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  1. cheese

    Official Joe Mixon - Bengals RB

    I’m not arguing that Gio gets high usage and is fantasy relevant. I am simply pointing out how often Mixon isn’t on the field this year. Gio has almost exactly the same amount of snaps and games as Mark Ingram. Other than that one, nobody else being considered for the top 10 next year has another guy taking 30+% of the snaps. I’ll stick to my position that if Gio isn’t in Cincinnati next year, Mixon’s snap counts can go from 70-75 to 90-95%.
  2. The latest one was one entry in a small field of finalists but it was also like the best of the best players in it. He’s really good.
  3. cheese

    Official Joe Mixon - Bengals RB

    He’s had over 20 snaps 5 games in a row with both healthy and takes them pretty much directly from Mixon.
  4. cheese

    Official Joe Mixon - Bengals RB

    It will also help if Gio is starting for someone else next year
  5. Sorry poor choice of words. I use them every week. What I meant was he basically won using his main thing on this site, projecting low owned players.
  6. Ryan was the #1 qb and only 2% of the teams had him. He also had Dalvin Cook and a 1% owned Kenny Golladay. Ironic that the low owned guys got him there since his main role here is the projected ownership sheets. Regardless, nice hit in a loaded field.
  7. Dacoltz won 500k on fanduel. Just noticed Joe also mentioned this in the Steelers thread. Steve had Ryan/Julio/Ridley as his stack and the people chasing him had Brady.
  8. He just binked a other one. Unreal year for our guy.
  9. I’ll check that out. Thanks!
  10. cheese

    Diamond earring guys

    Of course it’s a bad value, but if Tiffany’s is a big deal to her and she’s not going out and spending big money on it herself, I wouldn’t blame you for splurging on the gift. You just have to know if she’s going to be excited or care that you spent the money which comes down to knowing her and your financial situation.
  11. My wife is extremely paranoid and asks constantly at night if I locked the doors. Like, every night. I never forget because I know it’s important to her, but I still get asked every night. If she hasn’t asked yet, I’m getting woken up at 3am when she’s feeding the baby to ask. Some days I just want to be like go look at the door and see if it’s locked????
  12. This team cares less about its fans opinions (for better and worse) than any other pro sports franchise. I go to games for a lot of reasons besides just to see the Bengals win, but even I admit the last home game felt like a morgue most of the time. People complain about the Bengals not doing anything every year, but I think we’ve finally hit a point of mutiny if nothing changes. There are some obvious issues though... We have no GM and we’re not getting one. So to fire Lewis and get a new HC you have to find somebody that will placate Mike Brown and give him some say, but ultimately be the GM also and do both jobs. The primary reason why Lewis remains is the comfort level Brown has with him to allow things to be done Brown’s way and still keep the team semi-relevant. It’s a nearly impossible assignment. I believe the whole idea of Hue comes from Brown hoping to keeping Lewis running the front office/GM while throwing the fans a bone with a HC coach. It makes sense that Lewis would only be interested in staying in another role if it meant his buddy being the HC. Otherwise, I’m sure Lewis would rather coach elsewhere or just stay home. Basically all the options are bad. They need to gut it and start over with outsiders, but why would we expect Mike Brown to find a better coach, figure out how to coexist on player personnel issues and get better anytime soon? Even if they went totally outside, the odds it works are low. Frankly, maybe even lower than the odds Marvin Lewis magically starts winning close games. It’s so bad I dont even know what I want them to do. I guess play the lottery with a new guy and see what happens.
  13. cheese

    Football or Baseball?

    Sorry definitely higher than I thought especially if we’re talking like top 10. Toss up at those amounts.
  14. cheese

    Football or Baseball?

    Reread Devin’s post again. I was going to make the case for football being more of a sure thing but he laid it out well already. Bottom line is, if you’re going high in the NFL draft you’re getting several NFL seasons and 10ish million as a floor. That’s life-changing, set for life stuff. If you’re going high in the MLB draft you’re getting 1-2M, riding buses, and might someday play a major league game.