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  1. I say 10 is just about right! If anything, I’ll take the over
  2. No practice again today. If he’s not out there tomorrow, we’re in trouble
  3. exactly! Kelley had nowhere too run and looked fine. Trust me, he's better than Jackson and the coaches know it. I doin't even know the last time Jackson was healthy for more than a week our two
  4. KC stacked the box all game, daring Herbert to beat them through the air AND that Charger line didn't play well. He passes the eye ball test for me and he's going to fantasy relevant all year.
  5. Mostert 🤦‍♂️ anyone know if it looked serious?
  6. I heard a few NFL scouts say they thought Shenault would be a bust. I think this kid is going to be pretty special and runs much better routes than the Jags brass anticipated. I hope they continue to be creative with him and the sky is the limit! Full steam ahead in dynasty
  7. I love the guy, and maybe this actually means they will throw to him in the RZ once in a while.
  8. Hey Sig! Standard league and need ONE of these guys in my flex spot: Josh Kelley Lat Murray Shenault thanks and I hope all is well.
  9. Generally speaking, how long are players usually out with bone bruises? Obv the severity of the bruise is unknown, but looking for a general time frame. He’s def out this week, but I’m glad to hear it’s not a ligament/meniscus issue