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  1. Trade Bregman immediately in that kind of league. Guys like that get owners really excited around call-up time in a keeper and he has about 1% chance of being keeper relevant in that format.
  2. When I look at the guys people argue for that are left out, it's pretty clear to me that Ortiz is a whole tier above them.* *except the steroid Bonds/Clemens types I vote in and I'm a small hall guy, but that's assuming we're not having the "steroid guys are all out" conversation
  3. I don't think the agreement mentioned on page 1 seems like that much overkill. The "right" conclusion is to pay for the winshield and get some confirmation that it ends there. Didn't seem that hard to accomplish.
  4. Yes. This might be close if it was your wife. As is, it's miles from being your problem
  5. There is no upside to getting mad and confronting people. You made the right move in not involving yourself in this mess. Just stay out of it as much as possible.
  6. She's from Northern Michigan IIRC, which is the same accent even if they deny it.
  7. Yep! Summer babies as well and the first year was 17 Sunday's of me holding the baby, changing the baby, and watching NFL from 1-10 with the baby. Relaxing and the baby gets used to you for bonding. Plus, football My other advice... There is a renewed pressure around breast feeding with moms right now. Whatever your take on breast feeding is, this is your new take. IF your wife ends up breast feeding, you think it's amazing, so much better for the baby, it means a lot to you etc. IF your wife ends up not breast feeding, you don't care anyway, this is more practical, it's kinda weird to you anyway, prefer it this way.
  8. I vote conservative, so I'm unlikely to vote either Trump or Hillary. Probably stay home. Any other R would have had my vote. Oh well though. Not the type to let politics bother me too much.
  9. Best HOF outside of Cooperstown
  10. Club is food and beverage minus alchohol. The food is legit. Not just ballpark food. They have private bars inside and they will serve to your seat, but you pay. The seats themselves are bigger and more cushion. Also, for most games this year, you can buy a cheap ticket and just sit in the $55 seats. You can't just sneak into the club section. There is also the inside/outside component if you think you might watch the game from behind the glass at all. I like the club, but yes it's further up from the action.
  11. I think there is some value in keeping some plausible deniability that the vets are working with Paulie. Maybe he can gather more info now from the other side. The tricky part will be veto though. They need Paulie to win rather than a vet or Nicole. Paulie down, Victor or Paul up makes the most sense. I think Nicole will throw it so she doesn't have to decide about taking Paulie down, especially if she honestly believes she has the votes to send Jozea home. If someone else wins, I cant think of many people who would take down Jozea. Bigger worry is just keeping them the same and Paul rallying the newbies to send Paulie home. Even that isn't the end of the world for Nicole though, and you could argue it's better for Corey/Tiffany.
  12. If you're planning to refinance in the next 5-50 days, would you rush to get it in, stall for rates to decline, or just ignore the last month of craziness and do whatever we already planned on doing.
  13. Most likely end result is OP "has" to move, but gets decent value on the house. I don't really understand his fear about the value cratering unless I missed something. They drive away outside demand but provide plenty of demand themselves. I think you end up selling to them at full price.
  14. Lol same here ( my kids talk through the show). So they have a "last place leaves" comp tonight then amongst the 4?