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  1. Wait what? Nicole said she would vote Paul?
  2. I think keeping James is still a loss James: Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Z, Nat Paul: Victor, Bridgette Most likely Meech is for James too and maybe even Da. I thought Da' was a surprise but I also thought James voting for Paul was a surprise. For Paul to win he'd have to sway the Paulie/Z couple. He might've had a better chance without Corey pushing Paulie for Nicole, but it's hard to see those 2 as Paul votes.
  3. Williams gets a lot of credit from me. It's not this easy to step in and dominate, then sit bench, then step in and dominate, then welcome back this guy and be a great teammate. As others have said, Bell finishing the season seems to be the outlier. If anything happens, I'm not betting against Williams doing it again.
  4. Part of what makes you the "best player" is figuring out which votes you have and who to send to jury.
  5. I'm fine with avoiding him. My post made no sense so I'm deleting it lol.
  6. The RB position is terrible. 45 rushing yards and a good chance for a TD puts you in the RB2 discussion which is where he went. All those numbers you posted proving Hill wasnt very good. I agree and yet he finished 18th in rushing yards. So your list of options that are likely to get more than 45 + good chance of TD is short. RB has nearly become TE in leagues you play multiple RBs so yes he's startable.
  7. The Bengals are going to score a lot more than the Vikings though. Seems like that should be a factor if we're discussing TD prone RBs. I don't really think he's a plodder. He's a power back trying to play in a spread offense. Sometimes that works for fantasy (Mark Ingram?) but other times it's just not a fit.
  8. Cost you at least 5-7 points in HR, R, RBI because I can pretty much guarantee you got killed in plate appearances. It sounds like I'm whining but I don't really mind anyone doing it. I exploit the rules as much as the next guy. I just think when you have this combination rules and site, you're asking for it to be a huge time suck to hang.
  9. There is also the ^ vs X espn does ! by players not starting. CBS has "look it up yourself" unless I'm just dumb
  10. I'd be cool with chasing saves having less importance but I don't have the better solution either. I prefer weekly lineups personally, but guessing I'm on an island. I'd also like CBS to make an app like Y! Or a million others where it's obvious who is in/out of lineup. There are certain teams I'll never ever beat for runs/RBIs in this league without checking around for lineups, going back into the league, adjusting lineup before lock every single day.
  11. Demarco Murray is this year's Doug Martin. Left for dead, but nope. Borderline RB1 ROS imo
  12. We won't see 54 but trust me when I say that Dalton is miles better now than he was in 2014. The team believes that and turned him lose last year. They're not going back to being a running team unless Dalton or Green goes down.
  13. In 2014 the Bengals were running power O because of injuries to basically every receiver and they were still being careful with Dalton. That is when Hill went off. They are a shotgun team now that trusts Dalton to win the games for them. It's just a different team.
  14. I won't argue the Bengals have been better than those 3, but coming out of @Jets and @Pitts 1-1 without Burfict doesn't really worry me yet. If VB comes back and the home games start and the D still plays this average, I'll be worried.