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  1. I've heard the best days in owning a boat are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. Fortunately for you, these days won't be far apart.
  2. @Worm is up Followed by @modogg
  3. That explains it. I saw you posting in the FFA and was thinking "WTF! He's been tagged multiple times!"
  4. We're good. I switched it. I incorrectly thought you left us.
  5. I'll give @nirad3 a couple more hours before making the pick. @Worm You ready?
  6. I didn't notice that this morning. Yes, real close. You should have run along the river instead of along those busy streets though! Much more scenic.
  7. Are there various waves based on expected finish?
  8. I didn't realize that was tonight. Good luck! Will you be running with any similarly speedy runners?
  9. I don't understand what you mean an "over training rough patch". It can take several days after the race for me to feel like I'm ready for hard running again but I don't think it's anything that causes any long term problems.
  10. And during the run is where the pain and fatigue really kicks in.
  11. My dad used rat traps. I recall it got somewhere between 15 and 20 of them one weekend.
  12. My guess is they will pick Bamba at 7 if he is available. If not, it will be Carter. Porter just seems too risky for the organization. I still think the promise for Hutchison at 22 is true.
  13. @Worm You're up after nirad3 makes this pick this morning.