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  1. Also, a good rule of thumb is to never sign for something unless you're willing to make the payments. I assume your wife has no intentions on paying.
  2. He lives with a housefull of adults and none of them can qualify for a mortgage. That's all you need to know.
  3. 500 plus? What do you consider some of the earliest examples of the spread of Humanism? (I'm not saying you're wrong, just surprised by a time so long ago.)
  4. That's a horrible world you live in.
  5. Good luck but, of course, keep low expectations.
  6. What are you out? A buck-fifty? Two bucks?
  7. The problem is it still shows a balance on credit report(s), right? I'm surprised this is causing so much of a problem. As long as title was fine and I had some paperwork about the transfer to Selene for my file, I (as a lender) wouldn't worry about it. But I work for a small creditor that keeps it's own loans so I don't have to abide by all the rules that the big guys often have to. One thing that's annoying to me about this is they didn't tell you about this issue until late in the process. It could have been worked on while the appraisal was in process.
  8. For us to develop sympathy for him?
  9. I dislike when people say the Heat or Magic "are" something. "Is" sounds right. Oddly, though, I like "are" with the Jazz.
  10. I'd argue that saying "San Francisco" is like saying "the team" and is singular.
  11. I would hope they could quickly tell the difference between knife and antler wounds.
  12. Antlers?
  13. Make sure A is not the next president.
  14. It's quite common, of course, for businesses to develop various strategies to attract consumers of various demographic groups. It's not surprising that the DNC would also do that.