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  1. Hopefully @Sand won't see this.
  2. 1. I recommend no to music so you can hear everything going on including runners behind you. Obviously, though, it's a personal choice. 2. Many of us need a mile or two to loosen up every run but you might not need that. Do you usually feel good right from the beginning? If not, how long does it take? Just walking around before the start might be enough. 3. I probably check my pace about 20 times during a 5K.
  3. My answers depend on whether you're dressed in a gorilla suit or not.
  4. I agree with Chief that's it's normal. I also think you might be sweating more than you think while running but it's quickly evaporating in the hot sun and moisture is being whisked away from your body in the air by your motion.
  5. Sometimes I think FFA posters judge the political threads too harshly. And then I read threads like this one...
  6. Reading the actual procedures, I'm not sure they are all that unreasonable. I guess it depends on how they are implemented in practice.
  7. Bumping as a reminder that this starts tonight. Set your DVRs! From what I've read and watched, this looks to be one of the better Ken Burns documentary series and I'm glad this was done now considering the age of the Vets. The score even includes new works by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross as well as Yo-Yo Ma!
  8. I'm glad this thread turned into a "both sides do it" debate as opposed to anyone actually supporting the beliefs in the video!
  9. Is it a Visa? Try this: https://purchasealerts.visa.com/vca-web/check
  10. It might be time for your own thread soon.
  11. Someone could use your stolen info to open a bank account in your name and try to commit fraud on the account by depositing counterfeit checks or something. Ultimately you wouldn't be responsible but it would be a big PITA to deal with. Financial institutions have procedures to try to stop this like they do in lending but there can be vulnerabilities. i'm not sure how much this is happening currently. Certainly there are much, much more common types of fraud.
  12. Sure. Some pull credit, some don't.
  13. Oh, that's very close to Danada Forest Preserve. There are several miles of trails there. (Well maintained though so not really "trail running".) @tri-man 47 and I have run a half marathon held there. You also might want to run downtown on the Riverwalk. It's only 1.75 miles but running an out and back wouldn't be bad. Downtown Naperville is nice. The bar scene at night is also pretty good for a suburb.