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  1. Which are labeled battleground in the bet?
  2. Sounds like they are going to keep the cap at $109 Million and Tax Line at $132 Million.
  3. OK, it took 10 days but here's an example of Nate Silver ripping the betting markets. (Although I had to Google what the Dunning-Kruger effect is.) Nate Silver @NateSilver538 54m Since almost no people have the relevant expertise to build political forecasting models (it takes tons of work and even then is easy to get wrong), political betting markets are basically just a competition over what types of people suffer more from the Dunning–Kruger effect.
  4. Either way it goes, this place will be a #### show next week.
  5. If Washington deals Beal, wouldn't they want to fully rebuild and get better draft assets than the 76ers have to offer?
  6. I found what I read:
  7. I read a rumor that free agency has pretty much been decided. ("Tampering" is a joke still.) Do you believe it? I think it's plausible.
  8. It might not even be willful. Lots of people do lots of skimming.
  9. I absolutely believe that there are some Trump voters that don't trust the polls and don't trust the liberal media and refuse to participate in polling for that reason. In part pollsters are adjusting for them (sometimes through education level weighting) but that's likely to be imperfect. However, there are also other groups of people who are underrepresented in polls. I'm not convinced at all that the underrepresentiveness (I know, not a real word) swings only one way like Trump needs it to.
  10. You can play around with FiveThirtyEight's percentages here.
  11. Most Americans would love us to be able to eliminate fracking and achieve "zero emissions" by 2035. Particularly the younger generations.