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  1. Sure what are you looking for
  2. Ignoring trades for a second, that isn't a very important drop. Bengals, Bills, Saints, Browns wouldn't be very likely landing spots. For what changed, maybe the Saints getting ADP.
  3. Man Price left him out there to die
  4. Fournette to the Bengals is picking up steam. I wouldn't be that surprised, but I would definitely worry about how much he could do behind an OLine that is likely to be awful. One way or another, I think it's trending towards a skill player if we stay put. Howard, Fournette, Davis/Williams/Ross
  5. Johnson leads with 50 left if you weren't already on the sweat.
  6. Ya if they don't trade either direction this year, they'll never make a draft trade. 9th pick seems to be a dead zone for line play.
  7. Man, they charge money for cbs ... well, sorta
  8. Ya, I'm pretty happy about it. We should be favored in 4 of the 5 games before the bye. If we get out of the gates well, we should at least be in the mix for those big Steelers/Ravens games. I think a big key will be to continue to play great at home. That slipped a bit last year for the first time in a long time. If we can go back to putting up 6-2,7-1 type home records, we'll be back in the playoffs. I fear that the OLine problem is too far gone at this point to fix it. So we will patchwork it and hope to do well other places. For the draft, I think EDGE is where we can help ourselves. The pass rush keeps getting worse even though Dunlap keeps getting better. That means we need at least 1 if not 2 difference makers to add to the mix opposite of him. That kind of player is typically someone you can find in the draft. WR I think is a need, but I get the feeling they don't agree. They seemed a lot happier with Lafell and Boyd than I was.
  9. The Bengals drafting a CB is always an option as long as Marvin Lewis has a pulse, but drafting a CB to sit behind Pacman, Dre, Dennard, William Jackson and possibly even Shaw/Russell while the OL and DL are in shambles would be pretty wild. It's a team full of needs right now. Even the Bengals can't go BPA and take the only position they have a logjam at. WR/DE/OL in that order for me, but I can justify basically anything other than CB/QB
  10. oh and Castro was listed as having SS last week and now he's only 2b. They had to have done some kind of update.
  11. I have been rotating them in and out for off days and when I went back and checked prior days lineups, they were listed as 1b/c beside their names as recently as 4/19 (whether in bench or lineup). Now, they show as only OF/DH no matter where they are. So they actually lost eligibility midseason. Whether those guys should have that eligibility (Schwarber is a catcher everywhere else but I get that it's complicated for him) is one thing, but I've never heard of guys getting positions removed midseason like that.
  12. Something weird happened with position eligibility unless I just got unlucky. I had been using Schwarber at catcher and Martinez at 1b all year and they seem to have just lost eligibility over night.
  13. Team slash line 293/347/507 and I have Syndergaard
  14. Happ is especially interesting for fantasy. He may never be a balanced major leaguer, but he can be a real 5 category asset in fantasy with possible MI eligibility.