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  1. IMO, Lynn’s comments were quite telling. His remark about Ekeler wearing down seems to be the reason they will use to justify Jackson getting a bigger workload. If they go up early, look for JJ to get a lot of touches in the 2nd half.
  2. Bloom just tweeted that. Chances are slim that he will be able to play on TNF. Of all weeks for them to have to play on Thursday night.
  3. Samuels over Miller in a standard? I'm leaning Samuels because of the matchup.
  4. Hey Sig. 1) In a standard league, I need 2/3: Wilson, Samuels, and Justin Jackson 2) Two QB questions: Brees or Cam (weather worries me in Tampa); Lamar or Wentz? Thx brother!
  5. He left last game in the 1st half with some sort of foot issue...I don't know about the severity
  6. Foot issue, stout Denver D, fumbling issues...Doesn't sound like a good formula
  7. That is enough for me to go with Jackson and Samuels over Wilson.
  8. I own Jackson, Wilson and Samuels. The way I see it, Jackson is my first choice out of the three, as I fully expect 15 plus touches and 100 plus yards and a score. For me, the dilemma is whether or not to go with Samuels or Wilson in a standard league. I think Wilson gets more touches, but that Denver D has been fantastic and I fully expect the Steelers to let Ben throw it 40 plus times this week. Samuels will prob get 8-10 carries and have 5-6 receptions. I'm open to going with Wilson, but I'm going with the better offense.
  9. I agree with your sentiments, but think we are in the minority. After watching Jackson's performance, coupled with Lynn's comments about Ekeler being worn down and the Chargers facing the inept Bengal D, I expect him to put up top 12-15 #'s.
  10. has him at #20 and Samuels at #15. I own all three guys and will prob opt to sit Wilson and start Samuels and Jackson (standard league).
  11. I'm surprised to see Bloom is so high on Samuels, but not Wilson. I think Wilson,e even against the rejuvenated Bronco D, is a good start.
  12. In a standard league, I'm going with Jackson as my RB2 and need to pick either Samuels or Wilson. I'm leaning Wilson. Anyone else in the same situation? Samuels has a better matchup, but I think Wilson gets more touches.