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  1. Looks like a bargain to me based on what the Vikings paid for Bradford. This doesn't preclude the 49ers from drafting a QB next year and franchising JG if they want to trade him in the future. Like the fact that he gets 8 game head start over a rookie to learn the offence. Even if he amounts to just an interm QB. I am not overly concerned about training camp reports on JG. I still remember early reports on Aaron Rodgers had him looking like hot garbage compared to Favre. Yet he has done alright since.
  2. Swearanger is a liability out there
  3. Spots are questionable tonight
  4. Awesome play by play on that run.
  5. Pederson should have challenged
  6. Gotta love the effort
  7. Big Ben before the motorcycle accident.
  8. The Achilles has been ongoing thing with him. He has made it back from that injury several times.
  9. I would mind him criticizing the refs if he was right once and awhile. For example, Aikman calls it like he sees it but I don't mind it because he is usually correct.
  10. Yeah because everyone would stop gambling and playing fantasy football because it is illegal.
  11. "This is Profootball". I think Gruden is legally blind.
  12. Yeah Gruden said it was "ticky tack" but the replay show it to be anything but.
  13. So you want him to ignore obvious penalties.
  14. Gruden should pipe down about the penalties. Most of the flags were legit.