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  1. It won't happen - but it would be nice if Khan ran smack about the only way Crawford could beat him was by cheating - setting up a rematch. Khan wants no part of that obviously because Crawford would finish him even quicker. Freaking quitter.
  2. Jesus I've been gone a few months and someone decided I am a braggadocious persona? Sheesh.
  3. If you view the fetus as an unborn child - as a distinct person - then how could you hold to any other belief than that terminating that life is a murder? Believing that is not absurd if that is your worldview on this issue. Now, if you don't believe it is a separate person - more of a parasitic mass of cells that is dependent on the host - then the first position would be absolutely absurd. I am against abortion in general - but I can see a valid argument that is not morally abhorrent in an abortion if it saves the life of the mother. Just as in war taking of life is justified, I can see a parallel if the completion of the pregnancy would take the mother's life. I feel strongly on this issue so I will not pontificate - just wanted to agree that the topic itself is nuanced.
  4. So far 15 not including college (which would have only added one year living in a fraternity house) we are building a new house so hopefully my final number will be 16 (unless my kids put me in a home one day). 9 of those dwellings were because I grew up in a military family where we moved every few years) 3 of those dwellings were from my 4 years in the service after college) So really only 4 homes my entire life not related to college or military - and of those 4, 2 were the same residence but 10 years apart (lived with the in-laws for 6 months when we got married). Bought that house 5 years later when they downsized - and we have lived there since 1995.
  5. Grey started showing up in mid-20s for me. By the time I was mid-30s I had more grey than brown. Early 40s one day I got the notion to revert back to original color (mind you I shave my head with a 0 or 1 guard so not much more than stubble), left the dye in too long so it went almost jet black and I wound up looking like a freaking GI Joe doll. Last time I ever dyed my hair. Now I am 50 with nothing but white/silver/grey hair. Embrace the grey.
  6. Great list - I am a huge baseball guy and all of those are quality movies. Chose The Natural - but could just as easily picked any of several others on your list. Others that are great movies that could have been included - Cobb (my favorite NOT on your list) Pride of the Yankees (nostalgic) Bang the Drum Slowly (got great reviews - I never really loved it) also Moneyball was great and based around baseball.
  7. Forgot to post when I arrived at work - made it safely despite a horrifying confrontation with Yukon Cornelius and some type of snow creature. Temps have climbed to a balmy -5 with only 5-10 mph winds so I might grill out tonight.
  8. Right now in Omaha it is -14 but feels like -27. Thoughts and Prayers as I have to traverse the 20 feet from my front door to the car to hopefully start the vehicle to head to work. Schools cancelled - work goes on.
  9. Definitely truth to this - Omaha is one of the few purple areas in the state - the rest in solid red. What I am seeing though is a tiredness factor - so much media coverage that is anti-Trump that is repeated enough that folks are getting tired of it. Statewide in Nebraska I would expect Trump to win again if he ran - just depends on central and western Nebraska voter turnout versus urban turnout in Omaha and Lincoln. If the Dem party of Nebraska can drive the turnout I could see a Trump defeat. However, if they run Hillary again...not a chance in hell.
  10. Overgeneralizing a little bit. I think many in the Midwest (mistakenly) believed he was going to "clear out the swamp". Turns out he just introduced a whole bunch of new swamp monsters. I do believe that the next president will likely be a democrat - especially if Trump runs again. If for some crazy reason he does not run again - I don't think Midwest necessarily votes D en masse. That said - he can't help himself, he will run again - and your prediction is likely spot on.
  11. One of my brothers-in-law wears a MAGA hat, and my mother-in-law has a Trumpy bear (I think that is what it is called). I don't view either as racists, best I can tell they are just overly infatuated with the current president and have bought into whatever he is selling that is appealing to them. It is not the hat or the bear that offends me though, it is the constant political opinions they share at every opportunity whether said opinions were elicited or not. For God's sake, can people like that ever just be normal people and not politicize everything?
  12. Why do I think that if we were in a time that required a draft, this ruling would not have been issued. Selective outrage.
  13. So 46 points - o/u 55.5. Whoever gets ball first gets a fg, other team score td for the win. Under hits, line is a push. Vegas has to be happy.
  14. I think there is a lot of truth in this. I also think The Dems will be satisfied with nothing but Trump getting nothing he wants. Both sides are motivated by blind hatred of the opposition, what is good for the American people be damned. We elected these children. In the words of the orange person, so sad. Can we just hit a reset button. Kick out all current members of federal elected offices (House/Senate and White House) - have impromptu elections and move forward?