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  1. Crazy. I thought Smith would be awesome. The bullpens in this thing are amazing. I already have 6 1run losses mostly because my closer gets destroyed every time. I have also had a bunch of people blow saves against me though.
  2. I have already tried 3 different old computers. If I get one connected I’ll let you know.
  3. We still need something to be done with divisions. I know we have done by groups of 4 on draft order in past, but if we're doing something creative we should do it soon so it doesn't slow down Eephus starting the league.
  4. Don’t have an opinion on whether we should or shouldn’t do that at this point, but pretty sure the teams are @Sammy3469 and @FishTacoTuesday
  5. I think you compare him to like Matt Ryan for fantasy. In his best years, he may be near the top of the league in passing yards. But across the board and year to year, how hard is it to acquire Matt Ryan? Not very.
  6. If that is right (and we're mostly on the same page), Shawn Williams has a big problem. He's currently being ranked the #13 idp safety here on fbg.
  7. After 2 straight years of giving snaps to anyone with a warm body, the Bengals defense sure got crowded fast this offseason. There are a couple routes they could go as their base defense or they could just be all over the place and cost a bunch of guys snaps. Shawn Williams has put up good numbers and been a solid starter, but he's definitely worse than Jesse Bates and Von Bell just got paid decent money to sign. They could go big nickel and try to play all 3 a bunch of snaps. Alexander was signed specifically to be a nickel/slot corner. In the past, the Bengals have prioritized this position and at times used their best corner there and played a ton. I expect it to be very rare they use 3 LBs and Pratt was sniffing an every down role at the end of last season. That would probably leave Bynes on run downs and Wilson on pass downs until its at least obvious Wilson is the better player than one of Pratt/Bynes on first down. For fantasy, this might all be a mess, but the upside for Wilson's tackles is high if he can get on the field.
  8. Don't forget to try the promo code FREESIM1 just in case It appears to have a strange memory of who is new and not new, so you might be surprised.
  9. Pretty sure this is who we still need to join 4- FDAS 6- Rodg12 7- Bogart 11- Doctor Detroit 13- RnR 14- Spartans Rule 17- HellToupee 18- Kraft 22- DougB 24- Sammy
  10. Pretty sure they closed the office. One guy took the servers home with him and went ahead and loaded 2019 players for fun and sent out freesims for all.
  11. Great pick. Listening to Pedro Martinez go on and on about him all the time on MLBN has opened my eyes to his influence. Never underestimate the value of turning boys into men and what it might do for both society and your win total. Elite mentor style manager