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  1. if you are the addiction type, download bituniverse and you can essentially watch realtime charts. No bueno. (ETA its a portfolio tracker not a wallet / onramp)
  2. tZERO does not have a historical prices menu / view at this point. Perhaps it will in the future, but they might just keep it dumbed down as an easy on ramp.
  3. not sure what Abra's fees look like. Worth looking into. Here's tZERO
  4. 2% or 3% round trip (buying and selling). I think both require funding via ACH (debit card) so the bank doesn't charge a fee on its end.
  5. Abra is another easy onramp option. It is also US-based.
  6. You can use the Coinbase app to do that now automatically (it's a setting). But, the fee is 3% IIRC. Right now, tZERO doesn't have that feature, but the fee is 2%. Getting on a full blown exchange is going to be cheaper, but it's also more work and requires more knowledge.
  7. if you are accumulating I would absolutely dollar cost average your way into whatever you want to invest / convert / save.
  8. No expert, but you have many many options nowadays. Coinbase app has a nice feature that allows scheduled purchases. The new tZERO app allows you to hold (custody) your own keys* ("not your keys, not your crypto"). The CASH and Spedn apps allow you to buy and spend (convert) BTC and other crypto for purchases at places like Home Depot, Whole Foods, etc. All of those are backed by major US companies. If you want to simply accumulate small amounts over time with minimal effort I would use the coinbase app or tZERO (I think tZERO plans to add scheduled buys). If you want to minimize fees, using trading features like stop losses, etc., diving into Coinbase Pro or more sophisticated exchanges will be better in the long run (at least presently). *sort of
  9. This part is interesting: Some would call this close cooperation between Tether and its traders a form of market manipulation. “Nobody ‘buys’ tethers,” said pseudonymous blogger Bitfinex’ed, who has been investigating Tether for several years, in a DM to Decrypt. “Bitfinex issues tethers to their traders for market manipulation, market manipulators pump and dump, then ‘pay’ for the tethers later.” That's similar to naked short selling in traditional equities. No bueno.
  10. I gave the article a quick read. My initial takeaway wasn't that BTC is artificially inflated by Tethers. Rather, the influx of dollars into tether signals BTC is going to bounce and folks can #### around with that to their advantage. I don't see it being any different that someone at Coinbase noticing a fiat deposits of 10,000,000 (really doesn't work exactly that way but...) and knowing there is going to be a huge uptick once that money hits the market. I read the article as more of an insider trading / influencing the market issue. Probably worth reading a second time.
  11. What do you mean? Is tether really backing their coin dollar for dollar? What happens if / when it goes belly up? Tether / Bitfinex s about as shady as it gets imo. Then again, they allegedly raised a billion dollars in 10 days just a short time ago. I am curious if the industry is slowly moving away from tether given the cloud that hangs over it. There are other regulated stable coins out there that are on substantially better footing (Gemini is one). Everyone who needs to use tether (for whatever reason, including avoiding KYC/AML) is doing so with the knowledge it’s risky as hell. Not sure about ongoing institutional use though
  12. You are a dream juror for me and my typical clients. Fight the good fight!
  13. The thread title itself is kinda insane. An anecdote supplants a mountain of data, apparently.
  14. It’s rather insane to me that we are arguing about whether morphine-based prescription pills aren’t / are incredibly dangerous.