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  1. Same thing I said when they got rid of their awesome DFS mobile app for creating lineups.
  2. Well, JTG, you may remember my old gamertag, which was Nilloc1204, or my old FBG handle, which was Schmegma.
  3. Oh, how I miss those days. Now I need to decide if I want this game. Haven't played in a LONG time. Great memories right here:
  4. I love Solver. By the end of this season I'll be an Excel guru with all the time I'm putting into learning it for DFS.
  5. Nope. I meant 10%. Nobody with a reasonable amount of intelligence is going to lose EVERY contest they enter, especially if they are playing 90% cash games.
  6. If you can afford to lose $140 every 4 weeks, I'd say your bankroll is $560 for the season and that should be your starting point for all the math. If you want to risk 10% of that per week, then your weekly max would be $56. Then, if you want a 90/10 split for cash/GPP, then you'd be looking at about $50/week on cash games and $6/week on tournaments.
  7. No.
  8. This is devastating news. Does anyone know of any apps that could compare to the Daily Crusher?
  9. Dan - Will we have the Daily Crusher app available again this year? If so, are there any planned updates?
  10. Ok, I've added everyone above as a friend. Oh, and @Corporation , TLEF's gamertag is Tlef316.