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  1. Ohio and Indiana are both 15.
  2. This is the best example of that going because when Vontaze Burfict's name was James Harrison 5-7 years ago, a lot of the same Bengals and Steelers fans had the opposite viewpoint from the one they have now. Funny how that works
  3. Btw high school teams play 15 games with playoffs and half the kids play both ways.
  4. So you think the difference between Duke and Gonzaga (or VCU or tons of others) is similar to the difference between Alabama and Florida International for example? Because I don't
  5. The conference would be closer in strength if you changed the system, not before.
  6. So which teams do you think are still relevant right now, less than halfway through the season?
  7. You're replying to me, so I have to assume that you're talking to me, but that has nothing to do with my point. I'm not at all suggesting better teams or teams just as good are missing the playoffs. I'm saying that I have no idea why fans of the 114ish FBS schools that's seasons are already irrelevant like the current format better than a system where about 30ish FBS schools would be irrelevant and the rest of us trying to win a conference to make a run like every other sports league. I'm also saying that IF that setup ever came to be, those teams would have a lot more fans and resources so these brackets wouldn't be nearly as lopsided as they appear today.
  8. Bolded the problem IMO. So if you're a fan of 1 of those 4-6 teams (was probably more like 10 when the season started to be fair) then ya, it's awesome. For everyone else, you're basically watching meaningless bowl games from October on.
  9. Oh, I agree with you. Status quo is worse for the fans and the sport, but better for the NCAA and the good old boys club currently cashing the checks so it probably won't happen.
  10. Because format dictates the competitive balance of a sport, never the other way around.
  11. I'm just saying that more schools would invest in football if the structure was such that they had an actual plan to compete. More players would be willing to look at other schools if they weren't essentially D2. CUSA would have more fans and get more recruits. The MAC would have more of their students watching their games and less of them watching the B10 schools they don't attend. Eventually, the team that won the Sun Belt would be pretty good. Good enough to beat Alabama? Probably not. But better than most of the teams Alabama plays throughout the season in games nobody complains about now? I think so. I think in the long run, you'd only end up with 1 or 2 teams that were conference champs but not ranked and even those teams would be top 40ish teams. And you're way off about basketball. Tons of schools have been able to make it just due to the nature of a level playing field. Just off the top of my head, VCU, Butler twice, Witchita St, George Mason... and just in the last few years UConn made it from the American, Memphis from CUSA. Villanova won the national title from a non-P5 league.
  12. Re:16 team tourney. I think in a world where the other conferences were actually treated like a member of FBS, you'd see the other teams get better. 16 probably still isn't beating 1 often if ever, but the "worst league champ" would become a lot better than they are today.
  13. 1. Bearcats basketball, Bengals, Reds 2. Bearcats Football 3. Bowling Green Football 4. Bowling Green Basketball, Indiana Pacers 5. Duke Football, whichever CFB teams have kids from my HSFB team
  14. Enter teams