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Trade for playoffs

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I'm in a dynasty idp league, but due to some owners not drafting well or making bad trades and turnover, the commish is requiring a redraft in the spring.  We will be allowed 3 IOPs and 3 IDPs. The champion and possibly runner up may get to keep a 7th keeper.

I currently have a bye in the first round of the playoffs and the other guy that has a bye is inquiring about either Kam Chancellor or Tyvon Branch.  From what I've read, Kam's stock seems to be falling a little due to him having to play coverage more than coming up in the box.  Because of that I feel he would be better off possibly trading over Branch.  The owner has also mentioned interest in Timmons. A couple of players he's thrown out for possible trade is Colin McCarthy and London Fletcher.

Would Kam for McCarthy be a reasonable trade for weeks 15-16 and possibly one of my 3-4 IDP keepers for the dynasty redraft?  If you could throw Chancellor and Timmons for a trade, who would you suggest targeting based on my and his IDP rosters listed below? I know Suggs and Allen are 2 of his keepers.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.  I'm just trying to better my roster for the championship and possibly upgrade my keepers for next season.

Scoring:  FR=3 pts, FF=3 pts, IDP TDs=6 pts, Ints Caught=3 pts, PD=2 pts/1, Tkls=2 pts, Assts=1 pt, Sacks=3 pts/.5, TFL=3 pts, Safety=4 pts

Start: 1 DT, 2 DE, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S, 1 IDP flex

My IDP Roster and scoring through week 13:

Garay, Antonio SDC DT 99.50

Patterson, Mike PHI DT 84.30

Taylor, Phil CLE DT 127.80

Hardy, Greg CAR DE 132.00

Johnson, Michael CIN DE 103.40

Peppers, Julius CHI DE 194.40

Smith, Justin SFO DE 137.90

Anderson, James CAR LB 204.40

Barwin, Connor HOU LB 165.70

Bowman, Navorro SFO LB 234.00

Chaney, Jamar PHI LB 190.50

Dunbar, Jo-Lonn NOS LB 127.00

Hayes, Geno TBB LB 120.40

Howard, Thomas CIN LB 141.80

Smith, Daryl JAC LB 185.70

Timmons, Lawrence PIT LB 122.00

Harris, Chris DEN CB 106.50

King, Justin STL CB (P) 147.50

Rogers, Carlos SFO CB 140.50

Smith, Sean MIA CB 107.00

Woodson, Charles GBP CB 197.86

Youboty, Ashton JAC CB (Q) 40.40

Bethea, Antoine IND S 178.50

Branch, Tyvon OAK S 180.00

Chancellor, Kam SEA S 176.10

Coleman, Kurt PHI S 143.50

Manning, Danieal HOU S (P) 103.84

His IDP Roster and scoring through week 13:

Ngata, Haloti BAL DT 172.60

Allen, Jared MIN DE 299.20

Mincey, Jeremy JAC DE 121.10

Robison, Brian MIN DE 118.50

Suggs, Terrell BAL DE 238.80

Tuck, Justin NYG DE (P) 78.20

Belcher, Jovan KCC LB 129.50

Bishop, Desmond GBP LB (O) 244.30

Fletcher, London WAS LB (P) 233.30

Hill, Leroy SEA LB 176.60

Jackson, D'Qwell CLE LB 270.00

Laurinaitis, James STL LB 252.30

Mays, Joe DEN LB 137.50

McCarthy, Colin TEN LB (P) 114.00

McClain, Jameel BAL LB 138.50

Woodley, LaMarr PIT LB (P) 168.90

Haden, Joe CLE CB 135.00

Jefferson, A.J. ARI CB 137.62

Talib, Aqib TBB CB 129.50

Webster, Corey NYG CB 127.00

Babineaux, Jordan TEN S 192.10

Burnett, Morgan GBP S 176.60

Godfrey, Charles CAR S 173.70

Landry, LaRon WAS S (O) 110.80

Mikell, Quintin STL S 173.30

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Lot of info to digest here but this would be my take on your situation.

Obviously you are playing to win now but you always have to keep next year

in mind as well when there are keepers involved. I really liked Chancellor

earlier in the year but his steady decline may have to do with more than

just playing more coverage. That is part of it but I am also seeing a

Seattle defense/team that has improved as the season has worn on. That

translates to fewer opportunities. In the last 5 games the Seattle defense

has averaged 65.6 snaps. Over the 5 games before that they averaged 77.6.

That is roughly 15% fewer opportunities. I also have to wonder if fatigue

may be a factor. He's a young guy and a first year starter. I like him and

believe he will continue to be good in the future, I'm just not sold that he

will be the stud he was over the first half of this season. Lawrence Timmons

has been a huge disappointment. He wasn't producing even before they

shuffled him to OLB. He has a ton of potential but if you remember, his

numbers slid hard over the final few games last year. Both guys are young

and could be monsters for a long time, but neither of them are a sure thing.

As for your roster situation, keep in mind that Anderson may not be as

strong next year when Beason comes back. That said, I would jump on

Chancellor for McCarthy then keep Bowman, McCarthy and Branch or Peppers.

You really need to win that extra keeper :)

If you can throw Timmons into a deal that will get you McCarthy and another

quality LB (Fletcher maybe), I think it would greatly improve your chances

of winning this year. Remember that Fletcher is 36 years old. He is not a

long term keeper for you. Looking at his roster, with Bishop hurt I don't

know if he can afford to give up 2 good linebackers though.

I really like what I am seeing from McCarthy. Ruud signed a one year deal

and I really think the job is already McCarthy's long term. The Titans MLB

position has been gold in recent years and McCarthy is probably the best

player they have had there in a decade. If you can get your hands on him you

need to do it, both for now and the future.

Best of luck to you,


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