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  1. Juxtatarot

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    Did this doctor have a sports medicine focus? I’ve gone to two doctors for running related injuries and both seemed to care about me and my running. I know two is a small sample size but I think there is something to that.
  2. Why do you blame Thibs? Butler had a couple years with Hoiberg which didn’t go well chemistry-wise. I actually think Thibs has mostly been good for Butler. Jimmy respects how hard Thibs works and how prepared he is. (Thibs doesn’t have other interests or a wife or kids and spends basically all his time with basketball.)
  3. Juxtatarot

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    I just noticed water fountains show on Strava maps. Is that new or have I just missed them? Edit: Looks like they've always been there. It would have been nice if someone told me.
  4. Juxtatarot

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    I’m sure you’ve read about the advantages of step back weeks regarding recovery and injury prevention. Why the rush? Maybe you are recovering fine already but playing it safer seems to be the prudent thing to do. In recent years, I run every day when training for an A race. It seems to be the best way for me to get in the mileage I want. If you are feeling fresh enough, adding a sixth day as your mileage increases seems fine to me.
  5. Juxtatarot

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    Congrats @Zasada! That was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Hopefully you’ve caught the bug, will keep up the training, and just get faster and faster. You’re not too old. I hate those double timing mats too. And congrats on beating Elvis!
  6. Juxtatarot

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    @pbm107 Congrats again! That 21-24 mile section was awesome and shows your perseverance! How much do you think Hanson’s helped compared to your normal consistent training? It sounds like it helped at least mentally during the late stages. Have you decided on “A” races for next year? The race results are giving you 2:58:44 so you should go with that.
  7. I voted “probably not” because, frankly, I don’t care about these ceremonial duties.
  8. Jimmy may seem like a model employee at first, but it won’t last. I like the guy but he won’t end up fulfilling the role you envision. And the Sixers are going to bust the bank to keep him. The main reason the Bulls traded him to begin with is they knew he wasn’t worth it.
  9. Juxtatarot

    a newer song you love?

    Jade Bird-Uh Huh is an infectious little tune. And the lyrics are humorous.
  10. It’s a great trade for the Sixers on paper. Let’s wait and see how the chemistry is between the diva and Twitter troll.
  11. Juxtatarot

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    Congrats to you as well!
  12. Juxtatarot

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    Congrats @pbm107! PR of 59 seconds! It's wonderful to see you rewarded for a great training year after a couple of earlier disappointing results. Well done!
  13. Juxtatarot

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    Just got back from my run. It makes me nervous that he slowed a bit. Hopefully he has enough to hang on! He has a decent amount of time banked.