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  2. I think this is an even-handed criticism of Maddow's coverage of the Steele dossier: Rachel Maddow rooted for the Steele dossier to be true. Then it fell apart. By Erik Wemple Dec. 26, 2019
  3. This thing is 12 minutes long. The point that YT started when I cracked it open is the part talking about the Putin/Yeltsin story about Putin/FSB framing the prosecutor ready to nail Putin and Yeltsin with kompromat. Is that the part you expect people to see? Let's stipulate Maddow said Putin might have "tapes." Dunno, I'm 96.1% guessing that happened. Is that even now so outrageous? Have to laugh at this. Not his character? Not Putin's? Trump is too careful? And the post above is Maddow with a screenshot of someone talking about tapes. Lol. Oh ok, what a silly report by Maddow. The Barr letter continues as fodder for score settling by one coterie of reporters feeling put upon for 2 years lashing out against their oppressors. But lord do it while not offering more basis for the original point. And as for Steele? Oh lo and behold yes that rumor is apparently circulating in connected Russian Kremlinesque groups. Very well then, well played. And the whole point of this isn't that there is (gasp) a peepee tape of Trump, it's that Trump thought there might be one. I mean if a guy that Trump did business with - Rtskhiladze - had heard of one, then yeah maybe Trump thought there might be one and couldn't quite remember everything he had done there since his first visit to the then USSR in 1987.
  4. Oh ok
  5. Yes, but... implication that we know what happened is false. Mueller report has major redactions and was limited in scope. We don’t know where remaining investigations headed, nor what evidence exists in say, the counterintelligence probe. I didn’t watch Maddow a ton, but I stand by the assertion that her journalism was on point. She poked at the holes and exposed facts. Dozens of questions were not answered, myriad strange associations were uncovered and the idea that the case of conspiracy is closed and settled is bunk. Mueller report states that conspirators may have successfully obstructed and destroyed evidence. But Maddow’s team established a clear, fact-based timeline against which to ask poignant questions. They did, and many of them only lead to more troubling ones.
  6. Rachel Maddow MSNBC‏ @maddow 5m5 minutes ago Here's the DOJ press release on the Paul Erickson money laundering and wire fraud indictment. He was indicted yesterday, pleaded not guilty today, and has been released on bond. 1/2 Although prosecutors repeatedly referenced someone who appeared to be Erickson as Maria Butina's alleged co-conspirator, these charges appear on the surface to be wholly unrelated to the Butina case: That said... there are references to someone with the initials "M.B." and a payment to American University... so who knows... (uh... 3/2 i guess?)
  7. Rachel Maddow @maddow 4m4 minutes ago Senator Chuck Schumer will force a Senate vote tomorrow on whether or not the Trump Admin should be lifting sanctions on companies associated with Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska. Dear Colleague Letter below... "We should not be providing sanctions relief to Vladimir Putin's trusted agent before the conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. Mr. Deripaska has deep ties to President Putin and the Russian government and possible links to a range of criminal activity." (screen capture of letter at link).
  8. The notion that Manafort's lobbying efforts in Ukraine were "pro-Russian" is the opposite of what actually happened. He was "dragging" Ukraine to the West. Aaron Maté‏ @aaronjmate Feb 25 Following up on what @MaxBlumenthal pointed out ( …), this is exemplifies a widespread, fundamental misunderstanding of Manafort's acts in Ukraine. Here's NYT on what Manafort did in Ukraine: "Mr. Manafort pressed Mr. Yanukovych to sign an agreement with the European Union that would link the country closer to the West" - i.e. away from Putin … here's Luke Harding in "Collusion", citing a former Ukraine Foreign Ministry spox: btw @chrislhayes , if we actually care about questionable dealings in Ukraine, how about we also look into how Biden's son got a lucrative board seat at Ukraine's largest private gas company just two months after the coup his father helped back? In court Tuesday, Rick Gates substantiated an inconvenient fact that a few of us have pointed out: Manafort was not pushing Kremlin interests in Ukraine. In trying to tie Manafort's Ukraine activities to Trump-Russia, Russiagaters allege he did Putin's bidding. Eg @chrislhayes : Before I show you what Gates said, I want to demonstrate why I've argued that pundits like @Maddow have become straight-up propagandists on this issue. Here is Maddow last night saying that Gates' testimony *substantiates* the Manafort-Russia tie: Now let's look at what Gates actually said in court, and which @Maddow completely ignored, presumably because it undercuts her entire argument. I don't have the transcript yet, but here is what Vice News reported: According to Vice News, Gates testified that: "-Manafort crafted a policy for Yanukovych aimed at bringing Ukraine into the European Union called “Engage Ukraine” - Manafort recruited top former European politicians to help out with that effort ". According to Gates -- "Engage Ukraine" -- the very policy Manafort crafted -- "became the strategy for helping Ukraine enter the European Union." So the obvious question for @Maddow is: in a segment on Manafort's "pro-Russia" policy, why did you ignore this? Here is some of the transcript: "Engage Ukraine" -- which Manafort was paid lucratively to craft -- "became the strategy for helping Ukraine enter the European Union."
  9. Great part of this article.. Maddow has acknowledged that allegations of Trump-Russia collusion are unverified. But she has ignored claims that cast them in a more skeptical light. For instance, James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence, told NBC News on March 5 that U.S. intelligence has “no evidence” of collusion between Trump and Russia. On March 15, former CIA Director and Hillary Clinton surrogate Michael Morrell said “there is smoke, but there is no fire, at all.” Those statements have gone unmentioned.
  10. Having been the leading promoter of the failed conspiracy theory for 2+ years, it perhaps shouldn't be a surprise that @Maddow is trying to revive the "pee tape" -- aka "the tapes thing" -- after the conspiracy theory's collapse: In claiming that she refused to entertain the thought that Putin might have compromising video tapes of Trump, @Maddow forgets that she did a whole segment speculating that Putin has those tapes and could use them to blackmail into Trump withdrawing US troops from Europe. Watch:
  11. I'd qualify this a bit, though. It's definitely worthwhile to read stuff by people you disagree with. You're unlikely to learn much of importance from people you already agree with about everything. On the other hand, I sometimes hear people say that Maddow fans should spend some time watching Hannity and vice versa to get a feel for opposing viewpoints. I don't agree with that. I think it's counterproductive to consult sources you disagree with too radically. A Maddow fan who tunes into Hannity to see what the other side thinks is going to come away thinking the other side is even more insane than she expected. There's too much distance to bridge there. I think what people should do is look for sources they agree with about 80% of the time ... and then focus on the other 20%. That way, there are enough shared assumptions and common ground that disagreement can be productive. People don't change their minds about things radically all at once -- they usually change their minds in small increments at the margins. So the best way to expose yourself to contrary viewpoints that actually have a chance of changing your mind is to find people who disagree with you a bit at the margin. Examine their views at that margin and see if maybe they have a point. If you conclude that they do, hooray, you've broadened your perspective and probably learned something. If you're a Hannity fan, don't start watching Maddow. She'll just drive you insane. Instead, watch some Megyn Kelly, and then maybe read some Glenn Reynolds, and if all goes well, work your way over to David Brooks. If you're a Maddow fan, read some Cass Sunstein and then maybe work your way over to David Frum. So I don't blame Bozeman Bruiser at all for not wanting to follow my Maddow link. (He probably should take McMullin seriously, though -- maybe after reading listening to some Hugh Hewitt as a prelude.)
  12. Here are Mueller’s “speaking indictments,” read by: - John Legend @johnlegend - Rachel Maddow @maddow - Charlie Sykes @SykesCharlie - Alina Polyakova @apolyakova - Toomas Ilves @IlvesToomas - David Kris @DavidKris - Ben Wittes @benjaminwittes It’s Robert Mueller as you’ve never heard him before. We have something special for you on the podcast today. Something very different. The Mueller report is coming. We all know that. We don’t know what’s going to be in it. We don't know when its showing up. But Bob Mueller has already told a remarkable story. He’s told it scattered through different court filings in a variety of cases, indictments, plea agreements, stipulations of fact. We decided to distill it, to organize it, to put it all in one place, to tell the story of the Russia investigation orally, to let a remarkable group of speakers read the speaking indictments that Mueller has issued. So here’s the story of the Russia conspiracy, distilled to a brief audiobook in seven chapters. What you’re about to hear is all taken nearly verbatim from actual Bob Mueller filings. We’ve cut a lot, moved stuff around, and changed a few words here and there to make it sound more like a narrative. We have changed the meaning not at all.
  13. Just a coincidence, I am sure... MSNBC‏ @MSNBC 10h10 hours ago .@maddow shows the prevalence of classified intelligence in the Russia probe and notes that the people Pres. Trump is threatening with having their security clearance revoked, are those who would need that clearance to testify for the investigation.
  14. I know most write off Rachel Maddow but her show tonight deserves some attention. Essentially she takes deeper dive on the Ukraine call topics of Manafort investigation and the server Trump believes is in Ukraine - not to remove the stain of Russia from Trump’s presidency, but to tee up unwind of sanctions imposed on Russia related to election interference. Further, Trump’s repeated suggestion for the new Ukraine president to settle with Russia ties in to unwind additional sanctions which were based on Russian aggression toward Ukraine. Rip away, but I sort of agree that for a President who has attention span of a gnat, a great deal of his focus does seem to seek removal of sanctions on Russia. It’s mind boggling to me that a guy like Bill Barr would use the time and energy he has as US AG to ‘uncover’ facts which would rewrite previous US Intelligence conclusions. Also, whether or not he believes he is doing all of this purely for Republican politics of clearing Trump re: Mueller report.
  15. OMG, JHC in a chicken basket. CHECK. OUT. THIS. TIMELINE!! Right after the election, Obama warns Trump about Flynn: Obama warned Trump about hiring FlynnThe White House was also told the national security chief could be blackmailed, a Senate panel hears. December 1, 2016: Kushner tries to set up back channel with Russians by asking to use THEIR secure facilities… Early December 2016: Russians reportedly arrested/killed (h/t @lmkarin for jogging my memory on this) Reports: Arrested Russian intel officer allegedly spied for U.S.Senior FSB officer and cybersecurity investigator was charged on suspicion of treason. December 2016: Kushner instructs Flynn to sabotage US policy; McFarland advises Flynn to contact Kislyak (reminder: McFarland is a former FOX commentator + NIXON veteran who hadn't worked in government in DECADES) Report: Kushner Told Flynn to Sabotage U.S. Policy With Russia’s HelpFor Israel’s sake. December 29, 2016: KT McFarland sends email saying the Russians had thrown election to Trump. Top Trump transition official in private email: Russia 'has just thrown' the election to TrumpThe newly-obtained emails shed light on KT McFarland's role in coordinating the transition team's efforts to respond to Russia. January 5, 2017: Susan Rice observes and documents a conversation between Obama and Comey. The one she later goes on to email herself about at the last possible minute on Inauguration Day. Knowing that it can later be accessed as needed via the GSA. GOP senators question 'unusual' message Susan Rice sent herself on Inauguration DayTwo top Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are questioning former national security adviser Susan Rice about an "unusual" message she sent to herself on Jan 20, 2017 — President Trump's In… The one where she says: "From a national security perspective, however, President Obama said he wants to be sure that, as we engage with the incoming [Trump] team, we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia." They knew, they knew THEY F*CKING KNEW, and laid the groundwork accordingly!! January 6, 2017: Trump, McFarland, Pence, Flynn, Priebus, Pompeo and Bossert briefed by Brennan, Clapper, Comey. After intel brief, Trump says Russia had no impact on electionPresident-elect does not disclose whether he has been convinced of Moscow's involvement in email hacking; plans team to combat cyberattacks January 6, 2017: DNI releases this report… Now before I show you the next part, think about this - suppose in the briefing they gave Trump information in such a way that if he ran to Putin immediately--BEFORE HE'S TAKEN OFFICE, MIND YOU--what options would he have? He'd have the press. January 10, 2017: Buzzfeed publishes the Dossier. Buzzfeed, which shares ad tech with multiple Russian sites as well as URLs on the .tk domain. BuzzFeed Archive for January 10, 2017BuzzFeed Archive for January 10, 2017 January 12, 2017: Massive obfuscation about the dossier, and how exactly it got published.… January 25, 2017: Reports of December arrests pushed out by Russia Blowing Sources and Public Intelligence ClaimsTwo American intelligence sources have been arrested by Russia for treason. It may be our own fault ... NOW, LOOK AT EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS ON JANUARY 26, 2017!!! January 26, 2017: Another FSB officer reportedly arrested Reports: Second FSB Agent Arrested; Possible Links To U.S. Election HackingRussian media have reported that another Federal Security Service (FSB) officer has been arrested on treason charges in a case that may be linked to cyberattacks targeting the U.S. presidential ele..… January 26, 2017: Sally Yates warns WH about Flynn Trump officials were warned about Mike Flynn at least 6 separate times before removing himTop officials on President Donald Trump's transition team and in the Trump administration were repeatedly warned about hiring Michael Flynn. January 26, 2017: Mass resignations at State Dept.… January 27, 2017: Trump asks Comey to swear loyalty; asks if he’s being investigated In a Private Dinner, Trump Demanded Loyalty. Comey Demurred.James B. Comey’s associates say he now believes his unwillingness to pledge personal loyalty led President Trump to fire him as the F.B.I. director. January 28, 2017: Flynn, Trump, Pence, Priebus, Bannon, Spicer call Putin. On a SATURDAY. Trump Speaks With Putin In Saturday Phone CallRussian state television welcomed the change in tone between Washington and Moscow following open hostility in the last weeks of Barack Obama's presidency. Later THAT NIGHT - A *SATURDAY NIGHT,* Bannon is elevated to the National Security Council. Bannon Is Given Security Role Usually Held for GeneralsAn executive order gave the right-wing agitator a full seat on the principals committee of the National Security Council, a startling elevation of a political adviser. Why do I keep pointing out that it was a Saturday night? Because Trump - who spends copious amounts of time golfing and tweeting - was mysteriously VERY motivated to do some work, make phone calls, and create and sign an executive order on a SATURDAY. On MONDAY, (January 30, 2017), Sally Yates is fired. Trump fires acting AG after she declines to defend travel banPresident Donald Trump fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates Monday night for "refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States," the White House said. Maddow is ON IT. Yates: Startling reality is president isn't all in for our nationSally Yates, former acting attorney general, talks with Rachel Maddow about what it means when someone is compromised by a foreign power, and Donald Trump's dismaying Helsinki summit. Forgot to include one huge, important detail - the same day KT McFarland sends that email, OBAMA does this: Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats in retaliation for US election hackingTrump repeats wish to ‘move on’ but says he will meet intelligence officials while Putin regime considers response to White House measures And from Nov. 2016 through Feb. 2017, there's this Russian diplomats keep dying unexpectedly; When Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations died suddenly in New York last week, he became the sixth Russian diplomat to die unexpectedly since November, leaving internet conspiracy theorists tryi…
  16. Rachel Maddow MSNBC‏ @maddow 4m4 minutes ago DC judge denies Manafort's motion to suppress seized evidence. I may be wrong, but - aside from a few initial rulings to slightly relax his home confinement before that was revoked and he was jailed - I think Manafort has now lost every single motion brought in both his cases.
  17. First link is worthless - just talks about some gaffes about one particular story. Should we talk about the Attorney General's bias in his summary of the report? That was laughable. Maddow is insufferable, but that doesn't prove MSM bias. That would be like me saying Tucker Carlson has a right wing bias. Pointless. I couldn't read the third link but it appeared to be the same as your first link. A story about stories on one story. Again with this fourth link, you're still just sending me links about one particular event. You've failed to send me a link showing prevalent bias across a broad range of topics.
  18. I was listening to a little bit of Rachel Maddow on NPR's Fresh Air yesterday - apparently Maddow and her producer just did a Podcast on Spiro Agnew's resignation/conviction. I only caught a little bit - but she made a very important point when comparing that era to now: The DOJ stood strong and independent in the face of political pressure to go after Agnew. Thats seems rather unlikely with Whittaker and/or Barr.
  19. Maddow made these points tonight, that Trump has previously made bizarre policy claims - they were not liberal, not conservative, not socialist nor even nationalist policy positions found anywhere in the US on three occasions now: Supposed Polish hostility on the Belarus border. The claim that Montenegro was an aggressive nation which might start WW3. And now that the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan was justified and "right." - It turns out that the Putinist Duma in conjunction with the communists are set to approve a resolution stating just that, something which few if any in the US had noticed. Eta - Maddow piece here. Summary here.
  20. for those that haven't seen Maddow from Friday it was really good and ties together the collusion / conspiracy between Trump and Putin. At the end of the day, it's not that complicated....Trump is a builder (as he clearly stated when he corrected his previous lie) and wants to build in Russia, Putin says sure but there are the pesky sanctions that restrict our bank from financing your big building so then Trumps team (Sessions, Flynn, Cohen, McFarland) all secretly meet with the Russians about removing sanctions and all lie about it afterward. At the same time Trump, Trump Jr, Cohen, the Russians (Peskov) all told the same lie about Trump Moscow and the timing...they were all on exactly the same page and all said the same thing to Congress and the press...both Trump's team and the Russians. Then Cohen pleads, the President changes his story and the Russians change their story to coincide again. Collusion / conspiracy 101.
  21. How these two goofs didn’t know, or bother to find out, that Mueller was not up for the task of following difficult questions is hard to understand. Nadler and Schiff are both lawyers. A first-year law student wouldn’t put a witness on stand blind like that for a minute, let alone seven nationally-televised hours. But they pressed on, convinced the Special Counsel could breathe new life into a case they believed had waned only because Mueller’s long report was a “dry, prosecutorial work product” that the public couldn’t or wouldn’t digest. This in itself was crazy. Hopeful blue-staters across the country for months have indulged in readings of Mueller’s report like it was the word of God – with celebrity jackasses like Annette Bening, John Lithgow and Kevin Kline donning Rick Perry-style smart glasses to conduct televised deliverance of the gospel. The report has been hyped plenty. It’s sold hundreds of thousands of copies and has now been on the New York Times bestseller list for thirteen weeks. In #Resistance America it’s as ubiquitous as Gideon’s Bible. What Nadler and Schiff seem to have wanted was something beyond familiarity with the work, like video of Mueller calling Trump a crook that could be used in commercials. Instead, they revealed something no one expected. Now we understood why the Special Counsel avoided live exchanges across two years of being one of the most famous people on earth. When Mueller’s morning session in Nadler’s committee ended, NBC’s studio seemed like a funeral parlor. “If, uh, Democrats were looking for a pristine ten to fifteen second sound bite that made the point they wanted to make, uh, it probably didn’t happen,” said Lester Holt. Chuck Todd, who along with colleague Rachel Maddow has been one of the most energetic Russigate torchbearers, offered that on the bringing-Mueller-to-life front, the testimony was “a complete failure.” He added it “didn’t do anything to help” impeachment arguments.
  22. Interesting but probably not unexpected as the money laundering counts were considered pretty much a slam dunk with the paper trail and even without Gates testimony. Rachel Maddow @maddow 17m17 minutes ago From Manafort arraignment today -- Manafort defense counsel requests mid-September trial date (and court grants it), but Mueller's team says they're ready to go right now:
  23. Rachel Maddow MSNBC‏Verified account @maddow FollowingFollowing @maddow More "Weissmann said in court that Van Der Zwaan secretly recorded a follow up conversation in which Person A said the 'payments [to Skadden] that were public' were the tip of the iceberg."
  24. Around the Mueller report, there was a wave of gaslighting opinion pieces trying to get ahead of the actual facts with the conspiracy deep state crap. I don’t think we’ll have a clear idea of the scope of what happened in the lead up to 2016 for many years, but think as we do it will be closer to Maddow’s accounting than further.
  25. This is after the report (thanks) and shockingly Breitbart thinks Maddow was wrong. Thanks for that. Eh, Mueller doesn't find there were no tapes. Hope Hicks just testified before Congress that she was told of these rumored tapes during the campaign, well before Steele's report. That doesn't mean the tapes exist (nor that they don't) but it does reflect that Trump was concerned about them existing.