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Backyard Brawl IV

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A good mix of owners that I've played with before and owners that I've never played with. Looking forward to it.

That's why I just said "in" - play with a few guys, but some names I don't recognize. Always good :unsure:
This looks like a good active group, which was certainly an appeal for me along with the format. Thanks for getting this together Patoons, well done!
I can't speak for everyone in the list (and I'm not even sure at this point if I'm in).....but I play with quite a few of these guys in other leagues as well as BBIII (EBF, jwb) and they are definitely very active. I know jwb and myself check in multiple times a day even in the middle of the offseason.
Alright Let's " Rock & Roll!!!!!!"

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Give me a few to get everything gathered together for emails, etc. and I'll send out site info and payment info.Once we're paid up, we'll roll.We have an alternate should someone drop off or get scared away by the fierce competition here.

Alright let's ROCK & ROLL

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