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  1. Hoping this is what the Browns needed after an off season of people pumping them up. The penalties are very alarming.
  2. Seriously. Never seen this many dumb penalties. Terrible.
  3. The refs are moving the ball at will against Cleveland's D.
  4. Peppers is terrible. Losing him is the second best thing about this trade.
  5. So people can't reform themselves? Do you want people to judge you by your past mistakes only? By all accounts, he has turned his life around and is the hardest worker you will find. I applaud the guy for looking it in the eye and making changes to his life. You really seem to be an unhappy person. The phrase "Blowing someone's candle out doesn't make your's seem brighter." suits you.
  6. You are the biggest Debbie Downer in the world. I don't believe the Browns could do anything correctly in your eyes.
  7. I like getting TT and booting Kiser who is always going to be a turnover machine. I don't care for the price much but definitely wouldn't say they screwed up today.
  8. As a Buckeye fan, I really don't think they should get in over Bama nor do I want to see them against Clemson again. I will take a good win over a good team in another bowl while telling Barrett adios.
  9. It looks like you get deer-in-the-headlights Barrett today so I would say the probability is high on that happening.
  10. Tackling and Barrett have been horrible. About to be down 14-0, should probably be 0-0.
  11. This is a bold move, Cotton.....let's see if it pays off.
  12. Hey guys, long time no see!! I am not even sure any of ya'll will remember me but I was just wondering where you guys stood on Harbaugh. Obviously he can recruit but I am guessing you can't be 100% pleased with the results on the field at this point, right?
  13. Jesus H. When will it end, God? When. Will. It. End???????