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  1. Captain America The Winter Soldier Wonder Woman Enter the Dragon Blood Sport
  2. Volbeat - Black Rose
  3. Good for you Bengals fans dodging the hue bullet. I'm shocked Mike Brown didn't go retread and I think it's a good hire. The game is always better for me when the division has multiple teams that have a chance to win.
  4. I am not a fan of his. OSU's D was pretty horrible most of the year. I'd be good with Pagano as the DC.
  5. The ball is still clearly in his left hand in that picture. You do realize you don't need to have both hands on the ball right?
  6. And Gordon hurdles someone for extra yards. Great running on 2 blown out knees.
  7. Harbaugh may have to go to Flacco at some point. Jackson looks bad.
  8. If you've ever read the main UCF football message board you would want LSU to destroy UCF today. They have the highest % of unreasonable homers I have ever seen. After the bowl games where announced they had multiple threads asking about and asking if a law suit to get them in the play offs was viable. They also tore to pieces one of their own posters that posted a reasonable comment explaining why he thought they didn't get in. One of the replies was like yeah we didn't beat anyone in the top 25 but CIncy is really good they should be ranked. Oh the Bearcats that played 1 team ranked (UCF) and got destroyed. But they did beat a crappy Va. Tech team so they have that going for them.
  9. Ravens defender talking trash to Njoku, please put a camera on him if the Browns win this. He's trash.
  10. Jackson has a really strong arm, but he needs some accuracy work. Ravens 38-7, Perriman will only catch 1 TD pass. I see your jinx, and raise it with my reverse jinx.
  11. Ravens 38-7, Perriman will only catch 1 TD pass. I see your jinx, and raise it with my reverse jinx.
  12. Ugh followed by hey look the WR the Ravens cut caught a TD pass.