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  1. Home field has its advantages despite what people say
  2. I see. Vikings getting all their TD celebration ideas from elementary school kids.
  3. Teo lucky that didn’t connect
  4. Still wondering what the significance of Keenan’s frozen man pose
  5. I did not watch the game but I watched Peterman's highlights or lowlights if you prefer. By all the talk on social media, I was expecting the worst QBing in modern history. The 5th interception was all on him but the other 4 were on the team. He hits Dimarco in the numbers and the ball gets served up for the first int. Next 3 he gets hit as he steps into his throw and short arms all three. I am just saying I have seen worse. It is hard to lay all the blame on him when he lost his primary receivers and had terrible protection in that game.
  6. Looks like a bargain to me based on what the Vikings paid for Bradford. This doesn't preclude the 49ers from drafting a QB next year and franchising JG if they want to trade him in the future. Like the fact that he gets 8 game head start over a rookie to learn the offence. Even if he amounts to just an interm QB. I am not overly concerned about training camp reports on JG. I still remember early reports on Aaron Rodgers had him looking like hot garbage compared to Favre. Yet he has done alright since.
  7. Swearanger is a liability out there
  8. Spots are questionable tonight
  9. Awesome play by play on that run.
  10. Pederson should have challenged
  11. Gotta love the effort