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DD enhancement requests

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There are many things I like about DD, but also have some feature/enhancement requests (I suppose for next year):

- The most painful part of the drafting to me, is synchronizing DD with the current picks. Yahoo has a Draft API ( I'd love to see it integrated -- top priority to getting the picks, much lower to actually submitting a draft pick through the DD interface.

- "type-down" autocomplete search. In the player pool, when searching it would be nice to hide players that do not match the search. For instance, after typing in "pie", only

Pierre Garcon

Pierre Thomas

would show (if both were undrafted), with the higher ranked player selected.

- I feel like there are too many clicks to draft a player. If drafting with a few auto-pick players, the draft can go very very fast. It would be nice to have a way to use the keyboard alone to draft a player.

- In the Yahoo draft interface, Draft results are displayed with the most recent picks at the top. It would be nice to be able to sort the Draft Summary window by pick in the same manner.

- A few online vendors list draft picks based on the overall number rather than round.number -- which makes it hard to track the Draft Summary to their interface. Perhaps have a configuration that can switch between the 2 on the right side? (ie, swap between 3.03 and 27 in a 12 team league)

- I've found that I somewhat frequently miss someone's pick, and thus have to back out several picks and re-enter. I usually figure this out when its my pick and am up against the clock :(. I'd like a way to quickly/easily return a player to the player pool in the Draft Summary window -- right clicking and selecting the "return" option is pretty painful for several selections. Better yet, rethink this use case and invent a new way to get reset (for instance, perhaps an option to 'insert missed player here', which would move all the following players down one pick would work.

- Setup: for points/yard, have an inverse box (yards per point). CBS and Yahoo both list their scoring as yards per point -- whereas the DDT setup has points per yard. Either a)allow users to enter in yards per point (either next to the ppy box or by default) or do the calculation for them and show what the conversion would be (in a non editable manner (box entry = .04; "25 yards per point"

- Setup:Several draft tools have a quick setup for the popular provider's default settings -- that is, choose Yahoo/CBS/ESPN, and have their default settings populate.

Thanks for the consideration!

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