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  1. If there is such a thing as a terrible win, this is it. Same stupid play calling, same stupid decisions. Luckily the Bills out browned us.
  2. Jesus.That OPI is ridiculous. Watched the Pats do it over and over and nothing.
  3. Has New England ever been called for a hold?
  4. Just seemed like one of those games and the browns DO have a ton of talent.
  5. You know.....I thought the Browns may sneak up and win this game earlier in the week. Then Landry came out an guaranteed the win and I knew they were done. Why do some stuff like that to give a team more motivation. Speaks volume about the dumbest team in the league. Translates to play on the field.
  6. Those are my thoughts. I usually let the coach really prove that he is terrible before I pile on but Freddie is heading down that road rapidly. Hard to say that he didn't cost them the game with that hurry up crap at the end of the 2nd half and the dumb challenge to waste a timeout so you couldn't challenge the late 3rd down catch. His game management is terrible.
  7. NFL is borderline unwatchable. If it weren't for sports betting and fantasy, this league would fold in a hurry.
  8. On this one, Landry did't even initiate the contact.
  9. Jesus. The Browns are just getting screwed hard by the officials. Holy hell.
  10. You aren't wrong and I want to pile on but he also hasn't had time to get to his 2nd read a lot of time.
  11. Baker was Jones last year. Film is out there now and it isn't looking good for him.