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Anybody Not Believe in Global Warming Anymore? Make Your Case In Here.

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1 hour ago, The General said:

Gotcha. Yeah he’s never doing that. 

Nope. He's a dope. On a Russian rope.

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18 hours ago, Thunderlips said:

Nixon goes to old Klingon proverb that meant that only a rabid-anti Communist could engage in talks with a Communist country.

Trump is the titular head of the Republican Party.  Its agenda flows with him.  For the head of the Party who has been vehemently opposed to the idea of man made global warming to embrace the idea that it is happening would make him (and by theory, the idea of combating it) immune from it's biggest critics.  Embracing the idea that global warming is real (something his own scientists have said to be true) and then vigorously combating it would also silence just about everyone on the Left; as we've been told time and time again (with the Left leading that charge) that global warming....not same sex bathrooms or Migrant Caravans or White Nationalists or ##### Grabbing...IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO MAN KIND!!!!!!!!!

The only logical conclusion then, that if he takes that bull by the horns, fights it and makes inroads in solving the problem (and I'm assuming there'd be a fundamental, gigantic, benefical shift in both energy and environment with that effort).....he would have to legimately be viewed as having a great legacy.  


ETA: It's all mental masturbation on my part as we know he's not going to do it and continue to suck.....but it'd be interesting if he realized this. 

Legal weed and a climate 180 would probably win him another 4 years. 

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For the sceptic still saying that man cannot influence the climate

America colonisation ‘cooled Earth's climate’


Colonisation of the Americas at the end of the 15th Century killed so many people, it disturbed Earth's climate.

That's the conclusion of scientists from University College London, UK.

The team says the disruption that followed European settlement led to a huge swathe of abandoned agricultural land being reclaimed by fast-growing trees and other vegetation.

This pulled down enough carbon dioxide (CO₂) from the atmosphere to eventually chill the planet.

It's a cooling period often referred to in the history books as the "Little Ice Age" - a time when winters in Europe would see the Thames in London regularly freeze over.

"The Great Dying of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas led to the abandonment of enough cleared land that the resulting terrestrial carbon uptake had a detectable impact on both atmospheric CO₂ and global surface air temperatures," Alexander Koch and colleagues write in their paper published in Quaternary Science Reviews.


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1 hour ago, KarmaPolice said:

Sweet.  So if the US just colonized the world and killed off everybody, we would solve global warming?


Wouldn't have to be all of the world. Maybe China? Trick is that the plants get to take over afterwards, so no nukes

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