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I thought with the season in a lockout, why not do something different.....Draft the worst team ever.

The Roster is fantasy style, but represents real NFL performances full of 1 QB, 3 WRS, 2 RBs, TE, K, and Team Defense. (9 rounds)

Feel free to draft past or present players, they had to be taken in the first round of the NFL draft and started at least 8 games in their career.

This should be fun, I'm looking for 10 to 14 drafters and this is nothing but to see who can draft the worst team and discuss it.

As soon as we get enough we will roll then draft.

Bet my team will suck worse then yours, but that happens to me when I dont even try, lol!

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LOL, yup guess this wont be fun at all. :rolleyes:

Seen something on ESPNs First Take that was like was entertaining.

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