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  1. I called. They said it will be "essentially" the same as last year. @ChiefD @The Iguana 6:00 OK? Will it be four (Chief, Chief's wife, Iguana, Juxt) or more?
  2. I should be there late afternoon. Anytime 5:00 or after would be fine.
  3. I think you know @Ocram who used to post in this thread? I sent a PM to him.
  4. The three of us are at the same hotel so this is feasible. If you guys would like to see the video, I'm game. Also: @ChiefD What's up with this?
  5. By the way, about 15 minutes after downing two glasses of beet juice Saturday morning, I started sneezing and my nose started running. I don't have a cold or anything so I wondered if that was cause by the beet juice. Shortly after, I was fine. Did anyone experience something similar?
  6. Highly unlikely. Maybe just buy a bottle of juice at the grocery store for the first time and decide from there.
  7. Preachin' to the choir. I ordered four Beet-It Sport shots yesterday. I think I'll try 2 next week before my last challenging run and, if all goes well, 2 marathon morning.
  8. You have to decide for yourself if buying and drinking beet juice is worth it to be maybe one or two percent faster.
  9. I think "calorie-rich delicious foods" mainly covers those. (Assuming, for juice, you mean fruit juices like orange and apple. Obviously not a vegetable juice like beet juice. )
  10. From the article that Maurile linked:
  11. You’re on the Guyenet side of the debate, right?
  12. Thanks for suggesting Russian Doll. Bad show name but a very entertaining binge.
  13. I think the ultramarathoners drink their Cokes flat. Congrats on the PR @Zasada! Fun report! Did you ever find your sunglasses?