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  1. I originally hated the CBS move, but Golazo is great. Watched it all the way last 2 days.
  2. Why would you be more interested in how he did over 2-3 months than how he has hit his whole career on splits? Even if I agreed, bring in a different lefty if you think Snell is spent and about to get hit.
  3. The numbers say his decline was correlated with the 3rd time through the lineup, not a particular inning. Probably related to declining in-game velocity and only a few go to pitches. I have seen a ton of people suggesting you need to get beat with your best, but I think they did that since several of these relievers had superior stats to Snell even ignoring the late game decline. I do think it’s fair to question whether Anderson’s “slump” should exclude him in this spot.
  4. I think he just wanted to take out Bradley who looked like a mess and it was easier to justify going L/L with Amir. I was thinking walk him, but I think Amir strikes him out a decent amount of the time too. Tough decision.
  5. No and no. Siblings and parents on both sides are getting together without us. Friends are getting together like nothing is going on. We’re welcome, but are prioritizing health instead so we are the outcasts for now.
  6. Comfortable is definitely not a word I would use. The Oline is really terrible and it looked like he was scrambling to get rid of the ball on every play. He does make good decisions and have great accuracy though.
  7. Burrow o23.5 rushing imo. Bengals line is both terrible and injured and Burrow was quick to take off running in his debut when the pocket collapsed. Browns will be in early and often and he won’t stick around. He may get to 24 even without a single designed run just on scrambles.
  8. To be more specific, the real problem is that Spurs/Eve players have been locked for me this morning.
  9. It’s not. I can’t drop anyone that hasn’t played to pickup anyone who also hasn’t played.
  10. I probably didn’t read something I was supposed to, but why are players locked?
  11. Got my deal today as well. No GC but $38 Choice (lowest I’ve had in years) plus free STM.
  12. One thing that I honestly don’t believe gets factored in that should is the way home field advantage leaves as a game goes on. The data is clear in many sports, but definitely NFL, if you like a home team look at 1q and 1h. If you like a road team look at game. Besides the narratives about getting comfortable and used to it, simple math over the last 10 years says home teams are +1.0 ppg in Q1, +0.7 ppg in Q2, +0.4 ppg in Q3, +0.4 ppg in Q4. Vegas doesn’t care because people don’t care. For example, Ravens are -8 at home and colts are -8 on the road this week. Both have identical -4.5 (-121) halftime lines. That just shows they treat HFA as equal in halves (it isn’t).
  13. Unlike the last few posts, retention was useless for me. I setup a cancellation date and will call back even before that as my next step.