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Jeff Pasquino

Looking for Leagues Advice

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Be sure to do the following to help fill your leagues:

1. Location should be included in the Topic Description (i.e. Maryland, DC, Seattle, Dallas, Online, etc.)

2. Also good info in the Topic Description - big rules that are in your league. PPR? 2QBs? IDP? Keeper? Dynasty?

3. In the body, provide info on:

a. Pricing

b. Rosters

c. Draft format

d. Rules

e. Time and place (if live)

f. Waiver rules

g. Site costs / host

h. Prizes / payout

i. Playoff structure

j. Anything else important

4. If at all possible, include a link to the league from last year

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Excellent advice Jeff.

One thing I'd add is that I'd strongly encourage a 3rd party to hold the money. I am biased on this as my good friend Paul Charchian runs and owns and I totally recommend that product. I've seen friendships strained and even broken over the money part of leagues. It's a complete drag to win your league and then struggle to collect your winnings. Something like takes that out of play. Fantastic service and I highly recommend it.


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