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  1. I hope he sits this one out and they keep him fresh for their playoff run
  2. For those that watched the game, how much this ankle injury hamper his play? I know Teddy didn’t help things
  3. As good as he was last week us as bad as he was today
  4. Kamara AND Murray weren’t available for the media portion of practice. Would Washington carry the kid if they were both out
  5. I own him in a PPR league and have been waiting for this to happen..I'll gladly hold the rest of the year, as I have serious doubts Gurley will hold up all year.
  6. Didn’t realize he was that tall 😬 not ideal size for a RB
  7. Does anyone have some info on this kid? Can’t find anything
  8. Connor owners are deluded if they think that backfield won’t turn into a full blown RBBC...BTW, Connor gets banged up way too much
  9. Hey Sig! In a standard league, do I go with Fuller or Waller? Thx
  10. Waldman had a whole piece on how he claps his hands before catching the ball and holds his hands too far apart. That said, he’s been pretty reliable catching the ball, aside from one drop last week. He’s definitely an ascending player and one I’d be reluctant to deal.
  11. I disagree on Michel—he lacks juice and has broken 0.0 tackles this Belichekean fashion, expect Harris to come out of nowhere in a few weeks and become the 1st-2nd down hammer. Harris is the guy to buy low on before he seizes his opportunity. Once he plays and shows he’s capable, no owner will be looking to deal him.
  12. I’m in the same boat and no shot in hell Im benching Kittle...this will be GK’s first big game of the year