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California Vacation - Help!

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So what initiated as a 4 day trip to Vegas has turned into a 6 day trip to California. And the more I read as I attempt to plan our week the more confused I get. So I am hoping that I can get some tips from either residents of the area or some fellow travelers who may have recently completed a similar vacation.

Probably important for you to know that this trip will be for 2 couples - no kids.

The rough plan is as follows:

Monday - fly into SF

Tuesday - SF

Wednesday - SF

Thursday - drive down the Pacific Highway to currently unknown destination.

Friday - continue drive on PCH to LA

Saturday - Universal Studios

Sunday - Fly home from LAX or Santa Ana.

It's very up on the air at the moment, as we may start in Anaheim instead of SF. The short list of things to do on the wish list would be:

*Catch a baseball game along the way

*Do the tour of Alcatraz

*Misc shopping

*Eat like a pig

I know that a week is a very small period of time to attempt to cover the ground listed above, but unfortunately our trip can't be expanded outside of those timelines because of work and school schedules.

So any suggestions, tips, tricks... restaurants we HAVE to eat at... shops or unique stores we need to hit up?

Thanks in advance!!

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