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  1. Jerhico's best moment from last night. This car is worth $750,000. That's more money than all of you here, make combined. Heel Jerhico is always the best Jerhico.
  2. I just bought an LG 75 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart HDR for $729, and they gave me a gift card for $70 lowering the price to $659, a few weeks ago. They still have them for $729 but I believe the gift card bonus is gone now. We went from standard definition to this and the picture is amazing at any angle. Edit to add from Sam's Club. this price is good through 12-24.
  3. I am intrigued by the Jungle Boy match, because Jungle Boy hasn't won a match yet. Normally this would just be a squash match, but it will be interesting to see what happens. Especially if it is only Hager, and Luchasauras at ringside as seconds. No chance the belt changes hands, but it I think it might be entertaining to see. And Jericho's list bit was every bit as entertaining as his original WCW shtick with it. The man just knows how to make wrestling crowds laugh.
  4. Careful what you wish for, you could end up like poor Nebraska. Who would you realistically replace Harbaugh with?
  5. Captain America The Winter Soldier Wonder Woman Enter the Dragon Blood Sport
  6. Volbeat - Black Rose
  7. Good for you Bengals fans dodging the hue bullet. I'm shocked Mike Brown didn't go retread and I think it's a good hire. The game is always better for me when the division has multiple teams that have a chance to win.
  8. I am not a fan of his. OSU's D was pretty horrible most of the year. I'd be good with Pagano as the DC.
  9. The ball is still clearly in his left hand in that picture. You do realize you don't need to have both hands on the ball right?
  10. And Gordon hurdles someone for extra yards. Great running on 2 blown out knees.
  11. Harbaugh may have to go to Flacco at some point. Jackson looks bad.