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  1. These teams have a lot of young players who could use the experience.
  2. What if it’s true? Perhaps this was a great experiment. Get a bunch of guys together of approximately equal proportion liberal and conservative, let them argue it out for 20 years, and see what happens. The cream could rise to the top? Survival of the fittest ideas?
  3. For teams 23 through 30, it really sucks. They won't play meaningful basketball from March until whenever the new season starts (Christmas?).
  4. There has been criticism of those supporting the protesters. I guess I'm making an assumption that they'd criticize the protesters too. Edit to add: I'll go on record as criticizing the protesters who don't wear masks. That's a fair take.
  5. A question for those criticizing the protesters for likely increasing the spread of the virus: Can you imagine a cause important enough to support breaking social distancing guidelines by protesting? If so, what would that cause be?
  6. The first thing to do is study the appraisal. Look online at the comps. You'll often be able to see inside pictures on Zillow and elsewhere. Look at the adjustments based on the various differences between your home and the comps. I know people like to rip on appraisers but usually (not always) their analysis is better than the owner's.
  7. We skinny folks can run shirtless too.
  8. I don't understand. People can arrange to meet for a protest without governmental approval.
  9. Is a half marathon the longest distance you've raced? I don't remember.
  10. It depends on how important you think the political content is. Even if these protests don't measure up, in someone's opinion, I'm sure we could all imagine hypothetical wrongs that would merit mass protests despite the virus.
  11. These protests are by nature civil disobedience. The question is whether the societal harm caused by the likely increased spread of the virus outweighs the potential benefit of criminal justice and other reforms that these protests could bring about.