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  1. Agree 100%. I want nothing but the best for him.
  2. Really like the Siemian trade. I really thought he thought the Patriots would make this move and the media would be explaining how this was a genius or classic Belichick maneuver. I remember when I wanted the Vikings to sign Foles (prior to the Brigwater injury) when the Rams jettisoned him. People were eager to explain to me how terrible he was. Every young QB goes through rough patches. I am betting he is better than his last season stats. This has to suck for Sloter going further down the depth chart and competing one again with his old teammate.
  3. Is good enough the goal. They weren't good enough versus Philly. I don't put that lose on Case Keenam. We lost that game for the most part because we could not protect him. On the other side of the ball, the statue that is Nick Foles had enough time to go deep on the Vikings D.
  4. The truth is I was not the best fan last year. I didn't spring for Sunday ticket because I didn't believe I needed to. I admit that Reiff was player that lived up to the hype. Remmers not so much. Pat Elfein was by far their best draft pick last year. I sound like a broken record but I don't think the Vikings are doing enough to improve the line. One key injury and they can go from super bowl contender to 6-10. There is such parity in the league. They should spend multiple picks on lineman this draft and build some depth but they just seem content to be patching holes. I will support the team if they sign Cousins - at least it is just salary cap and not draft picks on the line unlike the Bradford deal. I don't dislike Cousins as a QB but his contract demands are not on pare with his value to the team.
  5. 27 million a season and a good chance will end up on IR because the protection is still not very good.
  6. He let Torry Smith run right by him. I would try and sign Malcolm Butler or see if I could get DRC from the Giants. I can't believe LA got Marcus Peters for a 6th. Some unexpected CB talent on the market. Vikings should to go after one.
  7. If I was the GM for the Vikings I would see what I could get for Trae Waynes. He not worth signing long term and I would be looking to improve at the position in free agency and the draft.
  8. It would very interesting if Defillpo, the former QB coach, took the Viking OC job not because they had all these intriguing opinions in free agency but because they already had signed the QB he wants to develop. I remember that most members of the media thought it was inconceivable that the Broncos would let Brock Osweiler walk in free agency and go into the draft with only Trevor Siemians on the roster. After the draft, the story was Siemans was just holding the position for Paxton Lynch. It didn't look like the Trevor Siemians experiment work out for the Broncos but I thought it was intriguing how most members of the media dismissed Siemians from day one as ever a potential starter. It is probably not the case, but I just like the thought that Defillpo has the cajones to drive up the price for Cousins, Bradford, Case and Bridgewater knowing that he doesn't mind entering the season with Sloter as his possible number one. I will admit it is little different than going with just Wentz in year one but not all that much. It would be most intriguing if the Vikings game was to bluff agents and reporters with the ultimate goal was not to get Cousins under contract. By the way, anyone have any idea how Kyle Sloter would grade out vs the prospects in this draft class?
  9. I agree. Shades of Derrick Anderson circa 2007. I don't expect Case to be able to repeat the success he had in 2017 season. I mean Case has a lot of heart but I think the offense was designed to play to his strengths - quick, fairly short passes. I think it was good design based on the offensive line talent we have. Hopefully that will change.
  10. I will be surprised if Cousins gets the kinda of money that he and the media are expecting. You have to question if the Redskins are willing to walk away, whether other teams see him similarly. I like Cousins mostly for his desire to win but at the same time I don't think he is super talented. IMO Bradford may have more talent than Cousins but the injury concerns with Bradford may be too significant. . The medical questions is something us fans really don't have enough information about. How significant are Bridgewater's and Bradford's injuries? Are they reliable enough to may it through a couple of season. They are payed to be on the field. I keep wondering if the Vikings go with a cheaper option like Tyrod Taylor for this season, develop Kyle Sloter and draft a QB if Bridgewater's injury concerns are too significant. That said, in terms of draft position, are Lamar Jackson and Vikings on a collision course? Vikings possibly drafting a QB hasn't been something that hasn't been discussed so far.
  11. The Cousins rumors sound like the typical free agent pipe dream ie get the highest rated player regardless of the cap implications. I doubt there is any real basis for the rumor. It much too early when we don't have an offensive coordinator. Spielman is saying that the new coordinator will have a major say in the next QB.
  12. Are you thinking he will trade Andrew Luck after he drafts a super athletic QB with a suspect arm?
  13. Mike Zimmer got shredded. I credit the Philly Oline coach. I don't think the Patriot's D is all that talented. I wouldn't jump to conclusion based on this game.
  14. What respected NFL analyst? Greg Cossell? I remember when he said that Logan Thomas is more pro-ready than Cam Newton. He needs to stop talking ####.