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  1. Yeah, I let peer pressure get to me. I ended up with Hopkins / Chubb, so not exactly horrible by any means. I just thought the stars were aligned for Cook this year. I did end up getting him on an auction league so feeling pretty good about that.
  2. I was offered Hopkins for OBJ and McCoy from the Damien Williams owner.
  3. I have a killer decision this week. Going back and forth all night choosing two out of: Gurley, Mack, Kerryon and Shady. Shady is 4th on my list however.
  4. Been going back and forth on this all night.
  5. I am really torn on what to do. I need a WR and T Williams, Ross, Hollywood all sitting there. My other WR's are Adams, Diggs, C Davis and R Anderson. Start 3 WR's PPR I also have Gurley and not M Brown (Drafted Henderson), who is also sitting there. Other RB's are Fournette, Mack and Shady. Have the 2nd pick. My gut says grab T Williams and hope Brown sneaks into the 2nd round of waivers. But I'm not sure any of these guys slip to me in round 2.
  6. Went light on WR's. Have OBJ, EVans, Davis and Robby Anderson
  7. More than likely you are correct. But I agree with those who think Shady looked better and has a real chance to take over the majority of snaps.
  8. I appreciate those who have had good, constructive discussions about this. Some of you are borderline classless. Because somebody thinks outside the box and doesn't just follow the heard they are labeled as delusional. That's nice. Thought this was a discussion board. Fact is, if Cook ends up top 5, those who think it is a dumb selection will be flat out wrong. ADP's are guesses. Nothing more. None of us know what's going to happen. So because somebody disagrees they are wrong? Maybe most of you should set your drafts to auto pick since that's what following ADP does. It's a mute point as I am pretty certain I am going Hopkins - RB - RB. But my apologies for trying to bring up a discussion on a discussion forum. Back to your normal ADP talk. Good luck in your drafts.
  9. How about this scenario: Kelce at 1.5? Same league. PPR - TE required. Best available RB in round 2 and best RB/WR in round 3. My point is I feel like drafting 5 is a disadvantage. Like somebody mentioned earlier, the goal is not to fall behind. Well I think you're already behind just having that draft spot. Drafting a RB you think might finish top 5 (Cook) is one way to avoid that. Drafting Hopkins and having maybe the #1 WR is another. Drafting Kelce is another way to "make up ground".
  10. "Dramatically overpay"? Then you follow that up with the reasoning for his ADP is injury history. So let's say he is healthy all year. 5th pick still "dramatically overpaying"? No.
  11. Gally is nailing it. Exactly why I asked the question. Yes, ideally, give me Hopkins and Cook in the 2nd. And I may very well give that a shot.
  12. Some of you are getting too emotional over this. It was just a general question to fire up a discussion. This isn't my first draft. Not even close. Personally, I have a lot of question marks after the top 4 RB's go off the board. If one of them drops (assuming Elliott gets into camp soon), I'm going to take one of them. But assuming they are gone, pick 1.5 has you looking at DJ, Bell or Hopkins. I am leaning Hopkins to be honest because sometimes Cook does make it back. OR if not, another good RB is usually there. Several in fact. However, I tend to think with Kubiak, a solid defense and two great WR's to keep the opposing defense honest that Cook could be a breakout candidate. So I thought, why not take him at 1.5? Grab Evans in the 2nd and go from there. DJ scares me. They looked awful the other day. Awful. Bell scares me. They all seem to have question marks. So I was thinking outside the box.
  13. Sorry I wasn't more clear. PPR league and you cannot trade draft picks.