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  1. When he's a 30 year old running back, yes you're right it is crazy to expect equal value to what he's producing.
  2. By the same token a lot of people travel that weekend so they could lose out on a lot of casual fans.
  3. Well they signed Sammy Watkins and Todd Gurley to combined $100m contracts, if that helps to answer that question.
  4. Right, he's kind of in that no man's land that assets get trapped in sometimes. His owners still want full or near full value, but people buying want to buy at a discount, so he ends up just being a hold. The opportunity to buy comes from the notion that his owners now may be willing to sell at fair value, as opposed to him just being off the table and untradeable even at equal value. I don't think most are getting a big discount though in good leagues with strong FF owners.
  5. Eh, are they really winning right now? As was mentioned before, they won last year because of the opposite strategy, where they played for the future a few years ago and that bond matured into a good team. Does this really look like a Super Bowl team right now? It seems like kind of a desperation move. Ramsey is better than Peters but not by enough to turn a middling .500 team into a Super Bowl champion. Especially when you consider that even getting to .500 required 2 of their 3 wins coming against injured starting QBs. If Cam and Brees were healthy this would probably be a 1-5 team right now.
  6. It has been trending a little more this way every year for quite some time now. I remember back when Adrian Peterson came out and it was heresy to even mention him in the same breath as then 28 year old Ladainian Tomlinson in startup drafts. Consider now a generational talent at RB like Peterson/Barkley coming out and being compared to Le'Veon Bell NEXT year (Bell is still "only" 27) and it would be the complete opposite.
  7. The short term plays aren't what got them those last two yrs of success though. They just started that. It's actually probably the opposite. Long term plays a few yrs ago got them last year. Selling rg3, grooming a young, raw qb, getting a young coach with little experience, etc.
  8. By the same token though it seems like a lot of shutdown corners changing teams have struggled lately. No one really fearing Josh Norman on the Skins, no one was scared of Nnamdi on the 9ers, nor Peters on the Rams. I'm not sure what it is but seems like these guys tank faster than RBs a lot of times.
  9. Whelp next one got by too and ump didn't save them this time. All made possible by the awesome baserunning after Springer was caught in the rundown.
  10. Another reason for an automated strike zone there. Home plate ump's body being in the way just saved a run.
  11. Wow that looks like a very clear TD to me. It looks like there was an optical illusion from the shadow that made it look like his knee was on the ground when it was really way off the ground. Was there another angle that showed it down there?
  12. Dude hasn't been targeted on an incomplete pass in almost a month now. Just insane. He has Antonio Brown upside if Seattle is ever forced to throw the ball more.
  13. Pressure for the Stros is they have to win one on the road now (which has not been their strength in the postseason) and this is their best shot at that with Cole on the mound.
  14. It's not just the volume stats that are bad. 8ypa and 62% completion are both poor for an elite college QB on an elite college team. Not to mention the INTs. We can have all the excuses in the world and I get that there is some circumstance at play. But Kyle Trask hasn't started a football game in 6 years and walked into a 4 game stretch with two matchups against top 10 teams playing behind a poor O-line with no running game and he has outplayed Lawrence in every category whether we look at volume or efficiency. And Trask is not particularly good.