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  1. Carlos Hyde
  2. All was overstating it but Bosa will eventually cave because he stands to lose MUCH more than the Chargers. Offset language is going to be pennies next to what he'd lose by missing a year, getting picked lower, pushing his next deal back, etc.
  3. Officially shopping Miguel Cabrera for a #1 pitcher.
  4. Deangelo Williams is 3 weeks of a top 5 back, followed by bench him and he's a lottery ticket if Bell misses again. Easily more valuable than where he goes.
  5. Tight end is a mess
  6. So sorry to hear this. This journey won't be forgotten by a lot of folks. Hang in there brother
  7. Stafford, Winston, Eli. Whichever goes last... Usually stafford. Detroit and NYG have no running game and they're going to live through the air. That's the #1 thing I care about. Winston I just think will be a stud.
  8. Brandon Lafell and Tate aren't even "another guys". They have plenty of other ways to win with that D than to force stats on crap WRs. Hopefully Boyd is ready day1 and that would help. I think Jones was better than you think and I'm also factoring in Eifert (top red zone weapon) being MIA for however long. I love Dalton. He's an underrated NFL qb. Give me someone else this year for fantasy purposes. They don't have the roster to air it out and frankly they don't need to.
  9. For me it's the loss of weapons
  10. I know he's been mentioned but Landry is my vote. Product of volume and game scripts now has a new coach, new system, new everything. He's just a guy to me and there is no reason to think they'll use him similarly this year.
  11. As a mega-church goer, I'd suggest it's more like "saved by grace" and a relationship with Jesus is the focus and the rest is barely brought up. Personally, I prefer the focus on the main thing and big picture, but I can see why others might care more about all the specifics.
  12. Scott Hanson > Andrew Siciliano Deal still works. Just got offered the $200 gift card and normal big deal 5 minutes ago. I previously scheduled disconnect for Monday but never actually disconnected.
  13. Guys that actually got the email.. How long did you take to get it? Did it arrive before disconnect?
  14. Looking good Brett Anderson