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  1. Let go of the past imo. Plenty of people did this. A few will continue to do so. Such is life. The world needs Peter Schiffs too.
  2. someone recently asked "why is it going up now"? This is part of the answer: Others buying up supply: Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and, you would assume, Paypal (since it's going to have to buy up a treasury to roll out its BTC plan).
  3. in any event, two big things for the inevitable new comers: 1. You don't have to buy a whole BTC. You can buy 10 bucks worth if you are so inclined. You can also dollar cost average very easily these days. 2. Even though BTC has been kicking around for 10+ years now, many many people believe we are still "early." It's quantifiably early in the next 4 year cycle.
  4. I think you are right about that drop, if history echoes. But I think it may come from a higher point and result in a higher low. In other words, 24 to 18. Something like that. I say this, because we've had, what, one day where it ripped 1K? The rest has been slow and steady. I am betting on a few face melting up days before that eventual back fill.
  5. In any event, my preference would be to wait on this crap. Let it ride, hope for a lucky runner. We bought in at the top of the "alt season" cycle. Unless people suddenly became less greedy, I am betting we see another alt season as BTC tops off (2 - 3 years). That trend has happened a few times in the history of all of this stuff. Taking a wait and see could end up yielding a lucky 100x or two. The time to put it into BTC was when it was sub 10K. 10x BTC from here is nearly $200,000.
  6. Binance, where much of this stuff is sitting, charges 0.1% for each trade. So whether the collection of #### coins is worth 10,000 or .01, its the same fee. And these coins are sliced into micro slivers.
  7. Get off your ### and buy COD4.

  8. Booooooooooooooooooooooo

  9. Good too see your T-Shirt pic still flys around here, guy.

  10. Have you been introduced to Otis yet?