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  1. My guess is they never offered Tucker the job and he was being interviewed as a maybe with Fickell also a maybe. He didn’t really want to hang on as a backup plan and thought it was better to just say he was out and get credit (in Colorado) for turning down a job he didn’t think he would be offered. It’s hard to know what really went on though considering Michigan State’s reporters made up a new false report every day for the last week.
  2. Ahh yes. The “fine you’re ugly anyway” response to rejection.
  3. Same with me. The religious vote has always been tightly aligned republican, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense right now. Even as a religious person who didn’t vote for Obama either time, if you think our current administration is led more by christian values than Obama’s, well...... I was hoping there would somehow be a real Republican primary, but even if it has to be in November I hope the religious right (of which I am an unashamed member) finds a time and a place to take a stand to show that they are about more than just electing whoever has R next to their name. If Trump is somehow the “more christian” candidate, then fine. But I don’t foresee that being the case from my viewpoint.
  4. I have spent a lot of years watching Mike Warren in HS and college so I was looking for somewhere to throw in my 2 cents. To me the NFL knock should be that he really is a power back that doesn’t currently have the size most NFL power backs would have. His leg drive is freakish though and he is a fall forward guy that gets tough yards. He is good in pass protection and can be fine for dump offs, but won’t really be running routes down the field. His game reminds me most of Mark Ingram with his compact body and the way he is faster than you think getting outside and then downhill at you. Totally random fact- Mike Warren ran for 194 and Joe Burrow threw for 446 yards in a HS state finals matchup that had 10 second half touchdowns.
  5. Please cut corey Ray, who keeps hacking my phone and sneaking onto my team, immediately. Need to sleep on it for the other 2
  6. Probably the same unfortunately. But we need to get this guy a ring.
  7. There are a million reasons why this makes no sense for my team and guys who are more value left, but this needs to happen. It’s time to come home... Joey Votto 1b