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  1. So are you saying that the stupidity of other teams should somehow excuse the stupidity of the Vikings. PFF rated TJ Clemenings as the worst left tackle in the entire NFL. Vikings lost 2 tackles to injury last year and replaced them with over-payed free agents. It not out of the realm of possibility that injuries happen again at that position this year. Spielman decided that their wasn't one pick they could use on a tackle that that could challenge Clemmings for his spot on the roster. I find that hard to believe. The Vikings were 2-4 in the division in 2016 and I do not think they have improved at all from last season.
  2. Last year they gave Adrian Peterson a raise for being suspended and were up against the cap. Green Bay surprising release their pro bowl guard Josh Sitton just prior to the season. Who knows if the Vikings would have been interested in him but it really didn't matter since they had no money to sign him. Sitton signed with the Bears. Wasting money when you don't know who may come available is bad business. They had to squeeze cap room to sign Jake Long - who was just terrible. I don't buy anything that the Vikings are selling. Spielman: "Dalvin Cook makes the offensive line better." Talent offensive lineman make the offensive line better. Please see the Tennessee titans and the Dallas Cowboys. You don't sign a running back like Murray because he is a reliable pass blocker. They could get a free agent full back to do that if you think that is his job. The play calling will not fool anybody if they only pass when Murray is on the field. Bottom line is I want this franchise to win games. I do not care if they have a franchise running back. A franchise running back makes them more marketable but I rather have a line that can block and win games.
  3. Mr Barnwell is preaching to the choir. I would go as far as to say we didn't need to sign Murray or trade up for a running back. All i can do is hope that the next GM the Vikings hire is a Belichick disciple.
  4. Maybe someone should change the tittle of this thread. I think Cory Davis is more and more likely to go #1 as time passes.
  5. Fun listening to Greg Cosell blabbering on about the running backs. .Apparently Davin Cook is not a "foundation back" as opposed to Leonard Fournette. Not all that concerned knowing Cosell's track record. I still recall him calling Trent Richardson the greatest running back since ADP. Also recall him insisting that TJ Yeldon was a foundation back, the year he was drafted, yet he has been replaced by "foundation backs" twice over.
  6. I think I rather have the team draft Garcia than Cook. PFF graded the Reiff signing as a "D" and yet we are paying him like a franchise tackle. We signed Smith and Boone for big money last season and apparently all our protection problems were solved. How did that work out? So I am not buying that Reiff and Remmers are the answer this season. I would like a plan B but Spielman is the king of wishful thinking. I can't believe the only tackle he choose to add was an undrafted free agent.
  7. Vikings are not known for letting their rookies see the field early. Even Diggs was introduced slowly for a player that was extremely impressive in training camp. I would not draft him knowing this. I figure if he does emerge it won't be until his second or third season.
  8. His NFL comp was Devin Funchess. Enough said.
  9. Vikings have signed: (at least according to twitter) Horace Richardson CB SMU Wes Lunt QB Illini Tashawn Bower OLB/DE LSU Aviante Collins OL TCU
  10. Vikings now control the 7th round with 4 picks.
  11. More Zoo and less Mayock. Seems like a win win IMO.
  12. Yes we should keep trading back to load up on this kinda of talent.
  13. They should put Andrew Luck in a cage and have him touch the screen and get a banana.
  14. I really like the valley girl accent on the zoo announcer. It really adds something to the presentation. That said the Colts Orangutan is addressing the Colts position of need better than my teams GM. I wonder if he is available for hire.
  15. I want the Vikings to draft Alek Torgersen with one of there 7th rounders. Has Spielman ever drafted a 7th rounder that has made the team?