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  1. Agreed. I have read several of the books and it always bothered me that they casted the 5' 10" Tom Cruise in that role.
  2. Ahh OK.
  3. I don't care if you name is Jack Reacher - I am betting you break your hand prior to smashing the drivers door window. Looks like another job for the Myth Busters.
  4. The first thing Rodgers asks when gets into the huddle is where is Jacoby Glen. He making Devonte Adams look like a superstar.
  5. Now this is more like the Bears defense we all know and love.
  6. Really enjoying this game.
  7. shows Brock with 7 yards passing that can't be right.
  8. I knew I was going to get this so I added "traveling on" - to no avail. Well played.
  9. I am traveling on a ferry for the next hour so I have limited internet access. Any descriptive commentary on the game would be appreciated.
  10. I am glad I keerocked the team with that prediction. In my defence they looked terrible against the Titans and they didn't come alive until Mariota threw the pick 6. Bradford has played better than I thought he was even capable of playing. He is converting the key third downs with the game on the line. Nothing he is doing reminds me of Brad Johnson.
  11. OBJ looks depressed.
  12. Michael lowers his head and runs angry. I don't know if he will last long as a starter dealing that kind of punishment.
  13. I agree that BB is willing to sign players with some history of violence. Josh Gordon wouldn't fit in his prestigious locker room.
  14. Jerrah's minnions will be waiting outside Josh Gordon's rehab centre on the day he is released.
  15. I was amazed at the way the skinny Danielle Hunter pancaked Michael Oher in less than a second and went and got Cam for the safety. Before I saw the replay, I assuming he was unblocked since he got there so quick. He is one of those rare "developmental prospects" that may actually live up to his massive potential.