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Dispersal Draft for 10-team Dynasty League

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Edit: Filled, thanks

4 spots are available in our 10-team dynasty league. Pretty standard rules, with no IDP, .5 PPR, and 2 flex. There will be a dispersal draft for new owners, followed by a rookie draft for all owners. Every new team will have a full slate of picks in the rookie draft. Lots of good players available: Adrian Peterson, Mendenhall, Gore, Moreno, Andre Johnson, Roddy White, Nicks, Fitz, DJax, Bowe, Mike Wallace, Tampa Mike Williams, Finley, Vick, Brees, and more (see the last post at that link).

Complete rules are here and here. Some highlights: start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 flex (R/W/T), 1 Def, 1 PK. 24 man rosters, plus 1 IR and 2 taxi squad spots (for rookies). $40 buyin with leaguesafe, 100% payout after site fees ($200 1st, $90 2nd, $40 3rd, $70 site fees). In-season waivers with blind bidding. 4 teams make the playoffs, played weeks 15 & 16. 5 round rookie draft.

The dispersal draft will be a 24-round, 4-team snake draft for the new owners, with draft order assigned randomly. It will take place as soon as the new owners have paid and agreed on a time (probably a Saturday afternoon, hopefully within the next few weeks). The 6 returning teams keep their rosters from last season.

Rookies will not be available in the dispersal draft. The rookie draft will take place about a week after the dispersal draft (which leaves time for trades). The teams that left finished 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th last year, so new owners will have the 5th-8th slots in the rookie draft, in the reverse of the dispersal draft order (so if you pick first in the dispersal draft you'll pick 8th in the rookie draft, and if you're last in the dispersal draft you'll be 5th in the rookie draft).

PM me with your email address if you'd like to join.

For those who are curious about the league's history: the league started a year ago with three friends (including the commissioner) and 7 other people recruited online. This offseason the three friends decided to leave the league, and one other owner dropped out, but the other 6 of us all had a good time and are continuing the league. One of us (me) took over as commissioner and now we're looking for 4 committed owners who will keep the league going strong for years to come.

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2 spots left.

Edit: and now 0 left, so I'll remove my email address.

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