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  1. What do we do with this? Disregard the CDC's findings and get / use them because what can it hurt?
  2. Pretty sure its generic but we've mixed in the two week incubation info at this point and waaaa laaas, we are all CDC egspurts
  3. generic flu save your extra question marks, sir.
  4. was talking about the pandemic prevention guideline posted above: That's the generic flu recommendation. I don't believe there is one for the coronavirus. Too soon? dunno.
  5. They say incubation period 3 days (which is normal). So it's fair to conclude they mean incubation period period.
  6. For the guys on the leading edge of this stuff, do we trust the CDC or do we not trust them? When they say "little evidence supports the use of face masks by well persons in community settings," do we believe them are they conspiring to keep all the masks for themselves?
  7. Thanks! Since I don't want to get shot by my overzealous neighbor in the brick house on the hill, I will heed this thoughtful advice.
  8. Is this it? Or is there something more?