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  1. Hollywood or a Referee scripted ending.
  2. 3rd and 1. Brady going to air it out again?
  3. Hill is a short Randy Moss.
  4. Direct result of the can't fall on the QB rule. The woosifying of football.
  5. Was that the Raider's 1st round pick getting burned by Frank Clark?
  6. I am glad the NFL started this London game at the standard time rather than 2 hours early. Now they just got to get rid of Thursday night football. I long for the old days when you could wake up from a hangover Sunday Morning and still have time to submit your lineup.
  7. Pat Shurmur put Eli Manning behind center for the 5th straight game. Just sayin.
  8. All I can say is I am not a scout but PFF was absolutely in love with him.
  9. Shurmur offense made Case look good but he can't even make Eli look decent.
  10. I can't believe some people (Rich Eisen) though that the Giants would be contenders this year. They are possibly the worst team in the league.
  11. I regret not taking Chubb and taking Penny with my 1.03 rookie pick. I bought into the PFF hype.
  12. I imagine Joe Montana's nfl career earnings probably pale in comparison to his post career earnings. I think Tom Brady knows this.
  13. I have seen worse calls than this fairly often.
  14. Showtime just doesn't work IMO - it just seems to forced. It like when Costanza decided that he want everyone to call him TBone.
  15. Sutton needs Showtime to show him how to shot put the ball left hand.