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  1. Some people have already made waiver claims so I assume it’s going by something
  2. Willing to go down with the ship especially on the pitching side .... 155 inn, 170 ks, 3.40 era, 1.17 whip 230 AB .780 ops 11 HR
  3. Personally it’s because it’s hard on a phone and I’m in front of an actual computer once a week tops.
  4. I used to agree with you that conference champs shouldn’t have to play in but I read some stuff last year explaining that these 16 seeds root to be placed in the play-in games. I think they should be in the normal games, but if they prefer it, then I guess it’s no big deal.
  5. Pretty sure I drafted like 300 innings which seems not good for projections.
  6. Think I’m out this year. Good luck though.
  7. Yes that was part of my point, but I’m still surprised and interested in those post dec1 numbers he posted.
  8. If he forces them into a straight platoon, he’ll have 10-15 by the all star break. We’ve seen this movie so many times where nobody ever homers in Louisville then they come to GABP and magically hit homers.