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  1. "Sam is fine. He might play one game from now, he might play six weeks from now. Either way, he's fine." -Mike Zimmer on Bradford's status I think they need to accelerate the Kyle Sloter project
  2. Apparently McCarthy believes his pick plays have been executed perfectly.
  3. Offence: Dallas Denfense: New Orleans I'm late but in before the evening games
  4. Come on Mike do your thing and pull defeat from the jaws of victory.
  5. Russel Wilson has to a magician just to deliver the ball playing behind that wretched Oline. He doesn't get enough credit.
  6. I have had a hard time accepting this Seattle team as a super bowl contender with such a weak offensive line.
  7. I don't see a block in back unless Rodgers back includes his shoulder
  8. Not a Seattle fan but can't stand it when the refs take 7 points off the board for bogus penalties. If the play happened on the last play of a tied game it would biggest story in sports.
  9. Carrol doing his best John Harbaugh impression
  10. Davis should have left that punt alone - might have been a touchback
  11. Refs suck. Adams should have been gone not Lane.
  12. Kyle Sloter has some impressive pre-season highlights. If he is as good as advertised, the Vikings should seriously think about protecting him by putting him on the active roster. Yeah I said it. As it stands now any team could come along and claim him from the Vikings practice squad. I mean teams are trading for Jacoby Brissett because of his impressive preseason play. I don't see any reason the Jets wouldn't be interested other than they are the Jets.
  13. Interesting perspective. How do you describe the Aaron Dobson pick? A dumpster fire? Lets not forget that the reason the Pats are trading for wideouts is they all but given up even attempting to draft them.
  14. I still have no idea how PFF came up with the 14th overall Oline ranking. I am just hoping that they can somehow keep Bradford healthy through 16 games. Still interested to see if Peter Kings prediction that "Dalvin Cook wiil be top 5 running back by Halloween" is anywhere close to coming true. Maybe he should have predicted that he will be top 5 prior to Halloween before they collapse in the second half of the season. I don't think they are built to go the distance with their paper thin Oline talent.
  15. I am glad Arif doesn't sugarcoat his reports unlike some other Vikings beat writers. To no ones surprise, it sounds like the OL is looking like crap. BTW I will be following Antonio Garcia's career performance in New England very closely.