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  1. Alshon Jeffery and his 1.13 for my 1.02 and Levon Bell. I, of course, reject the offer at lightening speed. A couple of weeks pass and then trades Alshon and Kyle Rudolph to move up 5 spots in the 2nd round of the rookie draft. I guess it pays to keep negotiating with noobs
  2. No correlation. Someone forgot to tell that to Ameer Abdullah. He will be looking for work later this summer. Bill won’t tolerate fumbling. He won’t hesitate to bench a first round pick. I think he benched Malcom Butler in the Super Bowl because he looked at him funny.
  3. I read somewhere that he had 3-4 contract offers including the Jets. He choose to Vikings because he grew up being a Vikings fan. Interesting choice being that the Jets lineup should be easier to crack.
  5. Intrigued by Zylstra - I watched a couple of YouTube videos including his CFL highlights. He seems to be utterly determined and has a great work ethic. I wonder if those qualities will make up for not having elite speed. He is definitely on my watch list.
  6. I wanted to find fault with PFF rankings but I went back and looked at their 2017 Big Board and it is still looking very good. They did indeed rank Ryan Ramczyk (at 22) ahead of Garret Bolles (at 61). Would the Broncos be better off if they use their draft board? This year they had Will Hernandez and Connor Williams at 17 and 18 respectively. I wonder if the Vikings just don't want to use top picks on lineman because of the disappointing career of Matt Kalil.
  7. I am shocked that he is still a free agent.
  8. I want to trade down but I can't blame anyone in my league for not wanting to trade up. My plan B is to take Guice (even though I ain't high on him) and see if I can trade him later in the season. Please start the season strong Guice.
  9. I have the 1.02 and I find this trade very disappointing. People want the sun and the moon for 1.01 but 1.02 is given up for next to nothing.
  10. Seattle used to be the team with highest run to pass ratio in the league. People can say the offensive line might be better but the defense has changed drastically. I don't think they will use their new young running back as much as they will want to. The scoreboard won't let them.
  11. Chris Simms changes his opinions like a girl changes clothes. Simms reacts to the Mayfield pick:
  12. 190 I believe
  13. Pat White was knocked unconscious. It might have been more to do with him being a small "running" QB.
  14. Some good observations here: For the record, I have the #2 pick in my dynasty league. Tell you the truth I am not sold on any of these guys and my first instinct is to trade the pick.
  15. It is funny reading all these running back scouting reports. Every running back that runs less that a 4.5 gets compared to Alvin Kamara.