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  1. Needs the bailout news to startup again imo.
  2. Stopped out at $2.49 What a ride! Thanks chet! If this goes back to a buck might jump back on for another ride. gllll pease
  3. Yep, good stuff. He has definitely been "orange pilled." He's a good twitter follow now too.
  4. Wonder how much Square's 50MM in BTC is worth now. I don't believe SQ revealed its basis.
  5. MicroStrategies' BTC treasury is up $51,800,000 Not too shabby
  6. only way to prove it is to post a screen shot of your monthly amex bill like a boss
  7. NP was on just a short while ago. Interviewed by Neil Cavuto. I could not watch, just saw it on screen walking by another office.
  8. Which one is FantasyCurse? Don Hutson OR Dwayne Hoover Has either mentioned a dumb watch collection?
  9. Cavuto has to be the biggest interview so far, right? (not to diminish the great "Dr. Been")
  10. When do you have to? Like when NP makes an appearance? I was walking past Ameriprise office that was playing it in lobby. Only caught headline at bottom and NP sipping from a coffee mug like a dope. Neil Cavuto was interviewing him.
  11. I guess in the cess that has become this pool ya'll missed it?
  12. NP just on Fox Business? Just walked past TV and low and behold... Headline referenced Phase 3 trial.