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  1. Sending Nick Williams to Arsenal for Senzatella. I am probably done making deals now unless someone wants to trade me a really good SP for an OF or Zimmerman/Freeman.
  2. Because I need a shortstop and the other offer I got was for George Springer.
  3. I am trading Kenley Jansen to scoobus for Jordy Mercer.
  4. The Eagles are missing a ton of guys to injury most notably Fletcher Cox (huge deal). It's a cross country flight so they aren't even bringing those guys west so everyone already knows they're out. I think that's the reason for the line.
  5. It isn't on the line because you "barely should" its on the line because that's literally the only distance possible to go for it from the 1. Look at the chart again. He's suggesting go from the 6 in.
  6. Even if I bought the 40% number, the resulting field position difference between the 1 (or very close) and the kick return is worth way more than .198 points
  7. Yep, sometimes you hit on 18 and get a 3. Definitely worked, but I'm sure there are times that punting from just outside fg range worked out too. Still terrible
  8. Definitely agree, but despite the hindsight of winning by 2 making it look decent, McVay kicking from inside the 1 is as bad as anything Fisher does for game management.
  9. Offenses are remarkably similar
  10. Zampese just got fired, which is a start
  11. To clarify what happened on the actual play, a lineman ran downfield after a quick screen and shoved a guy in the back.
  12. Some of it counted and impacted the spot. If a guy already has positive yardage when the foul happens, he gets what is done up to the point of the penalty.
  13. Should get fired for letting the only 2 good linemen walk in FA. Probably only Bellichek could compete with this line.