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  1. BUT, did CNN want to prop up Trump voters? It nearly sickens me to say this, but MSNBC (I only watch the evening shows), has really become the bastion of intelligent dialog on cable TV ... Yeah, yeah, Rachel Maddow is tough to stomach, and I'm usually directing my attention elsewhere after her first five minutes. They (MSNBC) demonstrate some bias, but they don't engage in political pillow fights. In other words, I don't tune in and hear the musings of idiots, but rather I get a lot of perspective from thoughtful bureaucrats, which is not nearly as horrible as it sounds.
  2. Impressive questioning by the interviewer. Definitely impressive, but I've seen Rogers testify before and he's always struck me as pretty straightforward and honest...just very odd to see him act like this. Can't guess what's there, but it's very odd. Party over country, cut and dry. I'd be very surprised if that was the case with Rogers...he has almost nothing to gain by siding with Trump. From wikipedia: Was unaware of this. Regardless, still think it's unlikely that he's doing it out of support for Trump, but the likelihood just went up a bit after finding this out. Still seems like a country over party guy, especially country over Trump. Rogers is front and center on Maddow's opening tonight, fyi. Painting him as a political animal, for sure. Not too impressed by his resume, in that he opted out of being a line officer, and instead opted into a Way of the Chair career. Fake leader.
  3. Offered TO resign gb, aka Mr. Maddow. Sessions offered to resign during heated exchanges with Trump per CNN. There is not (to my knowledge) an offer of resignation as such, on the table. Unfortunately.
  4. A belated Memorial Day communique dedicated to the SID-led Thread Resistance: {In the end, the Trump/Russia puzzle is comprised of separate pieces from myriad different sources being revealed in a staggered, ad hoc manner, it is a collaborative process in solving, this thread for example, but there is ultimately only one possible solution for which everybody's pieces will collectively fit together. Sort of like a homicide investigation in which members of the IC, law enforcement, forensic computer security/accountant techs, investigative reporters and interested and motivated lay persons perhaps with relevant specialist skill sets, backgrounds and contacts like Schindler and Steven Hall from all over the country and even world are working in concert, both in direct cooperation like Special Counsel Mueller, Deputy AG Rosenstein, prosecutor Dana Boente out of the classified Intel + legal equipped EDVA rocket docket, DIRNSA Rogers, Senate Intel Committee investigation and subpoenaed Treasury records from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, and a loose confederation and informal, self-organizing (collective consciousness) kind of national/global neural network crime solving "brain" comprised of the likes of aggregators like CT and synthesists like Adam Khan to solve the MURDER OF AMERICAN DEMOCRACY IN 2016.} Thanks. Two of my favorite rec'd finds in this process are the Adam Khan feed, and David "doctor vox" Roberts brilliant ToM work. Kushner is part of the NY Centrist faction of Trump's inner circle (with his wife Ivanka and National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn). Maybe because he is distracted and preoccupied with legal matters potentially related to treason or obstruction of justice, his influence waned this time and the ethnonationalist populist Bannon's ultimately prevailed, with assists by EPA (P should now be D for Destruction) Admin. Scott Pruitt, and more formatively, climate change denialist Luddite and shadowy Big/Old Energy, Dark Money toady Myron Ebell - he is not a scientist but led the EPA transition team and recommended Pruitt. Exxon has funded his policy initiative institutes as early as '98 (Tillerson connection somewhere along the line?). Probably a coincidence, but a UK Univ. climate change research unit was hacked by Russians and exploited by the sketchy Ebell (well documented references section of his wiki bio)? He was also associated with anti-tobacco and endangered species-type regulation. THE BEST AND SMARTEST PEOPLE!! Seriously, if there is one thing we have learned by now, it is that the Trump presidency and administration is *EXPERT* at finding pretexts (see OBAMA WIRETAP/INCIDENTAL COLLECTION/NUNES/RICE UNMASKINGGATE and ROSENSTEIN/COMEYGATE). They want something, and they find a *PRETEXTUAL* reason to "justify" it and provide political/legal cover.. In the films Thief by Michael Mann and To Live and Die in LA by Billy Friedkin, they were really into verisimilitude and authenticity so hired "expert" consultants from the underground criminal worlds of high end burglary and counterfeiting, respectively. There is a whole specialized body of knowledge, showcased by key set pieces including an industrial blow torch to burn through a diamond vault (seminal noir Rififi-like with a lengthy mid-film dialogue-less scene) in the former and tour-de-force counterfeit opening in the latter. Obviously Trump himself, with an extensive low wattage bulb, climate/weather conflation tweeting history along the lines of, "it's cold today so how can there be global warming?" is too idiotic to merit a substantive response, but what makes him dangerous is his cadre of relatively far more sophisticated *PRETEXTUAL* climate change denialist gangsters like Ebell and Pruit to justify intensified rapacious environmental exploitation unfettered by regulations. James Caan had his specialized burglary tools and instruments like the blow torch, Willem Dafoe needed specialized paper, inks and an elite forgery skill set. Trump hires specialists that provide political/legal cover to justify his environmental crime against humanity. But I digress. Some said dropping out of the Paris Climate Accord belonged elsewhere, but there an improbable number of Trump campaign intersections with Russian oligarch energy giants like Gazprom (start with Burt) and Rosneft (mysterious 19% stake predicted by the Steele Dossier, Page). The late Qaddafi became the richest man in the world by exploiting Libya's oil wealth (estimated $200 BILLION). Similar estimates have been reckoned for Putin, using the same method. Not that Putin needs money personally, he has power, but an extra $1,000,000,000,000 (13 figures) would be some nice pocket/tipping money to fund pet Hybrid Warfare projects like cyber, social media weaponized disinformation and propaganda, Western Democracy election buggering and Balkan stealth incursions (under cover of exploiting ethnic divides for his purposes to arrive at a desirable outcome). Plus advanced poison like polonium-210 research and assassins to gun down journalists and toss whistle blowers and political opponents out of fourth story windows. Good times! Google key word search {Trump Rosneft Gazprom Connection} [[[[[[>>>>>>Memo to FBI: If team Trump and Putin colluded, any money trail likely involves oil<<<<<<]]]]]] Russia sold off one-fifth of its state-owned oil giant in December, but we still don't know who bought it all. Joe Romm, ThinkProgress 3/23/17 *FOLLOW THE MONEY* - All The President's Men screenplay (starts with a quick background on the 2014 $500 billion deal between Exxon/Tillerson and Rosneft/Putin, torpedoed by Obama Administration sanctions) "Not only was the deal crucial to the future of Exxon, as the Wall Street Journal reported in 2014, since the company is short on reserves --- it was "expected to change the historical trajectory of Russia," which desperately needs a long-term source of hard currency, as Rachel Maddow explained. So the sanctions President Obama imposed after Russia seized Crimea in 2014 were a dagger to the heart of Russia's economy and Putin's wallet. Suddenly, the Kremlin had a half-trillion-dollar motive to elect someone who would end the sanctions." "Significantly, THE $11 BILLION RAISED BY THE SALE WENT TO THE KREMLIN, NOT ROSNEFT. No wonder "Russian officials were jubilant that Rosneft had pulled off a deal which will deliver a large chunk of the cash they need to fill the gaps in the state budget caused by an economic slowdown and sanctions," as Reuters reported. KLEPTOCRACY --- AND POSSIBLY MEDDLING WITH A FOREIGN ELECTION --- looks like it pays very well for team Putin. As for the buyers, Sergey Aleksashenko, a former deputy head of Russia's central bank, wrote in a blog post earlier this year, "the main question in relation to this transaction, as ever, still sounds like this: Who is the real buyer of a 19.5 percent stake in Rosneft? Reuters notes that "important facts about the deal either have not been disclosed, cannot be determined solely from public records, or appear to contradict the straightforward official account of the stake being split 50/50" between Swiss oil trading firm Glencore and the Qutaris. The funding sources for almost a quarter of the deal "have not been disclosed by any of the parties." THIS DEAL (and BTW, same way it roars off the known financials that Manafort is SUPER BENT) "USES A STRUCTURE OF SHELL COMPANIES, COMMONLY REFERRED TO IN RUSSIA AS A 'MATRYOSHKA', AFTER THE WOODEN NESTING DOLLS THAT OPEN TO REVEALA SMALLER DOLL INSIDE." FOR INSTANCE, "PUBLIC RECORDS SHOW THE OWNERSHIP STRUCTURE OF THE STAKE ULTIMATELY INCLUDES A CAYMAN ISLANDS COMPANY WHOSE BENEFICIAL OWNERS CANNOT BE TRACED." UNNESTING ALL OF THE DOLLS AND FIGURING OUT THE FULL IDENTITIES OF THE BUYERS SHOULD BE A TOP PRIORITY FOR THE FBI'S COLLUSION INVESTIGATION AND ANYONE IN THE MEDIA WHO WANTS TO FOLLOW THE MONEY OF THIS EVER GROWING SCANDAL. * Will Putin, like Trump, also start to develop advanced, late stage, irreversible, tertiary CRS (Cornered Rat Syndrome) symptoms if the IC definitively nail his digital fingerprints to the above financial crimes? As much pressure as TrumPP has on HIM to deliver the sanction lifting to Putin, his journalist/dissident murdering, Democratic election buggering, Balkan encroaching pal Putin similarly is under tremendous pressure to deliver the sanction lifting relief from the withering, relentless economic state pressure applied by Obama. As Russian ex-pat, former world chess champ and keen Putin observer Gary Kasparov noted, Putin knows what happens to weak dictators. Let's see Putin stupidly smirk about THAT! ** Speaking of Vox: Jared Kushner is the domino Trump can least afford to fall in the Russia investigation His unique lack of qualification for office makes him uniquely valuable Matthew Yglesias, 6/2/17 "The problem: The way Trumpland works is that Kushner is the guy who convinces his father-in-law that he has to give someone the boot; he's not the guy who gets the boot. There's nobody around who can credibly argue that Trump should ditch him, and if he were to vanish, Trump himself would be isolated as a stranger inside his own administration -- not sure whom he could trust to act as a loyal steward of his own interests. BEYOND THAT, IT SCARCELY SEEMS CREDIBLE TO BELIEVE THAT KUSHNER WAS FREELANCING IN HIS TALKS WITH KISLAYAK. TO FREELANCE, YOU NEED TO BE SOMEBODY. KUSHNER IS A *CYPHER*, A BODY*** DOUBLE FOR HIS FATHER-IN-LAW, NOT SOMEONE WITH AN INDEPENDENT AGENDA TO PUSH. Whatever dirt lands on Kushner in the end -- from whatever it is, exactly, that Comey was looking into to the decision to fire him -- can hardly avoid landing on the president himself." "DONALD TRUMP IS LIKE WHAT A HOBO IMAGINES A RICH MAN TO BE," - comedian John Mulaney The Trump Putin/Kremlin Nexus/Axis/Regime is like the Godfather's Corleone crime family - if everybody was Fredo! *** If Kushner was meeting Putin banker dude at the behest of Trump, will he be willing to got prison for him? Will Trump let him? The original Invasion of the Body Snatchers directed by underrated Don Siegel and starring Kevin McCarthy of Twilight Zone episode about the ageless Civil War veteran fame (1956 - later inferior remake starred Domald Sutherland) is on YouTube. It remains a powerful metaphor for McCarthy (i.e. - politician Joseph, not actor Kevin - and of course Roy Cohn was the McCarthy/Trump common denominator) era paranoid red-baiting hysteria that succeeds on multiple levels as a grippingly suspenseful sci fi/horror effort with enduring appeal and cultural relevance that belies its modest genre and B movie budget pedigree. You aren't paranoid if they're really out to get you. Also, Donald Brutus Judas Cassius Trump's Delusions of Grandeur part of his Malignant NPD diagnosis may need to be rethought given his winning the election. But, if he sold his soul to the (Putin) devil in some dark, evil, treacherous Faustian pact, than he did overreach and has doomed the "souls" of himself, presidency and administration, as well as betrayed America and the genius of the Founding Fathers Greatest Historical Democratic Experiment since the high point of Periclean Athens. Dante may need to add a fourth Satanic mouth to those for eternally chewing on (from L to R) Brutus, Judas and Cassius. With Trump punctuating the Mount Rushmore lineage of historical traitor permanent Louis Cypher McNuggets in the ninth, final and innermost ring of Hell's eternally open soul harvesting snack bar.
  5. I've just started checking out Maddow, the only one I'm aware of with an archive that I can go back (like I just did a few days ago) and see what she said about FinCEN, Wilbur Ross, Robert Mercer, etc. Breadth and depth when it comes to a TrumpTreason exposure treasure trove and repository SID recommended Adam Khan (@ Khanosseiur) to me, and when this is all said and done, imo he will have been one of the most prescient and accurate voices along these lines. Highly recommended to the thread. Steven Hall (ex-CIA) is another fascinating Twitter feed, VERY sober, lucid, non-lib#### snowflake meltdown perspective who knows IC cold as the former Russian Operations Chief. And I don't know about a Twitter feed, but General Michael Hayden (former DIRNSA/CIA) has been a brilliant, articulate narrator of Trump's path of perfidy, betrayal and treason (just google Trump Michael Hayden). * Trump's speech, actions and behavior that are otherwise inexplicable (that a Malignant NPD profile constantly slobbers over a sociopathic journalist/dissident murdering dictator, and will need to bring knee pads for groveling and prostrating himself before Putin so hard if he avoids impeachment/prison before their meeting) instantly resolves and makes perfect sense when viewing Trump through the kompromat lens. R Trumpologists are like late-Ptolemaic astronomers forced to use increasingly convoluted, Byzantine, Baroque loop the loop *EPICYCLES* to explain the visual evidence of the Heavenly bodies. So much easier when Copernicus (and Kepler) simply posited the planets revolving around the sun. Watching the Netflix Stone doc, and it cites a Jeffrey Toobin New Yorker article titled The Dirty Trickster. It reminded me of people like his mentor Roy Cohn, who was a McCarthy-era sliming/smearing human pimple/canker sore national disgrace. Limbaugh, who railed on drugs while being a pill popper. Lewd Cringeginch hypocritically spewing about family values while having an affair and pressuring his hospitalized wife for a divorce. Now he drags the grief of Seth Rich's family through his political expediency mud while his third wife becomes the Vatican Ambassador. I was talking with my friend, and we have about reached the end of our thesaurus tether. The end of the line adjective terminal point has left us at descriptive words like demonic and Satanic. ** Some postmodern themes in film, literature and art that captures the Churchillian observation of Russia as a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma and extends it to the Trumpian treason wrapped in betrayal inside of greed: Inception Borges Escher
  6. Maddow brought this up a few months ago and laid out the ways this could have been when the Russians first put their hold on Trump. He was in financial difficulty and suddenly this Russian mogul appears to pay him twice what his mansion was worth and then never moved in. Probably all just a coincidence.
  7. Actually, she has gotten better about that after Colbert parodied her. She still quite often has a rambling 20 minute opening monologue that is just essentially just a warm up for the next segment - but lately she has just been going into it without any explanation and it isn't always apparent what or where it is leading to. Sometimes it succeeds, sometimes it doesn't. I agree with her critics that she should cut-to-the-chase, but this unorthodox show opening, which goes against conventional wisdom, seems to be working with younger viewers. Maddow, from reports, thinks that extensive context should be given for her lead stories and that many viewers are not that well informed about it - so she starts at square one so that everyone is on same page with her.
  8. MSNBC just won the weekly ratings among cable news/opinion networks for the last week for the first time in their 21 year history, beating CNN and Fox. Maddow was the top rated show. Obviously most people don't have a problem with her intelligent, well thought out and informed delivery, as evidenced my her most recent ratings.
  9. I haven't watched Maddow before, but when I looked up Wilbur Ross and Robert Mercer prompted by the FinCEN episode in the past day or two, it was there. She must be a prolific reporter covering Trump-related arcana and marginalia. The FinCEN episode already looks good. From The Atlantic article, The Questions About Obstruction Now Spread to White House Staff While the conversations between Trump and Comey might come down to one man's word against another, the involvement of White House officials in an effort to enlist intelligence officials to help shut down the Flynn inquiry increases the odds that investigators could compel their cooperation. "I think that as they all get called before the special prosecutor and the FBI begins questioning them, and they get representation, the pressure begins to mount, it's it's going to create a situation where they may be inclined to cooperate with the investigation as opposed to being a fall guy for the president," said David Gomez, a former FBI agent who is now a senior fellow at George* Washington University's Center for Cyber and Homeland Security. "The senior staffers may have some culpability in obstruction of justice; of course their defense is that they were acting on the orders of the president." "Everybody who is involved in this," said Ali Soufan, a former FBI agent who now runs the Soufan Group security firm, "might be a potential witness." This account jibes and is in accord with that of Rep. Cummings, who sent a letter to Pence (addressed to Head of Transition Team), which he disremembered. Cummings just tracked down an app form or document that proved Flynn lied. He noted after the closed door Rosenstein briefings (rare full meetings of this nature for House AND Senate), "...This thing runs deep and some people are going to be having a lot of problems with the law." * DT attended Orangeorge Washington U.
  10. FinCEN is part of the Treasury Department. Trump toady Steve Mnuchin is Sec. of the Treasury. So I think you can see where I'm going with this, can he stall or block the subpoena of records? He might be running the risk of an obstruction charge of his own, the way everybody in the administration is being subjected to intense, withering scrutiny, he is like somebody hanging from a rope halfway down the wall with spotlights cutting through the dark in a prison break film. Maddow alluded to them not being forthcoming with these records, as just about all of the other types requested by various House and Senate, Intel and Judicial Committe ongoing investigations. This is starting to look like the spy thriller No Way Out, where there is a race against time for Kevin Costner to find the evidence that will prove Gene Hackman murdered Sean Young before he becomes a patsy framed for it, while a computer program at the Pentagon cycles through countless iterations of slight but cumulative image enhancements that eventually will unmistakeablyreveal his face. Trump = Kevin Costner (even to the surprise, twist ending). The orange hair is starting to coalesce out of the fuzzy initial shot as the program cranks through the image enhancement algorithms.
  11. A guest on Rachel Maddow addressed this. He raised the possibility of two special counsels as a countermeasure, allowing Mueller to stay on but recuse himself from Kushner and Manafort, and bringing on a second counsel to investigate the WilmerHale clients.
  12. Khan was months ago. They may have both been influenced by others. If multiple people are coming to the same conclusions that are in accord with all the evidence and facts that are on the table, and make a lot of sense bringing historical context, background and information into interpreting motivations and behavior that aren't, there may be something to it. Would you mind furnishing some of these Maddow links, I'd be very interested, and so might tne thread? * To the thread, IMO Schindler, Mensch and Taylor are more about uncovering tne *HOW*, Khan tne *WHY*. They are more coming from an espionage/law enforcement angle, Khan financial/geopolitical.
  13. I'm more concerned about the Russian conspiracy theory brainwashing. According to the Media Research Center, 89 percent of broadcast networks' coverage of Trump has been negative. MSNBC host has Rachel Maddow dedicated 53 percent of her program over the past six weeks to Russia, according to a Thursday analysis from the left-leaning The Intercept.
  14. Fox News loves to talk about how many people watch (although Rachel Maddow is kicking their ### now) but then in these media bias reports they are always silent. Drudgereport has like a billion and a half views a month.