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  1. I thought so too but yesterday I seemed to have strained my calf fairly bad which is probably related to Saturday's race. Hopefully I'll only be on the shelf for a few days.
  2. @Hang 10 This is my experience too. (Besides the puking part.)
  3. Isn't conservative economic theory more about providing tax cuts to spur spending and investment? I always thought the spending cuts were mostly proposed to help pay for the tax cuts. (This, of course, gets us to the trickle down concept that hasn't worked in the past.)
  4. Rationalizing it isn't the reason to me. A "classless" protest isn't peaceful, non-disruptive and certainly doesn't coordinate with authorities. If you think this one was classless, I'm having trouble understanding how you don't think all protests are classless.
  5. As far as protests go, I disagree that it was classless: http://www.indystar.com/story/news/politics/2017/05/21/some-notre-dame-grads-walk-out-during-vp-mike-pences-address/334987001/
  6. I don't have a problem with the donation but, then again, I don't have a problem with the Clinton Foundation either.
  7. She "proposed it". http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/334437-saudi-arabia-uae-pledge-100-million-to-women-entrepreneurs-fund
  8. Run for the Roses 5K Report Brony set the stage and the background so I'll quickly get to the race part. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect for this one. My PR is 17:50 which is 5:44 pace. I doubted I had the speed right now to best that but I wanted to make sure to run miles under 6:00. I guess that was my goal. Mile 1: 5:50/148 HR I lined up in the second row to start. After the initial jockeying and after maybe 100 yards when some young boys dropped back after realizing they wouldn't be able to sprint the entire race, I found myself in 3rd. The start of the race goes down a hill (and finishes on the same hill). The rest was pancake flat. In the first few tenths of a mile I noticed I was running too fast (low 5s) but settled in shortly after. The guy in first was pulling away. He finished in 15:40 so certainly a class or two above the rest of us. The guy in 2nd was maybe 10 seconds ahead of me. A few times I looked back during the first mile to see Brony behind me! Double checking my pace, I thought he was executing a quality Sand! Mile 2: 5:54/163 I'm not really gaining or losing ground to the guy in 2nd and I didn't hear anyone behind me. It was actually nice to follow someone. The cops weren't doing a good job blocking traffic and the course turns weren't marked well so I could let him concern himself with verifying the route with volunteers. Mile 3: 5:56/168 I considered making a move for second place but I didn't have a lot left and I was worried about blowing up. We finish up the hill and I come in at 18:08. Second place guy is at 18:00. I thought he was younger than me but it turns out we're the same age. I end up 3/150, 2/7 in the race's most competitive age group (2,3,5 overall). Won a 2nd place in AG medal and a red rose (note the race name). They had a two-place podium for the AG awards where you had to pose with your rose for a picture. Let's see if those pictures find their way to the Internet. Tri-man was particularly handsome at the top of his podium!
  9. Wait until they get to the part about the colored girls.
  10. I think Trump will admit this one. "Yes, that's true. He's a real nut job. Everyone is saying it."
  11. On a 10-point unintentional comedy scale, Trump calling Comey a "nut job" is an 11.
  12. I've read your posts over the last couple pages, and you're not really engaging in the conversation as much as just making the same few points over and over. Bruce Dickinson asked you a series of questions about some of the effects of Trump's actions so far. That would be a good place for you to start.
  13. Don't worry. Your posts here qualify you as an honorary Trump voter.