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16-team IDP dynasty, start 11 IDPs

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Ok, IDP scoring:


3/sack or pick

2/FR or FF

interception/fumble return yards = 1/15

KR/PR return yards = 1/25


start DT, DE/DE, LB/LB/LB, S/S, CB/CB, IDP flex

my roster:

DT (1) - Ngata, Tom Harris, Tom Kelly

DE (2) - Jared Allen, KVB, Calais Camp, Schobel,

LB (4) - Willis, Durant, Fletcher, EJ, Akeem, Dansby

CB (2) - Josh Wilson, Tracey Porter, Sean Smith

S (2) - Dominique Barber, Roman Harper, Tyrell Johnson

this other dude is nagging the hell out of me for Willis. I'm not real inclined to drop Willis and I don't see too many holes in my defense that need filling, although my DBs are "fair". To give an idea of overall scoring, there were 8 LBs who scored 200+ and another 5 who scored 199 in 2008. He scored like a RB2 in this league.

here's his roster.

DT - Kris Jenkins, Amobi Okoye

DE - Ogunleye, Cory Redding, Terrell Suggs

LB - Barnett, Barton, Keiaho, Mayo, McRath, Phillips, Tatupu

CB - Ronde, Andre Goodman, Richard Marshall, Brynat McFadden, Alphonso Smith, Nathan Vasher

S - Al Afalva, Oshi Atogwe, Bryan Scott, Eric Weddle

if I give up Willis, I still have 5 other LBs that are good for double-digit points. In fact, all of my LBs scored at least 15 points except Dansby, who got 11.5.

I am eyeing Jerod Mayo, who should come back from injury, Oshi Atogwe since I'm a bit weak at S, and Richard Marshall. Kinda torn, as I like having 6 LB1s to play matchups with.

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Atogwe and Mayo would make me think twice, but I'm not giving up Willis' relative advantage for what could be an inconsistent safety and a linebacker you may not be able to use for over a month.

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well, he's desperate for LBs, so I offered:

I give Dansby + KVB

he gives Atogwe + Ogunleye

this also helps me a good bit with the salaries too. Not sure he'll go for it, but he doesn't have 3 starting LBs

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