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  1. Zampese just got fired, which is a start
  2. To clarify what happened on the actual play, a lineman ran downfield after a quick screen and shoved a guy in the back.
  3. Some of it counted and impacted the spot. If a guy already has positive yardage when the foul happens, he gets what is done up to the point of the penalty.
  4. Should get fired for letting the only 2 good linemen walk in FA. Probably only Bellichek could compete with this line.
  5. Best case is something like a Matt Asiata in Minny role where he falls into the end zone a lot.
  6. Good post. Mixon should probably take Hill's carries but I wouldn't be that excited even if he did. Hill isn't getting stuffed just because he's awful, the Bengals are asking him to get 3 yards when they block it for 0. Hill is actually decent at getting a few when none are blocked, but he's not the guy to just create a big play from nothing. I think they should try Mixon,but odds are pretty good it would have minimal impact on the football team. You can't fix an oline between weeks 2 and 3. They butchered free agency. The only hope is a new OC, overhauling the entire run scheme, and then using Mixon. I'm not even sure that works though with the OL personnel.
  7. I think this is part of it. It's the worst oline in the NFL. I would have to see stats about routes run to confirm it though.
  8. If Hill is the comparison, I'd be really worried about the head coach difference. Hill has maybe the most innovative, creative offensive coach and Cohen has John Fox. To me, Hill himself in Chicago would be something like Tavon Austin with Jeff Fisher.
  9. Obviously to some people if you understand what ADP means
  10. All the split up backfields are going to be a problem relative to ADP. There was just no magic formula to feed all RB mouths significant opportunity in NO, Car, Cin, etc
  11. Blame Koya
  12. Related. I have probably the best closer Kenley Jansen and nobody who owns a SS glove if anyone sees a trade there.
  13. As one in that camp, I already would do things differently if I had it to do over again. Many conservative christians vote with Supreme Court noms in mind for particular issues or just blindly vote R. I fully admit that. I think many of us are rethinking that though and I think if they revoted today we would see less support for Trump. Honestly the religious right should have never allowed Trump to win the nom, but once he did probably should have bailed on the party for the cycle. Just speaking for myself, He in no way represents what I believe in.
  14. Pregame tailgating as a non-pass holder you can lookup Longworth Hall. Classic everyone grilling, drinking, playing games, strangers will talk to you scene. Cash parking there with tons of spots. Or just leave your car literally anywhere and walk to the banks but getting a table to eat will be rough from 4 on, especially at the good sports spots like HolyGrail and Yardhouse.
  15. You should get a decent price on tickets for a weeknight game if you just follow Stubhub. Don't wait until last minute though, price could drop but more likely supply dries up and people want way over face on game day. Cincy has pretty solid "regular" tailgating with everyone grilling and drinking down in lot D. If you prefer, the banks will be packed before a night game. The street will be closed and it's a different atmosphere of basically not being able to move. They energy is fun though.