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  1. Mr. Know-It-All

    Game thread - Den/Ari

    VJ must have some compromising pictures of someone.
  2. Mr. Know-It-All

    Game thread - Den/Ari

    WTMFH....playing against Arizona, thought this was the night for Lindsay to have a statement game. The statement is let Freeman run the damn clock.
  3. Mr. Know-It-All

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    So she might be Aztec or Mayan, that is pretty bad###.
  4. Mr. Know-It-All

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    This is where I am at - half-truths, partial truths, etc. are all pretty standard when crafting a political persona. If, and that is a big IF, she used this claim to get an advantage in a hiring process then I find it despicable. Those protections are there to help even the playing field and if misused through false claims that is a pretty vile act that cuts against the intent of those considerations. You are right though that the very fact that this is being called into question regardless of proof is not very good for her presidential aspirations - without a whole lot of proactive damage control.
  5. Mr. Know-It-All

    I’m with Pelosi

    Those misogynist male Dems refusing to vote for a woman?
  6. I dropped him last week due to bye week needs at another position. No one picked him up. Waivers ran last night, still no one picked him up. Feeling much better about my drop last week.
  7. Mr. Know-It-All

    I’m with Pelosi

    You are an easy sell - everything in her first point is awesome, it is a wonder no one has ever trotted out those items before. It is not just her - every politician does this. Oh for the political courage to lay out a detailed plan instead of platitudes. I don't even like her that much but I could buy off on her top 4 priorities, even though we might differ ideologically on what each of those four solutions would look like. Point 2 - I love the idea of bi-partisanship; but I am not sure what that looks like in practice. Half the time I think they just live to get under each others skin, principles be damned. Point 3 - agreed - barring whatever thresh hold is required, loose talk of impeachment of anyone does nothing to pave the way for bipartisanship or effective governance. As for climate change - why not demand that be in her platform - enough like minded individuals should be able to shape a national platform.
  8. Mr. Know-It-All

    That time again, what do you need on MNF?

    Complicated, but if Blake Martinez has zero tackles and zero ints, but subbing for an injured Aaron Rodgers he throws for less than 250 yards, has no rushing or passing tds and throws 5 ints then I win.
  9. Mr. Know-It-All

    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    Facing the 5-0 guy, he has lucked into 5 wins; this week his team showed up and is destroying me. Dude averages 80 pts per week and is somehow 5-0. This week he is over 120. Maybe it is not luck, maybe he is a witch.
  10. Mr. Know-It-All

    LGBT - LGBTQ Thread

    You could paint that narrative that way. So lets say there was a UN resolution that condemned the killing of children - and within that resolution one of the paragraphs extended the definition of children to include the preborn from moment of conception and the definition of killing to include abortion. Would you expect the US to vote yes to that resolution despite that one paragraph infringing on the rights of the women to have a choice in their reproductive rights? I realize this is an absurd example but it is the best I could come up with.
  11. Mr. Know-It-All

    LGBT - LGBTQ Thread

    Being anti-death penalty I would have fully supported the US voting yes on this resolution; but to paint this as an attack on LGBTQ is to totally misrepresent what the no vote meant. One paragraph in a four page resolution mentioned death penalty being applied for LGBTQ - the intent of the resolution was condemnation of the death penalty in general. No way the US would vote yes to that when death penalty is a sentencing option at the federal and many state levels. But how convenient that because that one paragraph exists, that suddenly this vote is an attack on LGBTQ citizens. Fits the narrative I suppose, but disingenuous at best.
  12. Mr. Know-It-All

    It’s that time again. What do YOU need on MNF?

    SWEAT. Too much sweat. Won by 3.5 after a furious comeback from my opponent's Brees and Lutz. Did not deserve to win, but I'll take it. This thread is magic.
  13. Mr. Know-It-All

    MNF: Saints v Redskins

    Time to pull Brees - at his age they don't need to risk injury.
  14. Mr. Know-It-All

    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    NOTHING worse than posting a ridiculously high score only to be playing the only other team that could beat you that week. Several years ago I had this times a million. Wound up 3rd highest scoring team out of the 12 team league with a 3-10 record. Stupidest thing I ever saw. One of my best teams ever in 25 + years and it wound up with my all time worst season record.
  15. Mr. Know-It-All

    It’s that time again. What do YOU need on MNF?

    Luck I think. Up 36.5 against the undefeated #1 team. I am done and he has Brees and Lutz. 6pt pass tds, -1 per int, the only saving grace is yardage is 3 points at 250 and +1 each addl 25. So if Brees gets 300 yds and 4 tds (no ints) that's 29 points and he would only need 1 FGs and 5 XP from Lutz. Worse yet FG are 3 up to 39, 4 up to 49, 5 up to 55 and 6 56 and beyond. So I have a hunch I am going to lose a heart breaker here. Here's hoping for a big ground game from Kamara and Ingram and nothing for Brees. Other league is better - I am done +74.5 and opponent has Paul Richardson. I had a good week, he had a good week - but I had a REALLY GOOD week.