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Brand New - 12 Team Dynasty $50 PPR & NO IDP

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Looking for as many owners as we can find. Will fill as many leagues as possible.

Commish Setups league and does not participate in league. This way everything to 100% Fair. NO BS in any of my leagues. No Worries about being Paid at end of year.

4 Leagues filled already, 5th started.


Website/Commish Fee= $90

Total Pts Winner = $75

Superbowl Runner-up =$135

Champion= $300


Brand Spanking New 12-Team Dynasty League...

Hope to plan a draft soon, meaning before the NFL Rookie Draft in April. This way we can have a 2 round ROOKIE Draft in May or June.

Draft order will be determined by a draft order generator. You will be emailed by website of your Draft position after all 12 teams are in. And Rookie draft will be the reverse order.

League Structure

The League will consist of FOUR divisions (North, South, East & West) with 3 teams each. Divisions will remain intact from the inception of the league unless otherwise voted on by the owners. The system used to originate initial divisions will be:

North: Teams drafting - 1, 5, 9

South: Teams drafting - 2, 6, 10

East: Teams drafting - 3, 7, 11

West: Teams Drafting - 4, 8, 12

League Management

The principle commissioner of the league will be Steve Milewski. will be hired to provide the league’s web based service. All principle owners involved will determine all the particulars of the PFFFL with the league commissioner having the final say.

Scoring Discrepancies

If for any reason a scoring discrepancy is discovered it must first be brought to the attention of the league commissioner who in turn will notify website. All scoring discrepancies must be submitted to the league commissioner by midnight Wednesday of each given week.

Disputes / Appeals Regarding League Rules

All disputes and appeals must be submitted to the league commissioner whereas he will utilize the rules and regulations governing the FFFL to make all decisions. The league commissioner’s decisions are considered final but a call for an impartial vote by all league members can be called to decide an issue. Each perspective league owner can only do this once a year and the league vote is final.

Team Management

The FFFL commissioner is not responsible for any problem or technical malfunction, which impedes or interferes with the transmission or receipt of any team transaction, including but not limited to starting lineup submissions. If for some reason there is a down time experienced with our web host, all principle owners can submit an email to the league commissioner, reporting the lapse and submit any information pertaining to free agent moves and starting lineup submissions. These emails are time stamped which eliminates collusion. Once the experienced down time has been repaired, the league commissioner will update all information pertaining to starting lineups and free agent acquisitions. The commissioner will also send an email to another fellow league member if these issues pertain to his franchise, to eliminate collusion on the part of the commissioner. I would also like to see any problems posted on message board also.


Any participants, who collude in an effort to dishonestly try and gain an advantage over their fellow league members, will be disbanded from the league and will forfeit all winnings. If for any reason a team owner suspects collusion amongst fellow league members, it should be brought to the attention of the league commissioner. At that time an investigation will be conducted.

Team Competitiveness (The Don Rule)

Participants are expected to run their franchises in a professional manner throughout the entirety of the Fantasy season. By not doing so, you could indirectly impact other franchises based on your actions. As such, any infractions of this league clause will be penalized as follows:

1st Strike: Official warning.

2nd Strike: 2 week ban on Transactions.

3rd Strike: Say ByeBye....Your Out of the League.

A clear infraction of the team competitiveness clause will include starting a player on a bye week, a player on the NFL IR/PUP list (or otherwise known to be "out"), or a player who is a non-fantasy contributor. The league office reserves the right to evaluate "grey" circumstances and enforce the above penalty schedule when deemed appropriate. Note that multiple infractions in a given week will be defined as one occurrence opposed to the # of players involved equaling one occurrence each (i.e.: a team that starts 3 players who are on a bye in week 8 will be viewed as one occurrence).

Also note that all potential violations will be objectively evaluated on a case by case basis. The purpose of this clause is not to unfairly penalize franchises. Rather, the ultimate goal is to uphold league integrity and ensure GMs aren't directly and/or indirectly impacted by neglectful GM activity (otherwise known as "tanking"). Obviously, the best way to avoid this coming up is to take the few minutes each week to ensure you're fielding your most competitive lineup. Please don't hesitate to consult the league office on premeditated starting lineup decisions that you feel could be viewed as controversial.

12. Fantasy Season

Regular Season : Week’s 1-13, Playoffs week’s 14-15 and the Championship Game is Week 16.

Playoffs : The 4 Division Winners, plus 3 wildcard teams regardless of division make playoffs.

Teams will be seeded 1-7 ( record, h2h, Division rec., total points)

Top seed receives first round byes in playoffs. 2 vs. 7 3 vs.6 4 vs.5

Our seeding system hit a snag , 2 years ago we just had a rare occasion where there was a 4 way tie for the #6 & #7 Spots. So between the 4 teams we had to tally their records between each other to decide who made it to the playoffs

2. Roster Size

Each roster will consist of 20 Players:


3. Starting Lineup

Each Starting Lineup much consist of 8 Players:

Types of Offenses you can run:

#1 - 1 QB, 2 RB’S, 2 WR’S, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF

#2 - 1 QB, 1 RB, 3 WR’S, 1TE, 1K, 1 DEF

#3 - 1 QB, 3 RB’S, 1 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF

#4 - 1 QB, 1RB, 2WR’S, 2 TE’S, 1 K, 1 DEF

#5 – 1QB, 2RB’S, 1WR, 2TE’S, 1K, 1DEF

Starting lineups are due 1 minute before kickoff of the First Game of that Week. Normally Sunday @ 12:59pm.

If you do not turn in your lineup, the lineup you used the week before will be used. Remember some games are scheduled on Thursday and Saturdays. So make sure your lineup is correct before these games start. And always double check your players bye weeks.


Trading among teams is permitted as long as an act of collusion or roster dumping is not witnessed. A trade becomes final once both teams have accepted the terms of the trade and submitted it to the commissioner and approved..


A trade can be protested by any team not involved in the trade by submitting an email to the league office. If the league office receives 3 emails in protest of a trade, a league wide vote will be held regarding the trade in question. The teams involved in the trade will not be allowed to vote on the legitimacy of the trade. A trade must receive 6 votes against the trade to be vetoed. Only trades with evidence of collusion that you can substantiate will be considered in a protest.

10. Scoring

It is loaded in the website based on the agreement of the owners and can only be amended in the off-season two weeks prior or earlier to the start of the NFL regular season.


6 pts for every TD rushed/recieved

4 pts for every TD pass. –2 every INT. –1 every fumble lost.

0.10 pts for every 1 yard rushed/received combined.

0.04pts for every 1 yd. Passed.

2pts. for every 2pt conversion rushed.

1pt for every 2pt conversion td pass/received.

1point for every reception.

3pts for FG’s. 4pts for FG’s 50+. 5pts FG’s 60+ (-1 Missed inside 35yds)

1pt PAT. –2 missed PAT


6pts for every TD.

2pts for every Safety.

10pts for Shutout

4pts for 2 – 10 points allowed by Def.

2pts for 11 – 16 points allowed by Def.

0 pts for 17 – 27 points allowed by Def.

-2 pts for 28 – 36 points allowed by Def.

-4 pts for 37+ points allowed by Def.

1pt blocked kicks (punts/fg/pat)

1pt for every team sack

2pts for every turnover.

heres a sample of one of my leagues getting ready to draft next week...

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commish fee??? what do you think you are actually running a real league? and does the commish have a team? and is he allowed to win the money?

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Payment held by leaguesafe? No drawback at all for this, as there is a 0 cost option, and it provides comfort of mind that the commish can not take the funds and run.

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Fellas, I'm sick of seeing people getting ripped off by scam artists on theses forums. I started my website for the hell of it, and have been getting alot of good reviews. So I decided to run Leagues as Commish without playing in leagues. It gets my website name out there, and it brings more hits to website. I have had many poeple like the fact of playing in a league where commish does not also have a team. 100% fair, NO B.S.

Let me know and I can place you in a league. thanks

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4 12 man leagues filled (2 already drafting for next year.) Live draft with 12hour window to make selections. it accommodates everyone in all time zones. One of my leagues has a guy from EUROPE in it... thats awesome...

1 16team league filled plus a couple others half full looking for more..

all these leagues have formed since the New Year...

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