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  1. The fact that he avoided marijuana charges is HUGE, and to be honest, traveling 77 in a 60 isn’t that egregious. I hope new Browns management run scared and let another team sign him this off-season. For dynasty owners, this could be a blessing in disguise!
  2. He will be fine spelling Harris next year. He was okay at times this year, but clearly lacks the burst and speed we saw at Georgia. His degenerative knee is the likely cause and he’s a player I won’t be drafting.
  3. Even if he stays, Gallup is a strong buy in dynasty
  4. I think this kid is an elite talent and agree with Cosell’s Hopkins/Watkins comparisons. His talent jumps off the screen.
  5. Who are the ten guys you would take over him and where would you rank him? As for the KC RB situation, they desperately missed him this season.
  6. In theory that sounds great, but Hunt has a proven track record and is a top 10 talent at his position. He’s young, durable, a true 3 down back, and can still be had for a decent price, in comparison to other top 10 guys at his position. With the amount of draft picks that don’t hit, I see a few GM’s opt for a sure thing and pay Hunt. He’s a difference maker and teams like the Lions, Bucs, Dolphins, 49ers (imagine him in that offense), Steelers, Jags (if Leonard signs elsewhere), and others would we wise to at least consider giving him a deal.
  7. I fully expect the Denver O to take a giant leap forward next year and their priority in FA/draft should be bolstering that o-line...if they get good o-line play, the sky is limit for this offense....this may sound bold, but I bet the Broncos have a top 10 offense by the end of next year
  8. I hope you’re right, but I don’t necessarily agree. Hunt’s talent is undeniable and any new GM would prob want to take advantage of his contract situation
  9. In BB we trust! You may very well be correct, but I expect them to be competitive moving forward
  10. Cut ties with him at your own peril...if you bought in dynasty and waited this long, you’re nuts not to see how things shake out. He’s absolutely a 3 down back and with Michel underwhelming and Burkhead most likely jettisoned from the roster in 2020, this kid will have ample opportunity to produce.