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Not Receiving Footballguys Emails?

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If you're on the Footballguys mailing list (either Daily Updates or Subscriber emails) but you're not receiving emails from us, the first thing to check is to see if they're being sent to your spam or bulk mail folder by a spam filter. If you do find some of our messages in there, there is normally a way to mark them as "not spam" so that they will be delivered to your inbox instead.

Some spam filters are more restrictive, though, and they will delete the message entirely rather than forward it to you if it is flagged as spam. Depending on which mail provider you use, there may be some settings you can change in your mailbox to make sure that our messages are delivered to you. Here are some settings you can check for several of the internet's largest email providers:


A special note about Yahoo mail: We have had a lot of trouble delivering mail to Yahoo this season because of changes they made in their mail system at the end of 2006. We've done everything asked of us (we've been added to their email whitelist, turned on their pet anti-spam program DomainKeys, etc.) but they still refuse to troubleshoot the problem. Through continued tweaking of our delivery settings, we have increased our mail delivery rate to Yahoo such that practically every message we send to a Yahoo address is delivered. However, delays in delivery of several days still persist and it's not uncommon for messages to go missing entirely from user's mailboxes.

The most certain remedy for the Yahoo problem is to use an alternate (non-Yahoo) address for our updates. I'll be glad to update your address for you, just let me know. But if you'd like to give Yahoo a go, here are some tips that have helped some of our folks on Yahoo mail get more reliable delivery of the Daily Updates:

1.) Check your Bulk Mail folder for our Updates. If you do find some issues in there, you can train the spam filter to not block our messages in the future by marking them as "Not Spam". I expect that this problem partially originates from people who just click the "Spam" button next to our Updates rather than just unsubscribing from the list. Having some folks marking the mails as "Not Spam" should balance this out.

2.) If you're unable to find any Updates in your Inbox or Bulk Mail, make sure that Yahoo SpamGuard is set to send suspected spam to the Bulk Email folder rather than delete it entirely. That way you can find the missing updates in the bulk mail folder and begin training it to deliver the Updates to your Inbox. Here's how to find your Bulk Mail folder and change your SpamGuard settings:

3.) Another possibility if you can't find our updates in the Bulk Mail folder or the Inbox is that Footballguys might be on your Blocked List. If there are any addresses that end with or on your Blocked List, that would cause the updates to be deleted entirely from your Yahoo account without any sort of notification. If you remove our addresses from your Blocked List, you should begin to receive the updates again. Here's how to access your Blocked List:

4.) Add Joe Bryant ( ) as a contact in your Yahoo mail account. This places mail from Joe on your "Safe List" which is supposed to cause mail sent from him to go to your Inbox by default. Here's how to do that:

5.) Set up a couple of mail filters to tell Yahoo mail to deliver any messages from Footballguys to your inbox folder. Here are the instructions on how to set that up -- instead of entering "" as the example shows, though, enter one filter for "" and a second one for "":


The first thing I would suggest is that you add "" to your Hotmail "Safe List" -- instructions on how to do that can be found here:

Another thing that may help is to add Joe Bryant's address ( to your allowed "Mailing List" senders -- here's how to do that:

Also, make sure that we're not on your "blocked list" -- here's how to check that:

If you see any addresses from or on there, go ahead and remove those.

If none of these work, then I'd be glad to add a different address to the list for you.


SBCGlobal is affiliated with Yahoo so they use a series of Yahoo!-style spam filters:

You should be able to add a message filter so that our Updates will not be filtered as spam by taking the following steps:

Open your SBCGlobal mailbox.

Click Mail Options.

Click Filters.

Click Add Filter.In the top row, labeled 'From header:' make sure Contains is selected in the pull-down menu.

Click in the text box next to that pull-down menu, then enter the domain:

At the bottom, where it says "Move the Message To:" select Inbox from the pull-down menu.

Click the Add Filter button again.

If our e-mail has been filtered to your "bulk" folder, you can train the filter to deliver our messages to your inbox by opening the message and clicking on the "This is not Spam" link next to the "From" field.

Overall, we have had some sort of delivery problem mailing to most major domains on the internet at one time or another. But one mail provider has distinguished itself as the most reliable by far.

Gmail has been without a doubt the most reliable mail provider from a delivery perspective that I have used in the last decade. Google takes a different approach than most ISPs and mail providers in that they accept and deliver to your mailbox almost every message that is sent to your mailbox. Rather than filtering mail at the mailserver level so that it is never delivered to you, not even in your spam filter, Google lets you make your own choice as to whether any particular message is spam or not. And the spam filtering mechanism they use -- a standard "spam" folder where suspected spam is delivered so that you can check occasionally and fish out anything that was misclassified as junk mail -- works better than any other default filter I've ever used. :excited: to Google for giving its users the ability to choose what messages are important to them.

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