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  1. Week 6 in the books. This was a "recovery" week. I cut back a lot to 57.99 miles. Highlight was a tempo on Thursday. I averaged about 6:15 for the tempo portion (5 miles). I had been running a hair under 6:30 for previous tempos so I was nice to find myself running faster at about the same perceived effort level. I tired on the last mile quite a bit but there is a good chance my strength will improve if I keep with weekly tempos. A few weeks ago, I posted the trend of speed/HR over the training weeks: 7.9 avg. mph/139 avg. HR 7.7/137 7.7/133 7.8/132 Week 5 data is messed up because I ran some treadmill miles without a monitor but this week I was at 8.0/132 so the trend continues in the right direction. I have off tomorrow due to the holiday and it will be in the 60s. I'm probably going to start the week off right with a long run.
  2. Putin might be playing down their connection to help shield Trump until they officially meet.
  3. If Trump fails and proves to be an embarrassment to the vast majority of Americans, I think that can be beneficial in the long-term. A step back to help future steps forward. Many conservatives felt similarly with Obama. This concept by itself can be rational.
  4. The only way to save the thread is for posters to ignore posts from those who are derailing it. Or, if you can't help yourself, bend over backwards to be courteous.
  5. It's a shame, too, since he's the most level headed one of the bunch.
  6. Yeah I knew about you but was thinking, "Who else?"
  7. Oh, at first I thought you meant paces in the 5's and I had to take a second look!
  8. You guys know you can get weather info anytime on the Internet, right?
  9. Although I've never used it, I noticed a "swap sides" button.
  10. Yes, I think you're better off "doing it right". Although VA is rough in the mid to late spring, if you're willing to travel north, there is a much larger window. One thing that might be overlooked is start time. My marathon starts at 7:00. For early May, it's very rare for it to be hot in the early morning. I'm more worried about wind than heat. My first BQ was in early June in South Bend, IN. It was a 6:00 start but South Bend is barely into Eastern time so it seemed like 5:00 to me.