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  1. Same thing I said when they got rid of their awesome DFS mobile app for creating lineups.
  2. Well, JTG, you may remember my old gamertag, which was Nilloc1204, or my old FBG handle, which was Schmegma.
  3. Oh, how I miss those days. Now I need to decide if I want this game. Haven't played in a LONG time. Great memories right here:
  4. I love Solver. By the end of this season I'll be an Excel guru with all the time I'm putting into learning it for DFS.
  5. Ok, I've added everyone above as a friend. Oh, and @Corporation , TLEF's gamertag is Tlef316.
  6. This guy on Reddit works in Brooklyn. He took photos of his office building from the same perspective as the game. This is impressive.
  7. That explains what happened on the ladder. Heads up - I sent you a PM with my contact info.
  8. That explains what happened on the ladder. Heads up - I sent you a PM with my contact info.
  9. Last night was the most fun I've had with my clothes on in long time! @orcinus and I were a little rusty when we started, but after a few hours we found our groove and started kicking some butt! We finally had to call it quits after 1am, and one of us had to get up and work today! This is a fun game solo, but I agree with Orc... It's way more fun playing with a friend. Maybe Sunday night, when Orc is back online, we could get a few guys and head into the DZ as a group?
  10. Ok, so I haven't played on Xbox with you guys since the days of the original FBG Gears and Tiger Woods tournaments. You'll remember me as Nilloc1204. This video that Tango made might help jar your memory - Anyway, I picked up The Division on launch day and played a little the last couple of nights. It's fun, but I have to think it's even more fun with friends. So, do you guys ever get together and play anymore? My XBox gamertag is now SocialPoser if you want to add me.
  11. Looks like it's time to upgrade my old 20GB XBox 360.