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  1. Our airports aren't that bad.
  2. Sounds like a good plan. It's funny. Even though it's your first marathon, I worry about you less than any of the others in the thread trying to qualify this fall!
  3. @Hang 10 I give you a lot of credit for running fall marathons considering your climate. Honestly, I'm fairly certain I would only train for spring marathons if I lived anywhere near the south.
  4. Date night tonight with @tri-man 47 and @SFBayDuck in the city!
  5. I didn't even realize this was a thing! I think I have that too.
  6. @JShare87 The only time I ever went to a doctor over a running injury and/or to a PT was when I was diagnosed with that injury in 2010. There seems to be some debate on whether stretches and exercises actually helps, but I learned some things to try from the PT and they seemed to work. I've had it less severe a few other times but it seems like I can hold it at bay with the stretches. (Or maybe it's actually going away on it's own. I don't know for sure.) I think I still have a sheet a paper from the PT diagramming the exercises. PM me if you'd like me to email it to you.
  7. Careful! She might be a trap!
  8. How's the weather? From what I've seen on Strava, I think you certainly have a good shot at PR-ing in OK weather conditions.
  9. I always wondered if there would be a qualifying bump due to runners who wanted to run after the 2013 bombing. Perhaps things are leveling off?
  10. I thought about it but decided I'd rather just run it in 2018 with you all. (Assuming I can re-qualify, that is!)
  11. With the miles you guys have been running, I'm shocked by this news.
  12. @pbm107 When I was slugging through a harder than it should have been 6.5/7:53/144 run this morning with a 130 SI, I thought about you as well as the break in the weather I had on Sunday and Monday. Sunday's numbers: 15.1/7:14/142 @110 SI. Monday: 5.4/8:22/122. It helped me realize that although I'm certainly not in the shape I was last fall or this spring (for obvious reasons), a lot of my fitness is still in there somewhere just waiting to come out when I'm not overheating. I don't think you guys have had any super cool mornings yet but certainly they're coming. I hope you stick things out until you get a stretch of them. Perhaps you'll be surprised about how good you fell and it can help with your confidence and motivation.