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  1. Exactly what I was going to post. The tree cutting service insurance won’t be relevant since it’s very obvious he told them to cut it down.
  2. Kids are younger than this so far, but I would feel differently about beer than liquor. If a kid swipes a can of beer from my fridge to seem cool, he’s probably not getting sick or crashing a car and I will probably know he took it. If a kid started drinking liquor at my house, the consequences seem higher and maybe easier to get away with.
  3. I like Bell a lot better in cash. In cash, volume wins, but how much upside does anyone on Nyj have?
  4. One upside that maybe only I care about... I DVR a lot of games and start them late, both football and baseball. One of the main advantages to football is you can press the “skip 30 seconds” button and not miss a play. You catch up quickly and never miss things. Well last 2 nights, you can skip 30 seconds and not miss a pitch.
  5. What you said is fine for mine. No question a lot of my core came from that Boubucarow tear down.
  6. DTV is so, so bad at actually executing what they promise. It can't possibly be worth it to them to do it that way on purpose so I have to assume it's regular incompetence. I will probably never be a cord cutter because I value convenience more than money, but it's not very convenient to make a call every month to figure out why the bill is wrong, you never got a GCard, free channels didn't show up, etc. I'm considering switching next time as well.
  7. Thanks guys! Does the above mean we are free to make unrelated add/drops right now or no?
  8. Ya. If you’re going to game stack Bengals or Giants, I’m sure you can get away with the “obvious” guys around them. Tight end is a disaster this week. Andrews is ok in a Lamar or Mahomes GPP team, but other than that I hate everyone.
  9. Yes but there are some clear exceptions so a good week to play cash imo. GPPs could be difficult because I think we will see some high ownerships given how few the great values are.
  10. Ya there is 0 chance I’m using a Vikings WR in cash. Diggs played 32 snaps and Kyle Rudolph played 53 because of all the 2 TE and even 1 WR formations.
  11. Look at either Kupp/Thomas over brown/Hopkins or use Ben/Carson over Sony/Allen
  12. OP: I don’t like Carr in cash because you’re going to end up with too many Raiders.
  13. It’s him or Waller for sure.
  14. I played Chubb too unfortunately.