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  1. Most fun group D saltiness would be.... Nigeria 1-0 tomorrow virtually assuring Croatia top of group. Argentina plays great and wins 4-0 over Nigeria. Croatia lays down and loses 3-0 to Iceland. Iceland through on goal differential.
  2. And they need help from these same Croatia players to advance. Seems not thought out.
  3. If this game ties, what do you think will happen in the France/Denmark game? @QuizGuy66 knows the answer
  4. He definitely misses next match yes and they will go into that match not assured of anything regardless of the France result here.
  5. Not sure if posted yet, but we’re currently at 36% “normal” goals. The rest set pieces, own goals, and PKs. It usually is about 70%
  6. Started lurking Sept 2001 when I started college IIRC. FBG (and FF and gambling in general) was relatively big in our dorms and to this day Cincinnati has a disproportionate number of members imo.
  7. Yes but I also think they may have miscalculated the chances of winning anyway. Of course, you don’t plan on 10.
  8. With this entry, whoever is the semi finalist in the top section of the bracket is going to be a problem unless it’s somehow Egypt. I like these picks, but it’s a virtual certainty that one of Russia, Spain, Portugal, Uruguay, France, Croatia, Nigeria, or Morocco will be the semifinalist in the top section and you have none. It’s mathematically possible for you to get it with Egypt, but frankly unrealistic. I would think about if you think it’s possible to win without 4/4 semis to see if you want to balance it better. Your other “out” would be rooting Arg to not win group D which would be counterintuitive since you have them.
  9. I don’t like Spain as much as the rest of this list. Germany is a great bet to get deep. They’re so predictable, but I don’t think they’re the best team but you’re getting a really likely semifinalist at +457. I don’t think Argentina got a good draw at all, but you can make a case for them given they get a higher payout. France is similar to Belgium that they have piles of awesome talent just thrown together. When those teams work for a game, they will look better than anyone. They’ll have at least 1 4-0 beat down with goals from household names. But they just don’t have the reliable team systems you can trust game to game against the best in the KO round. Brazil could face Belgium early, but ya, they’re the best team imo.
  10. Group H is officially the group of “who knows”
  11. Monks in Philly is one of the best I’ve been to. Its probably too much of a dive to be included on this kind of list but Sergio’s World of Beer in Louisville has the most impressive selection in terms of quality and rarity that I’ve ever stumbled across.
  12. No I believe he punched something and his hand hurt a little and he can’t wait to talk about it. I’m basing this on the last 2 decades of him crying wolf when touched.
  13. When my 5 year old comes in from playing screaming that she fell off her bike and “thinks” she broke her leg, there is a 90% chance she fell off her bike and a 1% chance her leg is broken.