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  1. He’ll stay in at least through South Carolina.
  2. We're meeting in Kenosha by the Lake at 10:30. First 3 miles, warm-up. Next 5 miles in the 7:30s, following 5 7:20s, then we'll see how we feel for the last 5. All are welcome.
  3. A good takeaway from the last few pages is to not post silly, non-constructive statements like OMB that annoy the moderators.
  4. 11 degrees this morning (0 windchill) and my quadruple glove system wasn't cutting it. Tingling and numbness were setting in within the first mile. I think I've read that the perfect elbow angle for running form is 90 degrees. I've tried to do that but find it annoying and prefer a more acute angle. I think that contributes to my hand coldness problems since the higher hands impact blood flow. So, today, as the coldness was becoming unbearable, I switched to running with straight elbows and hands all the way down my side. Wala (as Gianmarco says), after about 100 yards, blood settled in the fingers and the tingling and numbness stopped. I repeated that for another 100 yards every mile or so and was able to make it through the run. I don't know why it always takes me so long to think of simple solutions.
  5. In my opinion, you are reaching to turn this into some kind of unfair, politically biased moderator conspiracy theory when there are more simple explanations for all of it.
  6. This is not the way a presidential candidate should be trying to win our trust and confidence in him.
  7. Ok, sure. I just was responding to your one paragraph. It seemed odd to me considering Finland's racial problems. They are a big deal there.
  8. I don't know if it's a common poll question or not but there are certainly issues with racism in Finland. For example: Finland shamed on racism in EU study
  9. "Gay sex" seems a bit pejorative to me even if it wasn't intended that way. Perhaps someone reported it for that reason.
  10. Maybe change all such phrases to: "Moderator note: be way cooler".
  11. Discussions would be better if neither side used "zingers". I don't think they rise to the level of banning though.