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  1. @culdeus Just got through the bonus on my CIP. Going through the flow chart I am heading for the Barclays AA next. Has anything changed in the 6 months this chart as been out to change where I should be heading? Thanks.
  2. Not sure what you mean by decision...still awaiting the verdict of my application. I have the flowchart and am following - may slow play for a bit. We will likely be in the market for a new house in 2-3 years, so don't want to kill the credit too much. $50k won't be happening, but plan on hitting that $5k figure for sure with Christmas coming up and some other expenses.
  3. Officially in the game...just applied for the Chase Ink Preferred. Lets goooo
  4. Scary stuff...seems to be doing everything he can to cooperate.
  5. Tees are up at my club (around 6000, usually plays at 6400) due to the winter weather in Philly, but we managed to get out Sunday despite winds of 25 mph+. Fired a 40-36, which was better than any round I had in 2018. Really setting the bar high for 2019 I guess...
  6. I think Markieff Morris would be a good fit. Washington should be blowing that thing up and he is expiring, so Washington gets something for him and Sixers don't need to add money for next year. Gives you some toughness and someone who can stretch the floor a bit. They don't need someone who needs the ball in that starting unit. Plus, who wouldn't love to see brother v brother added to the Philly v Boston rivalry.
  7. A little surprised Bjorn left the vets on the bench. Furyk put out his 8 best. I liked Europe's chances going in, but they need to hope to not dig a hole early, as I'm not sure they'll be favored in any of the early matches...maybe Rose/Rahm.
  8. President's Cup works like this. That may be what you are thinking of.
  9. Europe will be loaded too...should be an awesome event. Stenson, Rose, Rory, Garcia, Noren, Hatton, Casey, Rahm, Fleetwood, Molinari, Cabrera-Bello, and probably Poulter? That is way better than the 2016 team with Fitzpatrick, Kaymer, Wood, Sullivan, Willett, and Westwood. Add in the venue and I think it's going to be great.
  10. FS1 is the best way to stream now that TV coverage has begun.
  11. Seriously with these feature groups...Couples, Li, Niemenn...c'mon man.
  12. Every year...the TV coverage on this has to change. Just air the whole tournament!!!!!!!