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  1. I rather have the compensatory pick in 2020 than Barr. He was playing for a contract last year and wasn't that good. I wonder how he going to play now that he got his money.
  2. I love Joshua Dobbs. I think he has the physical ability and drive to be a long term starter. If I was a GM and I needed a QB, I would trade a 2nd round pick for him in a heartbeat. I think Rudolph is the next Tommy Maddox and Pittsburgh can keep him.
  3. Game was lost when Andy decided to run it in prior to the 2 minute warning. I thought he should have had his RB - Brian Westbook it and fall on the 1.
  4. Did Brady get hit or did he just dive like a soccer striker.
  5. Game over. Andy Reid should be only allowed to coach in the regular season.
  6. Why not take your time running this in? Instead they run it in prior to the 2 minute warning. WTF
  7. The ref actually making the right call with the help of the replay both. I am not used to this.
  8. That seriously was too close to call. It may have touched one of his arm hairs.