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  1. I'm in on CJA because I buy the upside as huge. I don't know if you guys listened to the Preseason watch list podcasts yet, but they did make a concerning comment about CJA being one of those guys where "it's always something" that keeps it from happening. In any case, I typically draft on upside, and CJ has it.
  2. C - Suzuki time!!! D'arnaud sucks 1b- Miggy and Freeman are raking. Not sure who I'm playing where or if I'll trade, but 2 .900 OPS full seasons doesn't hurt 2b- Need to carry several partial seasons, but good stats. Drew .880 OPS Scooter G .730 ... also have Refsnyder SS- Trea Turner is raking and playing now. JJ Hardy will fill the rest of PAs 3B- Longoria 885 OPS plays every day... free joey gallo? OF- Fowler 870 OPS Adam Jones 770 OPS Reddick 815 OPS (missed a month) Jake Smolinski 850 OPS (137 PAs) Miggy/Freeman could spend some time at OF if no deal Overall I think I have a deep lineup here that can win. Pitching- getting better, but probably still short of everything 1. Kluber - ACE workhorse 2. Jon Gray - already 109 innings and 1.15 WHIP ... bailing me out somewhat This is where it gets ugly. I literally have no other players who have started 10 games. My other starts need to come from 3. Blake Snell - 2.98 DICE and in rotation now, but he's only at 45 innings and counting 4. Rubby/Urena - Might be able to combine these 2 into a passable #4 Tyler Skaggs, Robert Stephenson, Brett Anderson - all of these guys should be getting starts soon and have talent, but they're going to be tiny seasons at best Bullpen- CL- Andrew Miller, had a negative DICE most of the season somehow SUA- Jake Barrett SUB- Joe Smith RP- Zach McAllister Mopup- Overton/Surkamp Other Failed Starters or tiny innings counts So yaaaa, probably should trade a bat for SP
  3. #1 team OPS by a decent amount. Nevermind the PAs and IPs
  4. There is a time and place that this "strategy" wouldn't have been a dumb suggestion. Yours just isn't it. Surprised so many people are mentioning $100 I've been offered exactly $300 about 4 times since June so I figured it was the going rate.
  5. You cannot call ahead and do this. However if you are willing to go through security and go to the gate, it's fairly consistent which ones will be oversold and offering vouchers. Some of the vouchers are like $300 which might be worth it.
  6. Another vote for "kids will be fine"
  7. Houston's been better than Cincinnati for all of 1 year and do you want to compare the basketball programs? I totally get all the back room deals and politics that will drive this, but Houston isn't better at sports than Cincinnati unless you're measuring 1 season of 1 sport.
  8. I'm not up to date on your situation, but my 2 cents anyway... I don't think this BY ITSELF would push me to divorce, but it seems like your marriage was already rough. I'd be willing to use it as the reason to get out if you were already looking for one though. Just by itself, it's shady and it's stupid, but from the other viewpoint you could say shes just not willing to compromise on her family. That's dumb, but not the worst quality I ever heard of. Personally, I'd try the dad first. See if you can get him to voluntarily come off this idea. If he won't, honestly screw that guy, he's not what you thought (or isn't anymore with the new woman). Plan B, tell the wife again it's insane and going to hurt her family (which is you guys 1st and foremost not her dad). Plan C, decide whether this is the straw that broke the back of your marriage or if you can get over it in time. Once you make a decision, don't look back and move forward either way. Nothing good comes from staying with her and being bitter.
  9. If he's a decent dude like you say, why not directly tell him this is a terrible idea for your family and youd appreciate if he found another way and took the burden off his daughter. You'd find out pretty quickly what he cares about.
  10. Similar experience here. Rough sledding so far. We'll see though. It's early
  11. Trade Bregman immediately in that kind of league. Guys like that get owners really excited around call-up time in a keeper and he has about 1% chance of being keeper relevant in that format.
  12. When I look at the guys people argue for that are left out, it's pretty clear to me that Ortiz is a whole tier above them.* *except the steroid Bonds/Clemens types I vote in and I'm a small hall guy, but that's assuming we're not having the "steroid guys are all out" conversation
  13. I don't think the agreement mentioned on page 1 seems like that much overkill. The "right" conclusion is to pay for the winshield and get some confirmation that it ends there. Didn't seem that hard to accomplish.
  14. Yes. This might be close if it was your wife. As is, it's miles from being your problem