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New Contract/Salary Dynasty

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Some features of the new league.



*Initial Veteran Draft

*Rookie Draft

*RFA Auction

*Locked Player Waiver Request

*Blind Bidding Waiver Request


*Franchise Players


*IDP Relevance - meaning IDPs will score enough points to potentially make a difference

*Contract Renegotiation

*Contract Extensions

*16 teams

* 4 divisions

*40 man rosters

*Taxi Squad


*Carry over cap

*Salary Cap fines ?

Buy in will be relatively inexpensive. About $25.

Here are links to the home page and setup.

Home: http://www6.myfantas...11/home/52798#0

Scoring: http://football6.myf...ns?L=52798&O=09

Basic Bylaws: http://football6.myf...ns?L=52798&O=26

2011 Top Scorers based on scoring system: http://football6.myf...ns?L=52798&O=08

If you are interested read the rules in the link below titled "Specific Contract Bylaws."

If you want in you will read them and become familiar with them.

SPECIFIC Contract Bylaws: http://webpages.char...FL%20Bylaws.htm

We have 7 of the 16 spots filled......Would like to start drafting shortly after the NFL draft......

IF.....AFTER becoming familiar with the SPECIFIC Contract Bylaws you would like to be considered for a team....

Do the following:

1. Contact me at

2. Tell me about yourself and your experience

3. Name your team if accepted.

4. Tell me why you want in this particular league. (i.e. what particular rule(s) or feature(s) you like etc)

Give me a reason to select you. I want active dedicated owners only. who can follow instructions.

It is important that you follow these instructions. You will not be selected if you can not follow instructions.

I look forward to hearing from you.



I have been commishing leagues for over 10 years.

The following link is to a league entering its 11th year.


I have references if you want them....

Several leagues that I started still operate with new commishes.

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Bumping this up.....still need a few more.....

If you like a challenge this one is for you.....

We have a good field shaping up

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