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  1. Just went back a month in his feed and found two more instances of him arguing with people about whether racial slurs were used in a situation. Amazing the coincidence that he found himself seated right next to a scenario where exactly that happened again!
  2. Thanks, I am Twitter incompetent lol. But just to clarify some of the discussion here it was one guy with 3 tweets, not tweets from 3 separate people. He says he was friends with the heckler as well. And FWIW his twitter is full of race related stuff and literally the day before he had been tweeting about how people treated racists, coincidentally I'm sure.
  3. Yeah I dunno if Twitter fliters what each user can see like Facebook because I can't find anything related to the Fournette situation there. I see a Hazel Scott Tweet, then a Nikki Haley retweet, then a Brett Mcdonald retweet, and then everything beyond that is from November or before.
  4. FreeBaGeL

    DraftKings Week 15

    Yeah I've just been mostly grinding away cash games with a handful of lineups. Through Thanksgiving or so could pretty consistently cash with at least 5 of 6 lineups. I think only 1 or 2 weeks in the first 11 where I didn't have a positive ROI often by a lot. But last 3 weeks it's been a lot tougher. Lucky to hit the cash line with 1 or 2 lineups and a net loss 3 weeks in a row. Totally possible it's just random variance but was wondering if anyone else has noticed the same thing.
  5. There may or may not be 3 fans in the area who are saying there were no racial slurs. There are 3 random twitter accounts that tweeted they were sitting there who all claim they were sitting "literally right next to the guy" (maybe one day someone will show me the math on how 3 people can sit literally right next to someone) and who all conveniently are on twitter and follow/tweet at the same reporter. Fournette wouldn't expand on the racial slurs but his teammate who was sitting next to him (TJ Yeldon) went on a pretty good rant about it and other Jags who weren't in the area said that they hear them sometimes from fans throughout the season (which makes the theory that no one would possibly ever yell something racist in a football stadium seem kind of silly). "Did I hear it? Yeah," Yeldon said. "All the running backs and people on the offensive side were hearing the exchange. They were heckling at us all game, at him and all of us all game. All night. All night. All day they was calling us racial slurs, all game." I have no idea if he's lying or not. We have two actual Jags football players saying it happened and 3 completely unknown twitter accounts who may or may not have even been at the game much less the same section of the stadium saying it didn't. ETA: I can't even find the tweets claiming it's a lie. Did the guy delete them? And it looks like above may have been one guy tweeting 3 times, not 3 separate people tweeting.
  6. Yeah all 3 are within a single point of each other. Must be a difference in the scoring of fumbles or something between our two leagues.
  7. I was referring to the OP and to Adams and Thielen (#2 and #3 in PPR). Thielen was listed outside of the "candidates" in tier 2 and Adams was not even listed as in the top 2 tiers. Adams for me has long term concerns because he is more situation dependent but in redraft he's a lock top 3 for me.
  8. Why are this year's #2 and #3 scoring WRs not candidates for next year's top 3 WR?
  9. I am starting Fournette where I have him but my other options are not as good in those leagues as yours. For Fournette I get more worried about games where the Jags fall way behind than games with a stout run defense. I wouldn't think the Redskins will pull away with whomever they're starting at QB. If Fournette is getting 20 carries, ~3 catches, and goaline work then I will take what comes of that even if the defense is good.
  10. FreeBaGeL

    DraftKings Week 15

    How have you guys been doing the last few weeks? I was crushing it for the first half of the season or so. Having a lot more trouble these last few weeks. A buddy mentioned this might happen as he contends DFS gets tougher towards the end of the year as a lot of the bad players' bankrolls are tapped out so there are a higher percentage of competent players. Any truth to this?
  11. FreeBaGeL

    Kenyan Drake - the other Bama RB

    He's not going to get a bug workload until he has anew coach and a new coach next year is looking a lot less likely at this point.
  12. FreeBaGeL

    MNF Seahawks v Vikings

    It would have given them a 1st down around the 15 yard line down by 6. You don't think that's a big deal? Especially for something that was so incredibly obvious? No skin in this game btw.
  13. FreeBaGeL

    MNF Seahawks v Vikings

    I haven't seen a ton of Cook in the league, but I'm struggling to figure out what people are so infatuated with. He looks pretty bleh. Seems to go down very easily.
  14. FreeBaGeL

    MNF Seahawks v Vikings

    Bizarre week where both Brady and Wilson make idiotic even for high school freshmen plays at the end of the 1st half.
  15. I have no idea what really happened. I suppose I wouldnt' be THAT surprised if Fournette felt like he was backed into a corner and made up the part about the racial slurs to give himself an excuse (not that he should be that worried about what he said, it was very mild). However I would be surprised if other players on the Jags were intentionally lying about it to corroborate the story. Not to mention one of the guys corroborating it (Yeldon) is the guy who would most benefit from Fournette being disciplined.