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  1. Hey Finner. Watching the game at home in CR. I may have to do some testing in Burnaby in the near future. Not sure when exactly. I definitely will be routing for the Hawks once the Vikings are eliminated.

  2. I'm interested in your $50 16 team IDP league. Let me know if still have an opening.

  3. I did not win much. 165 winners for the 13/13 prize pool. I won $457. I was disappointted because I was expecting more than last time.

  4. Took a straight tie on the Denver Chicago game. I can't believe I was routing for Tebow to make a comeback. I had to sweat out the Houston game in the morning as well.

  5. Not going to believe me but I won TOTO again this week. 12 correct and a triple on tonights game.

  6. Finner. I went 13 for 13 on sports action toto last weekend. How you doin?

  7. I was trying to get a better look at your avatar when I clicked on your profile. ;-)