
  4. Not sure why I am throwing chum into the feeding frenzy; but stipulting Trump is impeached and removed from office. All of these allegations he's throwing out about corruption in China and Ukraine...Clinton/Biden/Biden Jr)do they just go away as ramblings of a mad man? Or do we get the joy of GOP lashing back with investigations? ETA - if you read FoxNews and its ilk and read MSNBC and its ilk it's bizarro world. It's as if they are not reporting on the same topic.
  5. I enjoy this thread. Thanks to those that can engage civilly on either side of the topic. For those that cannot, a pox on your house.
  6. Dionte Johnson is available in my league so he will be a target along with Allison, and Deebo Samuel. Not much else out there it seems. Corey Davis is available but I think he's fools gold. Robby Anderson also available might target him as well.
  7. Welcome to the club: Brees, D Williams, T Coleman, Tyreek Hill, M Gallup, Jarvis Landry. It appears I have a knack for getting guys injured as even injury replacements I pick up get hurt. here is what I "replaced" then with - Garopollo/Brissett, Lindsay, Freeman, Metcalf, Ross (now also hurt), ??? I have no studs on my team - Thielen I have but he is not last years Thielen. I do have Lutz. Going to make for an interesting year as I try to stay competitive in spite of a 1-3 start. I am sure Brissett and Garopollo will save the
  8. I was not aware that Obama had a stroke and I have no idea why Trump would want one. It sounds horrible.
  9. Fairly sure if you replace Hillary with Greta Thunberg (and add that she will be given immediate citizenship, age waiver and all other presidential requirements waived) you (or Rush) is on to something big.
  10. So lets fast forward, Trump gets impeached AND removed from office. Pence assumes Presidency. Who does he name as VP?
  11. Totally agreed to the part about electoral college distribution, but that is only for President - I just get the sense that for the most part there are far more dnc leaning voters than gop leaning voters so you'd think the dnc should always carry the elections. But you are right about the reps getting out the base - so why don't the dems learn from that and do the same? Maybe not God and guns, but some other rallying point....
  12. That is what I can never figure out. You are absolutely right there ARE more democrats than republicans; and yet you see so many republicans still in public office. How can that be? Just by sheer numbers you'd think the DNC should be able to overwhelm the GOP. I was looking at Gallup data (that only goes back to 2004) - the average poll respondents that say they are GOP is ~29%, dnc ~32% and independent ~37%. of independent the percentage that lean GOP ~42%, dnc ~48%. So while 3-4% more identify as democrats than republicans, the independents lean democrat by 6%. These are just gross numbers, not segregated by any demographics - but still it adds up to millions of more democrat voters (one number I saw was 42 million dem vs 30 million rep). Is it just gross mismanagement of getting out the vote that ever allows dems to lose any elections to reps? Sorry went on a sidetrack there, just startled me to see the gross disparity.
  13. If I was in charge of the DNC I absolutely would move toward impeaching Trump and labeling the allegations the most egregious abuse of Presidential powers. If I was in charge of the GOP I absolutely would back Trump and portray the impeachment inquiry as a witch hunt or a nothing burger or a vendetta from some rogue operative. So apparently I need to be in charge of neither because both are acting EXACTLY as I would expect. To hell with truth, just win baby. One side has to be wrong, but both are entrenched.