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  1. Demaryius Thomas tore his achilles in February and was playing week 7 of the same year. He was a strong WR1 week 13 on.
  2. I wasn't saying he would rush for 2000 yards and 25 TDs. I was saying his rushing pace (1290 yards and 9 TDs) on its own is worth the equivalent in fantasy points to 2000 yards and 25 TDs passing.
  3. I would guess what you're missing in that analysis is that he had the 9th best fantasy rookie TE season in NFL history last year, which is pretty noteworthy especially since TEs are expected to improve rather substantially beyond their rookie year. It's also worth noting that he averaged 44 yards per game in the 7 games Lamar Jackson started. That would be 704 yards over 16 games which is pretty good for a TE. And again that's with both of them being rookies that could very easily improve substantially. I am not saying he's the next big thing, but he has some pretty massive upside.
  4. Jackson's rushing ability is so insane though that he doesn't have to be a very good QB. Jackson's rushing numbers last year over a full season are the equivalent in fantasy points of 2000 passing yards and 25 passing TDs in standard 25 yards per point, 4 point per pass TD leagues. So if he keeps running like that he basically has a 2000 yard, 25 TD headstart on non running QBs. So for instance if Jackson can pass for merely 3000 yards and 20 TDs that would give him the fantasy points equivalent of 5000 yards and 45 TDs compared to guys who don't run like Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Big Ben, etc. So then the question is can he develop into merely a 3000 yard, 20 TD type passer? That's not asking a lot. That is 187 passing yards and 1.25 passing TDs per game. Last year as a rookie making his first starts ever he averaged 160 yards and 0.8 passing TDs per game. That is FAR from a huge leap for a rookie to make as a passer. If his rushing stats hold true, his upside is enormous for as long as he holds the job.
  5. Do you even know what upside means? Hint: It's not the low QB1 numbers he was already putting up while averaging only 150 yards and 0.8 TDs per game through the air.
  6. Do what now? Goff's last 5 games of the regular season... 207/1/1 180/0/4 339/0/1 216/1/0 199/4/0 228 yards per game with 6 TD/6 INT. And 3 lost fumbles to boot. QB25 in PPG over that span.
  7. We don't even need to cherry pick Jackson's starts from last year. Once he took over the starting role (week 11) he finished QB11 through the rest of the year, just 15 points total short of QB5. He ran for 556 yards and 4 TDs in 7 games once he took over the starting gig. That's 1270/9 over the course of a season which is the equivalent of him getting a bonus FORTY FIVE passing TDs headstart in 4 pt/TD leagues.
  8. What is the theory here on the original incident? That Espinal choked herself out and punched her self in her pregnant belly?
  9. Well one of those wins for KC was week 17 backups vs backups where Hunt didn't even play. And two of those non-wins for Cleveland were the Tyrod Taylor led much worse Cleveland team where Chubb barely played. The real Chiefs team won 9 out of 15 games and the Baker led Browns won 7 out of 14, both teams with basically identical offensive stats (KC averaged about 1 more PPG and they averaged the same offensive yardage over those games). I'm certainly not saying that the Cleveland situation was the same, I'm just saying it is being underrated here and we're a long ways off from "perfect situation vs. horrible situation" as is being advertised here.
  10. I can agree with this. I think it's the Marvel affect where everyone feels like they have to inject lighthearted wit and humor into every scene now. We're a long ways from watching Joyce descend into madness over her missing/presumed dead child while desperately plastering lights all over her house in season 1. I'm not sure how a show about interdimensional monsters can jump the shark but this one kind of seemed to do it this season with some of the over the top stuff. Still a fun watch, though.
  11. This is during an ongoing FFPC startup and Murray went early 8th while I nabbed Wilson in the late 10th. FFPC startup ADP has Murray at 7.8 as QB4 while Wilson is 9.9 as QB6.
  12. The residents of Hawkins are the absolute most oblivious people in the world. Shootout and murders during the fair, giant monster trapesing through the woods, mass murder in an active hospital, and a giant loud battle in the mall and not a person in the whole town noticed save one kid on a ferris wheel that brushed it aside.
  13. So what's a reasonable price for this guy. I have Wentz as my backup in one league. Would Wentz+2020 2nd (likely early) be too much? Not enough? Another league I have Russ as my only QB. Would Russ+2020 2nd (likely late) do the job? Hard to value this guy right now with the upside.
  14. It just seems kind of interesting to me that we've seen guys come out and be elite runners and elite passers for a few years but then always regress in one area or the other. Like once they've run really well for a while they lean on it too much as a crutch and don't continue developing as a passer the way they should. Or they go the Russell Wilson route and develop as a passer at the expense of rushing stats at times. It kind of reminds me of pitchers in baseball to a lesser extent (though it happens much earlier for pitchers). Typically in youth leagues the pitcher is also the best hitter, because it's just the best player overall. But ultimately they hit a fork in the road where they end up spending so much time on pitching that they forego development as a hitter (the reason pretty much all MLB pitchers are poor hitters), or they focus on hitting and never develop enough as a pitcher to excel at it. That's an extreme example but we do see it to some extent once these guys hit the NFL. Cam's best fantasy season as a passer was his rookie year and his passing has never really excelled the way we thought it would for a rookie QB that threw for 4000+ yards at 7.8ypa as he's been banging into the line 120+ times on the ground every year. Similar story for RG3 although the injury accelerated things for him (although his passing numbers were already down before the injury). Russell Wilson has developed more as a passer as his rushing numbers have declined to the point where he's only running about half as much as Cam.
  15. The 2nd half is definitely different. I'm not sure one is necessarily "better". Grass is greener and all that. I generally had a pretty good/average first half. Great friends (who I am still friends with today), great memories. But it's not like I was Joey ######## rocking a letterman jacket and banging chearleaders. Heck I wasn't even doing that in college as I ended up marrying my high school sweetheart. One tragedy (lost my father when I was a teenager). Played lots of sports, drank lots of booze, generally good times. We tend to think back on it as a carefree time where we had less responsibility but there was plenty of stressful stuff we forget about. Our whole future was in the balance and we had important tests, college admissions, etc that could effect our desire to do the thing we wanted to do for the rest of our lives. While some may slot it into the "boring" category there is definitely an appeal to where man of us Otis level FBGs are now where we know our future is secure and don't have any real worries about our securities going forward. Kids being born was technically in the first half, but while a lot of people focus on this singular day of birth I'm not sure that particular day was any better than any day I get to spend with my kids as they grow up, so that's a win for the back half as the majority of the days I spend with them will fall into the back half. There are certainly some things I miss from the first half. A lot of things, including physically (as I limp around the house right now because I had the gaul to play a game of pickup basketball for a few hours where a younger me would have just gone about my day as if I hadn't even exerted myself) to miss, for sure. But I also like being able to buy whatever I want, drive a nice car, live in a nice house, travel wherever I want, and of course most of all spend time with the family. In the end I think I'm happy getting to experience both halves. I don't think I'd want 80 years of either side of it.