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Excel Help!

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I hope I find the right way to explain what I am asking for!

I have a spreadsheet which displays totals for a number of departments. This information updated on a weekly basis and I need to track the weekly growth by department. I don't want to manually have to calculate the difference between this weeks total and what was last weeks. I am only provided with the new totals each week. Not what the increment was.

The spreadsheet for the departments only shows the current total. I have created a new spreadsheet to track the weekly break down. I would like to run a macro on this weekly breakdown page after each update so that the weekly total/increase is entered into the next open cell for each department.

So on this spreadsheet I would see (assuming that it is after week 2 and the department totals are: A @ 250 B @ 215):

Dept   Week1	Week2A		100		150B		15		  200
I have created a macro that calculates the weekly amount, but I am having problems moving the information into the next 'week'. Right now it just keeps pasting over week 1.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

(I am positive that the answer will be super simple - as it usually is in excel. I have no doubt in my mind that I am completely over thinking this.)

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I don't think you're explaining what you want to do very well.

Do you need help with the mechanics of moving data from one file to another?

I would just build a tab where you paste the values you get each week and then another tab that calculates the differences.

Tab A (Source Data)Dept	  Week 1	Week 2	Week 3A		 100	   250		  350B		 50		100	   400Tab B (Summary Table)Dept	  Week 1	Week 2	Week 3A		 =TabA!B2  =if(TabA!C2="","",TabA!C2-TabA!b2)  =if(TabA!D2="",""TabA!D2-TabA!C2)
You just paste a new column in your source data every time you get it and the copy/pasteformula into a new column in your summary tab.

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