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  1. Well that would be a great start. One of the big rebuttals we heard to this Cards team sinking DJs season was that his garbage time receptions would save the day. In the first 2 games they got behind big and early and he basically never left the backfield. A few swing passes. He could turn it around but it is 100% dependent on them fixing his receiving role. The rushing isn’t gonna get better.
  2. Go get him. Not even close imo. 2weeks or borderline RB1 and then who knows is easily worth a ww drop.
  3. Even if they don’t realize it they’re an inseparable showmance and they’re not taking her over each other. She can only win if she wins the comps at 3. Even if she was smart enough to cut Tyler (her best chance to win) at 4 by putting Angela and Tyler on the block, neither JC or Angela would take her either.
  4. If Angela uses yet another HOH without backstabbing either of the 2 allies that easily beat her in the end, I think we can officially eliminate her from contention. The showmance is the best possible thing for Tyler. I don’t think he realizes how hated Angela is, but he may stumble into taking her to final 2 now and win easily
  5. I think they don’t care that the jury hates them because they just assume at least they hate them all. With that in mind, Sam is the exception in there mind. Angela has even pulled Tyler into this kicking them on the way out stuff. They’re going to be very disappointed if Kaycee makes it to the vote though and they realize making the same moves without treating people like crap makes a difference.
  6. Pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon are the 3 best toppings but I am usually a half and half guy with 1 or 2 toppings rather than all 3 at once.
  7. Allen seems to be the garbage time RB and Baltimore has been on both sides of some pretty extreme game scripts. They were in catchup mode from the jump.
  8. Pregame shows a percent of bets and percent of money on each side
  9. Maybe I missed earlier posts, but it doesn’t seem like you’re following the script. If you just do what everyone else did none of those other things matter. I was in a 2 year contract. Called and said cancel, they quoted me those same fees, I said ok thanks bye. I called back 5 minutes after the cancellation and got the deal and no fees.
  10. Has to be a lot of sharp money on the Bills already for that number to keep dropping. No way they’re getting the public bets off that performance.
  11. I think the new format is better on a phone than Classic was.
  12. The public is way down on the Cowboys from that 1 game but the defense looked decent and they play better from the lead. They averaged 3rd and 12 on their 3rd downs in this game due to penalties. I think that’s one game where we’re seeing a lot of conclusions being draw off 1 weird game script. Steelers at home will look better and Chiefs can’t do that EVERY game can they? Saints seems like a fit. The other 2 I might play would be Lions and Raiders because they’re the exact overreactions this is based on but the MNF hangover scares me some. The one I will absolutely not bet until further notice is Indy. I think Vegas was way off coming into the season on them, whiffed week1, and are still behind. One of the Sagarin type systems must support them.
  13. Anybody on Dallas besides Zeke can be cut. Frank Gore. Maybe the wash WRs. Guys with minor injuries who probably aren’t worth waiting on in standard formats...Mariota for one
  14. I think he would have, but Brett never really had any power to make something happen. If he had won HOH, I think he would have flipped because he knows he’s merely a voting number to L6. He still might do it if he ever wins.
  15. Ok maybe. I don’t claim to be any kind of expert on RB play. I’m just saying you have a guy get 100% of the snaps on a pretty good offense with a pretty good OL and they were letting him do all Bell’s out of the backfield receiving role. Top 10 isn’t even aggressive with that opportunity. The only other guy close to that usage was Zeke and anyone else even close also went in the first round.