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  1. Just the constant rat race to increase profits. Because making a bunch of money isn't enough. Every company has to make more money than they made last quarter, even if last quarter was crazy profitable. It's never enough. The most annoying thing is when we get a big price hike when the price of fuel goes up. Fuel goes way up, airlines jack up prices and say "sorry, our hands are tied we have to pay for the fuel". Then the price of fuel drops back down and those prices stay where they were when the fuel was high. Every temporary fuel price hike results in a permanent ticket price hike. Ticks me off every time.
  2. That little 1 inch recline doesn't really even make it any easier to get shuteye. You tilt your head 1 degree further back but you're still sitting up straight basically. The lost leg room is way more damaging to comfort than that tiny head tilt is helpful. I wish they'd just get away with it altogether, or give us a reasonable amount of space back (but we know that isn't going to happen).
  3. Tottenham should have 7 by now. So frustrating all these wide open shots they are just kicking right into the keeper's chest.
  4. Watched a buddy and his wife get into an actual argument over this. Wife said she hates peanut butter contaminating the jar of jelly. Husband said he refuses to clean an extra knife. Where to FBGs come down on this one?
  5. If we had those laws, then they would/should probably come lock-step with laws about how much the candidates can spend. My wife's idea has always been that whatever money comes in should get split between the candidates equally and that's all the money they get to spend on advertising. Makes sense to me.
  6. Seems like a pretty huge leap to assume if a billionaire weren't running all the other guys would just say no thanks to special interest donations and run a campaign with no money. There have been plenty of campaigns without anyone going up against a billionaire and those guys still always took money.
  7. There is an interesting disparity right now between Henry's startup value and his trade value in established leagues. In startups his ADP is around 2.05 which is worth a heck of a lot more than a rookie mid 1st. But a rookie mid 1st seems to be right around his going rate in trades.
  8. Speaking practically from an anyone but Trump standpoint, I really think that Bernie is the only one that has a chance even though I don't really love him as a candidate. I really think people are underestimating how much the moderate vote is already lost. A good economy is always going to win the moderates, and people are going to believe the good economy soundbites whether it's working great for them personally or not. I'm in Utah which was not a proud Trump state last time around, but it is now. People here are taking Trump's side over Mitt's. People that stayed home last time or held their noses and voted for Trump or McMullin are excited to get out and pull that Trump lever this time around. Hillary didn't lose because she lost the moderates. Trump didn't even outperform Romney. Hillary lost because she couldn't get the democrats that showed up for Obama to show up for her. The reality is that the Mayor Pete's and Bloomberg's of the world don't inspire anyone. They're just kind of there. The people that are going to vote for them are the people that are going to vote for anyone not named Trump. No one is going to drag themselves to the polls because they love those guys. But plenty of the young Bernie crowd who are all amped up to feel the Bern would rather stay home or write his name in than vote for someone else, no matter how much Bernie pleads with them to go to the alternative if the time comes. They already did this last time and it's only worse this time with all the rhetoric out there that Bernie was and will once again be cheated out of the nomination. Many of these people hate the Pete's and Bloomberg's and Biden's as much as they hate Trump because they feel they are being stolen from by those guys. The reality is that I am sadly pessimistic about the dems chances this time around either way, but if it's not Bernie I think there is almost no chance.
  9. I doubt it. We would have said the same thing 4 years ago about how the GOP would have reacted to Trump firing the AG for not being loyal enough to him and replacing him with someone that would do his bidding. We would have said the same about how the GOP would have reacted to him openly using the office to solicit election aid from a foreign government. That's the problem with this scope creep. Every year something a little bit worse goes by without any real repurcussions and suddenly the next thing, that would have seemed like a huge deal several years ago, is only a little bit worse than the last thing and close enough that it can be blown off. 5 years ago there would have been no doubt in my mind that GOP base would never support a president trying to exceed the two term limit. Now there is little doubt left that if Trump came up with some flimsly excuse or technicality to make it possible that they would support it full stop.
  10. 2/3 of the population wanted witnesses and we saw how they voted on that.
  11. Given that the dude tipped over a $29 flimsly ez-up without even causing any damage to it my guess would be the former (you have to be driving pretty damned slowly to hit an ez-up with a car and not even bend one of the aluminum poles). Guy still deserves an assault charge and whatever jail time comes with it though. Driving a car near people intentionally is dangerous no matter your intent.
  12. We all know the end often comes suddenly and without warning signs. Sometimes guys taper off slowly, but at least as often if not moreso guys just suddenly drop off a cliff, like Jordy Nelson who was 97-1300-14 at age 31 and then never had another useful fantasy season. It's possible the Julio will pull a Frank Gore or TO and be useful into his mid-30's, but those kind of guys are by far the exception.