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Showing results for 'maddow' in content posted in The Russia Investigation: Mueller - "Over the course of my career, I've seen a number of challenges to our democracy.The Russian govt's effort to interfere in our election is among the most serious.".

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Found 263 results

  1. I honestly can't stand Maddow. Not her politics, although she is WAY left of me... just her approach and voice drive me nuts. I think it's a style thing, as I expect the substance to be left of my point of view and significantly I recently discovered she is on iTunes podcasts, so quite often I listen to it. ALSO: Obama WH account had everything on iTunes, live and archived WH Press Briefings. That ended 1/17/17, nothing from the WH since. Although they are keeping their YouTube account active everyday.
  2. I honestly can't stand Maddow. It's not her politics, although she is WAY left of me... just her approach and voice drive me nuts. I think it's a style thing, as I expect the substance to be left of my point of view and significantly slanted as such.
  3. Great read. Makes me question Kerry and Obama a bit more. Putin is dangerous. Remnick (New Yorker editor) was on Maddow last night and said while his magazine, the NYT and WaPo - and many other outlets - will stay after it. But there are limits to what investigative journalists can accomplish. Sooner of later this has to make it Congressional investigation or hearings, or it dies on the vine. Kerry raised the specter of a 9/11 style commission. Obama nixed it because he thought it would politicize the issue. Plus I think they underestimated Trump (as did everyone), it seemed inconceivable Clinton could lose to such a terrible candidate. In the end they probably felt the risk of destabilization & causing distrust in the election process wasn't worth it. Oops.
  4. That is a bigly story from Maddow. Haven't had a chance to read the New Yorker article yet. Wilbur Ross's Russian connection is a new one that I've seen.
  5. This is absolutely outstanding work (as Maddow discussed with Remnick and @rodg12 eluded to above): It does less to advance any new material on Russia-Trump as it does explore Putin and Russia's background, our history of policy missteps, and the convergence of every crazy, wild affair to where we are today. It's a great historical document.
  6. Rachel Maddow was all over the link between Wilbur Ross, Trump and Russian oligarchs tonight. Turned MSNBC on earlier to listen to John Schindler and her show was on before I went to bed here. Huge article upcoming in the New Yorker about all this too. But, Nunes sees nothing to investigate here?! WTF is going on.
  7. - I find it odd that Miami Herald and Maddow waited until now, Ross' confirmation, to run this story. - That really is what happened in Watergate. How did this check from CREEP end up in a plumber's account? WaPo didn't figure that on their own, the FBI gave them that. More on Bank of Cyprus here:
  8. Maddow stretched a 5 minute segment into 20 minutes. I really don't like her. in a nutshell, Rybolovlev is a really rich oligarch. He went through a nasty divorce and was looking to hide assets by paying too much for property, including paying Mr Trump $100M for a house purchased two and a half years earlier for $40M. Also, Rybolovlev does a lot of banking in Cyprus, where Wilbur Ross sits on the board. That bank is headed by the former Deutsche Bank head, where his bank had to pay a $650M penalty for laundering Russian money. Trump and Rybolovlev allegedly never met. The deal may or may not have been brokered by Ross. Bonus: Manafort, Page, and Tillerson make no sense to Americans WRT advising Trumps candidacy and/or presidency, but make a ton of sense when viewed through a Russian prism.
  9. Maddow to her credit tackling the octopus like, and possibly dangerous, Rybolovlev story. First time I've seen it covered on tv or in any MSM in terms of the Trump/Cyprus/Ross connection.
  10. Says who? All of Page, Cohen and Stone have categorically denied being contacted by the FBI or any government agency in very recent interviews. Just as they all denied having been in contact with Russian officials during the campaign (in Stones casing having prior knowledge of the DNC hacks), I believe they're again lying. They're all making a concerted effort to bury this. Again, I'm not a body language expert but in Stone's latest interview (which I'll try to find) he often shakes his head when affirming a question and nods his head when denying an allegation. Regardless, I have a really hard time believing Stone didn't have prior knowledge of the Wikileaks hacks.. He tweeted about it ~week before the Podesta email dump.. He's bragged about communicating with Assange here and again talks about having back-channel communications with Wikileaks here on Alex Jones's show. I think it's super clear that everyone within Trump's sphere of influence have constantly and consistently lied about their connections to Russia - even when it was blatantly obvious - even when there was exactly zero upside in doing so. Also, has anyone been keeping tabs on the Firtash extradition case that happened early this morning in Austria? Rachel Maddow did a really good job of covering it yesterday. Honestly, MSNBC is all over this and is essentially caught up with this thread. Anyway, Firtash was indeed granted extradition to the U.S and there are some in the media who think he'll flip like a flapjack.
  11. Maddow is saying right this minute what everyone is thinking. "Is part of the reason we got this new president not just because some foreign government tried to make that part of the reason we got this new president because his campaign worked with a foreign government to influence our election to make that outcome happen?"