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  1. I picked him up after hearing about Brandon Oliver's injury. EBF endorsement makes me concerned about his future.
  2. Bradford played better than i thought he was capable of playing.
  3. Surprising close game. I am confident Jeff Fisher will make some halftime adjustments to rectify the situation.
  4. I missed the draft in my work league and Zeke was auto drafted at 2.01. We have small roster and I got 3 running backs. Trying to trade him but I think I will end up dropping him.
  5. Tonight he was solid. Let not forget he has been a turn over machine throughout his career.
  6. Jets have a scary amount of talent on their roster. QB and coaching are still the biggest question marks.
  7. Garbage time aka Salas time
  8. He is back on the field.
  9. "How about a route that can get a first down?" Even Steve is getting frustrated watching the Rams.
  10. A Jeff Fisher team undisciplined - surely you jest Steve
  11. Terribly under thrown ball but fortune favors the brave.
  12. The Browns front office is very disappointed since they know playing McCown will crush his trade value.
  13. I still remember all those training camp reports basically saying how Aaron Rodgers was so flawed compared to Favre. Thus, I never taken those unflattering training camp reports on Jimmy G all that seriously. He going to play for a long time in this league.