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  1. I get a chuckle just from Cuomo’s eyebrows.
  2. Rudy’s still learning...he’ll get his facts straight.
  3. The only Big Macs I've eaten in the last 20 years were free ones I got for the Bulls winning and holding their opponent under 100. They do the two missed free throws thing now. I forget the restaurant. I haven't been to a game in a few years.
  4. Juxtatarot

    Going paycheck to paycheck.......

    No doubt interest rates impact the savings rate but I assume you’ll agree that there are many other factors too.
  5. Juxtatarot

    Going paycheck to paycheck.......

    I doubt there is data like that but the personal saving rate was better decades ago. (It did get considerably better after the recession for obvious reasons.)
  6. Juxtatarot

    Going paycheck to paycheck.......

    I'm not sure what qualifies as "living high on the hog", but, for example, someone below the median income for their state certainly could consistently overspend with a higher rent that they can afford, a lot of money spent on vacations, dinners and entertainment out, expensive cell and cable packages, etc. and file bankruptcy without much risk of being busted for fraud. I agree, though, that fantasycurse's "friend" sounds like a different story.
  7. Juxtatarot

    Going paycheck to paycheck.......

    It can get complicated. The non-retirement monies can get divided to creditors. He might have to pay a percentage of unsecured debt back depending on income. If he ran the debt up shortly before filing, creditors could argue that he's committing bankruptcy fraud but such cases aren't common. From your description, though, it sounds like fraud to me.
  8. Collison was an original Thunder, right? I guess I have no issue with such a long tenured, good character guy receiving such an honor.
  9. Who? It seems to me that the major players in the market are already established.
  10. Juxtatarot

    Going paycheck to paycheck.......

    Or just file bankruptcy once a decade...
  11. Juxtatarot

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    What I don't like about the snow is the streets can be slicker where tire tracks have been. I also don't trust cars won't slide into me on turns/bends. Sidewalks can be better but I never know when there is a sheet of ice under the snow.
  12. Juxtatarot

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    We have snow and then cold this weekend so I'll probably have to do a long run on the treadmill. I'm actually a bit excited internally debating how I might want to pace it.
  13. Juxtatarot

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    Assuming GPS wouldn't work inside, I'd pick the treadmill. I'd surely forget how many laps I'd done.
  14. Not without freeing up a lot of cap space. Hardaway, Lee, Porzingis cap hold, stretched all adds up quick.