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  1. 12 seemed to be the right age for our 5 kids. Although once we accidentally left a then 10 year old at home alone - locked out of the house once. I was heading up to his brother's baseball game thinking he was going with his older sister to a movie - she thought he was going with me to the baseball game (my wife was at work). I get home two hours later and find him on the front porch shivering (it was early May). Poor kid was playing in the backyard when everyone left. He tried to get in the house and found it locked and instead of going to a neighbor's he sat on the front porch waiting for someone to get home.
  2. Is it art? If it is then I am surprised that progressives would not want to defend it. If it is not, then I can see why they would want it erased. Piss Christ is art so it is celebrated despite objection by devout religious folk. Sculptures of famous/infamous Confederate generals = not art, should be erased. I get the offense taken to any remnants of the confederacy - they were traitorous and enshrined slavery - but from an art perspective are those pieces worth preserving? I am not an art guy, just a thought that occurred to me.
  3. Life gets hard from here folks. No more training wheels, so be prepared to fail and fail often. I'd like to say that you will all respond perfectly and these failures will be brief road bumps in your unstoppable path to glory - but lets face it 95% of you will not recover from these failures and you are destined to a lifetime of not quite measuring up. 25 years from now you will be back here hoping that your ill-begotten, genetically inferior spawn will escape your lot in life but they will not. You are merely the cornerstone to a multi-generational palace of failure. Good luck in your future, you will need it and I firmly believe luck is your only chance at escape. Go <insert school mascot name here>.
  4. Similar story. I am the second of three children. Older brother and his wife and kids got the lion share of my parent's attention - they went to all of their school functions from pre-school through college. My parents went to all games - home and away - for their kids as well as every other school or church function imaginable. My kids got attention on birthdays, Christmas and Easter - and maybe one or two functions throughout the year. When my daughter (the eldest of the grandchildren) graduated from college my parents did not show up at the graduation ceremony (in the same town and less than a 10 minute drive from their home). My daughter was very upset. I chose to confront my parent's about the favoritism and it was a HORRIBLE decision. That was six years ago, and now they are in their late 70's and I feel terrible about the fact that I called them out so spitefully. Yes there was blatant favoritism, but they are older now and the time I have to spend with them is dwindling so it was a matter that should have been left alone. They have changed and now go to almost every event for the kids that are still living at home - as well as being actively involved in the lives of my daughter, her husband and their infant twins - but the damage done really made me feel like a bad son. My advice having been through it is let it go.
  5. Seniority absolutely plays a role - but also consider relative worth. If you have a high performer, keep them happy first and that my mean they jump the line when it comes to seniority. If you have a low performer, bump them to the back of the line. And robots. Replace any part timers with robots because they don't require vacation.
  6. Nothing better on tv, so I happened to watch almost the entire thing. Trump will erupt with a ###-storm of tweets after the Minhaj roasting, but dude was pretty funny. Also found it interesting to listen to Bernstein and Woodward - and I really feel that if we had more reporters like them we would not find ourselves in the state we are currently in where journalism and info-tainment have been blurred. Part of that comes from a point that Bernstein made - to be an effective journalist you need time. Incrementally report on the best obtainable truth instead of speculating to try to report the whole story before it has been investigated. Journalism should not be political, it should be reporting. What we have today from cable media is a battle between who can take the least time to investigate in order to report a "complete" story the fastest that supports an agenda as opposed to incremental reporting of the most obtainable truth. Whether you like Woodward and Bernstein - we need more journalist who are investigative, not accusatory in nature. If that investigation and research leads to necessary accusation then that is part of the process. I hope our friends and CNN, Fox, MSNBC, OneAmericaNews, et al. were taking notes. By resorting to 20-second sound bite infotainment instead of investigative reporting we are allowing poitical figures to dismiss journalism as "fake" news. Get back to the basics and take that excuse away.
  7. That's my take on it as well - looks like something an artistic, rebellious high schooler would create in an intro to arts class in an attempt to show their edginess. PTO would fawn over it publicly and be aghast internally, art teacher would give him praise and encourage him to draw Tippy the Turtle for a scholarship to Art College.
  8. I am a believer - but was thinking in church today how it could have been the biggest hoax ever if they had simply stolen the body and then attributed it to the resurrection. I don't believe that, but I can see how that argument could be made. Yes it would be hard to keep the story straight and swear everyone to secrecy, but if only a few were involved then all they would have to do is commit the hoax and then goad other believers into the veracity of accounts they made up. You would just need a few unbreakable hoaxers.
  9. Fairly safe bet - just like in the American Civil War the blue states would have the industry to effectively choke out the red states. Can't underestimate the visceral hatred from blue and the overwhelming advantages in production capability.
  10. Damn. I imagine the school board had a field day with complaints about politicization in the classroom on this one.
  11. If the Dems just back JWow and Snookie in the next election they will win in a landslide. America loves it some reality presidency.
  12. Well if they would just get to aborting all of their non-selfsustaining people they could fix that.
  13. At the end i just wound up hating garbage pail kids more - half expected Dwight or Eugene to meet Lucille at the end. We are on the threshhold of WAR and now - a brief 6 month pause for effect.
  14. Easily....for me - but unfortunately my wife is in buy stuff for grandbabies mode right now so I would have to hide her car keys and all access to Amazon. ETA - we always have a $12K cash reserve for emergencies, but most of our "extra" income goes directly into 401K or IRA, so the more I think about it it would be tight to come up with an additional $2K without curtailing the money going into retirement accounts.