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  1. You're probably right, but I'm just going to speak for myself that I am going to be able to look myself in the mirror for 4 years if I vote for Kasich in the primary and (if possible) in the general election. If that means conceding the white house to the Dems, that still seems a preferable option to being "represented" the way we are now. I feel like everyone talks about wanting a reasonable middle of the road candidate, but when a true moderate like Kasich is an option, nobody is very interested. If the R's are all going to line up behind Trump again over someone like Kasich, maybe it truly is just the party of hate these days and I'm done. Oh well.
  2. The timing is lucky IMO because baseball is almost definitely going to have a strike at the end of 2021. If the NFL players were to see that stronger union dig in, they might be more serious. I think the NFL will work itself out.
  3. This is getting ridiculous. I am extremely conservative and disagree with dems on nearly every issue, but at some point I’d rather have someone in the office that has different policy viewpoints than someone this hateful and confrontational. There are reasons to be tough on immigration and be the bad guy, but when he makes it so obvious that he LOVES that role, it makes it hard to know what is a necessary evil and what isn’t.
  4. Coors is amazing. Reds become the first team in modern era to hit 5 triples and 3 homers in the same game. The game ended after 3am and they play a day game today.
  5. Raisel Iglesias may not get dealt because A. he has a very reasonable contract beyond this year and B. the NLCentral is such a pile up, the Reds don't know if they're buying or selling. However, I still think it's a real possibility. The Reds new front office + David Bell has turned into one of the most progressive analytics driven teams in the league. It's not hard to see them not valuing a set closer and paying him real money to be in last place. Iglesias has had a couple public issues with his "new usage" and frankly seems from the outside to be a weird personality mix with the fun and brash clubhouse the Reds seem to promote. tldr: I won't be surprised if Raisel Iglesias becomes one of the hot names in a couple weeks. I don't think that will help much for the purposes of fantasy baseball though because I think David Bell would jump at the chance to just use his relievers however he wanted each night.
  6. So far, no major surprises. Eephus hitting is good enough to finish in the money and Pik's pitching matter sooner rather than later. Dr. D hitting amazing as expected. Shady's pitching being mediocre despite what he's gotten from Morton has been a big factor so far.
  7. Agree with the guy above me. While I have to take your word for it that $40 plays as a bigger raise than it really is at this table, my answer is I have no clue what they have because of the raise size. One of the main reasons you’d make it a pot sized raise is so you can be reasonably sure when the trash board comes you’re not against 5-6 3-4 etc here.
  8. Personal opinion, it should be open play goals as first tie break. Rapinoe did well and she deserves whatever credit she gets, but anyone who took the PKs for USA in this tournament was finishing pretty high. 6 open play goals is a lot different imo.
  9. Relevant in Detroit today... Check out what happens when big home dogs are playing in high total (10+) games... sdql The road team is scoring 8.25 runs a game and the overs are 28-5-3
  10. If you haven’t listened to this one, you should. I can barely even think of this song without it putting me in some kind of mood and that’s with no personal connection to something like that.