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Funny things your kid has said

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Mrs. Kanil, Kaniljr (8yo), and I went skiing today.  My wife likes to listen to music while she skis and had her "Ski" playlist going.

At the end of the day, we get into the car and her phone starts automatically playing the playlist.  At one point "Hooker with a Penis" by Tool comes on.  My wife and I quickly change it before Kaniljr can see the name, or so we thought.  Right after we locked eyes in a, "that was a close one" stare....

Kaniljr: *giggle*

Mrskanil: Guess we didn't catch that one in time, haha.

Me: hah, guess not. 

*5 second passes*

Kaniljr: What's a hooker?

Me: Something you're not old enough to know. 

MrsKanil (to me): I don't even know Howe to explain that to him.  There's a lot of things we have to teach him about before we can even come close to answering that one.   That's like 5 layers deep in the onion. 

Kaniljr: What layer am I on? 

Mrskanil: your onion is still in the produce section. 

Me: 😂🤣

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On 12/7/2019 at 8:22 PM, KarmaPolice said:

A couple jems from the 4 year old this week:

1.  We pick up her 13 year old brother (for whatever reason, she has resorted to calling him "bro" or even more recently, "brah") from basketball.  I wasn't paying attention, but I hear this exasperated sigh and hear "let me roll this window down" followed by her yelling out the window (it was about 20 degrees) -- "bro, why don't you have any pants on??!!"   I just about pissed myself.  The tone of the sigh was very much like "let me roll down this window and holla at this mofo".  

2.   At her daycare, they have a letter of the week, so we have been treated to "A is for Apple" and "C is for Cookie" pictures that they have sent home of drawings, stickers, etc.   Today, I open up her take home folder and I am treated to THIS jem.

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