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  1. From the totals, it looks like there were a lot of Trump voting independents included in the poll. I used to think "independents" were moderates that picked and chose positions between the two parties but now it seems to be a meaningless label. Edit: Heavy southern weighting too. 2nd edit: Regarding male-female, although males were more likely to find her credible (28-25) they were even more likely to find her not credible (34-24). 3rd edit: Once again, old people:
  2. Where will the Wolves be next year if they lose Butler for nothing or pennies on the dollar?
  3. Why do you assume he means the latter?
  4. Doesn't this just mean it's settled until the supreme court decides differently?
  5. I don't believe he's stated this either way.
  6. If Ford doesn't get the conditions she wants, I still think she should agree to be interviewed by Oprah, Megyn Kelly or someone like that. Or at least threaten to.
  7. Dunn has a shaky offensive game and LaVine is a terrible defensive player and is now overpaid. Markkanen had a promising year making first team All-Rookie. Meanwhile, the rookie the Wolves drafted keeps breaking his foot and now Butler wants out. If we wait another year and re-evaluate that trade, I think it's likely most will agree the Bulls "won".
  8. 11 marathons. I've been confident zero times.
  9. His kid: "The cat did it!!"
  10. I hope you mean goldfish crackers.
  11. I haven't read much about this other girl at the party. Hopefully she comes forward.
  12. Because others might have been the source? That's possible but it seems unlikely the other two in the room would have started telling people about it. I guess the others at the party might have noticed something.
  13. Good luck @gruecd!
  14. We've heard that Ford told nobody for years. This would contradict that.