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  1. I believe she is telling the truth about the relationship. But It is so obvious she’s doing this now in an attempt to advance her career.
  2. This Cooper-McDougal interview is so strange.
  3. All banks will be regulated before and after this bill.
  4. I'm not a fiscal conservative. I have 25 years of experience working for a small financial institution. I have seen regulations that have been good for consumers. But I've also seen regulations that have unintended consequences that harm consumers.
  5. 1. "Making the banks have less leverage?" 2. I don't believe the new threshold will increase bank defaults. There is still plenty of regulations and auditors to monitor them. 3. I could make a similar argument from the other side: Is limiting consumer choice in mortgages by having small banks and credit union stop doing mortgages due to onerous regulatory concerns a Democratic issue?
  6. What is untrue with what I said? Honestly, and perhaps I'm wrong, I have a feeling you don't know a lot about banking regulations.
  7. Both Democrats and Republicans often state their support for smaller regional banks and credit unions. This isn't the "Republican" policy like you state. (Which is why several Democrats supported it.)
  8. An interesting question is how safe will they have to be before they are universally accepted? Once they are safer than humans, delaying their adoption is costing lives. I'd rather save these lives sooner (on a net basis) than wait for a perfect driverless car.
  9. Every day we see the careless, stupid things human drivers do. The bar for driverless cars to be safer is fairly low.
  10. Watching that, I don't know how anyone could come to the conclusion that this isn't the woman's fault.
  11. I apologize for the snarky tone. I hope you can self-reflect on my point though. I won’t post again about this.
  12. And when you’ve gotten banned in the past, you’re the victim, right?
  13. Just playing around on a computer, you should be able to get fairly accurate using mapmyrun.com. Certainly within a 10th of a mile. (Assuming you're running on streets, sidewalks, paths, etc. and not some unmarked trail.)
  14. The bill would not be rolling back regulations to "the same position".
  15. @Hang 10 That really sucks but hopefully you heal up soon and your cross training helps you maintain a good chunk of your fitness. One point I'll make is I've noticed it's easier to get back to a level of fitness than to break new ground in the first place. Accordingly, all this great training you've done certainly won't be for naught.