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Showing results for 'maddow' in content posted in The Russia Investigation: Mueller - "Over the course of my career, I've seen a number of challenges to our democracy.The Russian govt's effort to interfere in our election is among the most serious.".

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Found 263 results

  1. This has always appeared to be simple common sense for how, when and why Trump's relationship with Russia may have begun. Something as simple as a financially desperate man needing a huge influx of cash as soon as possible. Maddow has done a good job, in my opinion, detailing this on her show.
  2. You are confusing "evidence" with "proof." We've done this a million times already in this thread. There is a ton of evidence of Trump campaign collaboration with Russia, starting with circumstantial evidence like Trump's bizarre behavior and policies regarding Russia and attempts to stall or discredit the stories and the Maddow-led conspriracy theories about financial dealings at the "circumstantial" end of things, to the reports about Page and Manafort and the Trump camp's comical attempts to distance themselves from those guys, all the way to multiple reports of lawmakers acknowledging having been presented with sufficient evidence to arrive at the conclusion that the collaboration happened. The weight you give such evidence without seeing or hearing proof of collaboration is up to you, but it definitely exists in huge quantities
  3. She got a pop in March because of all the hype surrounding the opening of Al Capone's safe. Nope. Had her highest ratings in ten+ years BEFORE the tax return show. Google "Maddow treats Trump like a silent movie." Ignore what they say (tweet) & report what they do has been the winning formula.
  4. "During this stretch, "The Rachel Maddow Show" has enjoyed its best ratings in nearly a decade, easily topping CNN and finishing at the top of all of cable news for four consecutive weeks throughout the month of March. " that quote has got to chap some backsides.
  5. Nice rundown of everyone's favorite tv news Russian dead-ender. There is some quite loony stuff here.
  6. 55% of voting age citizens voted in the last election. About 126 million people. I'd probably say a quarter of the people that voted might actually follow politics regularly. That's 31.5 mil. Let's be generous and say half those people are Democrats, because we all know the conservative media (fox, rush, Hannity, etc) are pretty much calling this That's +/- 15 million die hard, Maddow loving, FFA swimming, impressionable, political die hards that the Russian nonsense might resonate with. To put that in comparison, WrestleMania probably had about 15 million viewers last night.
  7. - Sorry for the Oadi bump, but this was the story when Trump and Bannon rolled out the "Wiretapp" narrative. The line of inquiry then was who did Sessions meet from MFA, when did he meet with them, what did they discuss, and why, and why did he lie about it? That is where that was going. Another line of inquiry was the Maddow series of shows basically reporting what the bloggers who are well known to us had been reporting except to a much larger audience, in particular the Rybolovlev connection. The day before Trump had engaged in calling for alternative investigations into Schumer and Pelosi. Oddly enough in both instances where he called for alternative investigations Trump highlighted his postings with misspellings, so not only were people talking about the outlandish claims but they were further spreading the content by mocking the bad English, basically using the weight of Trump critics against them. In late 2015 - when Bannon was already working for the Trump campaign - he personally posted at least 5 stories promoting Mark Levin books and had posted a 6th a few months before. It seems perfectly reasonable to me that Bannon planted the narrative with Levin, Levin teed it up, Breitbart had a story ready to go and Trump ran with it from there, then brought in Nunes with the manufactured claim of 'Eureka' having discovered information - which came from the WH - to support it all on the back end.
  8. Fwiw, Maddow is saying the AG of Cyprus sent Manafort's financial records to the FINCen at Treasury. She also is saying Andrea Mitchell reported today that White House staff are purging their phones since they expect subpoenas. Sen Booker and Van Hollern also seem to be taking a pretty big oversight roll on the money laundering stuff asking Sessions to recuse himself on Deutchse Bank stuff and asking Ross for info on his roll in the Bank of Cypress and with the Russian who paid Trump $95 million for that Palm Beach property who also owns a chunk of the bank.
  9. The contrast between Schiff and Nunes is stark and has been amusing to observe. Schiff has been poised, precise and subsequently effective where as Nunes has been a confused, sweaty mess. BTW, Maddow reached out to Schiff to clear up any possible ambiguity pertaining to his claim that the evidence isn't just circumstantial and he confirmed that his language was deliberate.
  10. I suspect / hope more investigations in order for election probe, but if there is total clearance of Trump<-> Russian connection, it will be like Christmas morning in here for our righty friends --like the post Maddow's Trump taxes fiasco x 10.
  11. All this Maddow filibuster has done is make me appreciate @SaintsInDome2006's work (and others) in this thread even more. So much more informative than what this is going to end up being.
  12. If I understood Maddow correctly, the attorney "notified the head of the transition team". Pence was the head of the transition team. Here is the letter to Pence. to Pence.pdf
  13. Rachael Maddow is stating the Pence as the transition team leader knew of Flynn's foreign agent status. I didn't catch the connection of how the transition team know about Flynn at that time. Can anyone fill that part in? Thanks.