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Greatest All-Time 1B

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Looking at the 1B position there is no way I can do the voting in the Poll format. Just too many great players that won't even get a vote if you can only award points to 4 players. Sooo, going to ask you to rank your top 10 first basemen and give them points 10 down to 1. (10 to your all-time best, 9 for second, etc...)

This will be the first position to deal with the "steroid" issue. How you want to deal with that is totally up to you.

Also, there are guys like Allen and Killebrew who played multiple positions but I feel they are best identified at 1B. They played a large chunk of their most productive years at first base. Don't know what I'll do with guys like Rose, Molitor, Guererro.

I've listed 25 players I feel should be considered (games @ 1B/ Offensive WAR), but feel free to rank whoever you'd like. Just remember not comparing players pre-1900 or Negro League players.

Thanks, I know this may take a bit more work.

games@1B - Player - oWAR

807 - Dick Allen - 71.8

2111 - Jeff Bagwell - 76.3

1943 - Norm Cash - 47.9

1683 - Orlando Cepeda - 46.9

997 - Frank Chance - 42.8

1889 - Will Clark - 56.6

1767 - Carlos Delgado - 48.7

1919 - Jimmie Foxx - 93.2

2137 - Lou Gehrig - 119.8

1138 - Hank Greenberg - 55.7

2001 - Todd Helton - 50.1

2014 - Keith Hernandez - 47.8

969 - Harmon Killebrew - 68.7

2045 - Willie McCovey - 72.9

1763 - Mark McGwire - 66.7

1667 - Johnny Mize - 67.6

2413 - Eddie Murray - 60.2

2053 - John Olerud - 47.1

2139 - Rafael Palmeiro - 61.9

1778 - Tony Perez - 49.6

1335 - Albert Pujols - 77.4

1971 - George Sisler - 49.0

1579 - Bill Terry - 48.1

971 - Frank Thomas - 83.2

1102 - Jim Thome - 75.1

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1. Lou Gehrig

2. Albert Pujols

3. Jimmie Foxx

4. Jeff Bagwell

5. Willie McCovey

6. Frank Thomas

7. Mark McGwire

8. Harmon Killebrew

9. Johnny Mize

10.Hank Greenberg

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1. Gehrig

2. Foxx

those are easy

3. Pujols

4. Greenberg

5. Thomas

6. Mize

7. Bagwell

I think that's the next tier, though you could argue that Mize/Bagwell should be on their own in tier 3 and Pujols/Greenberg/Thomas should be tier 2 by themselves.

8. McGwire

9. Thome

10. McCovey

There are honestly a half-dozen guys who could be in these 3 spots. I feel bad leaving Helton out even with his Coors-inflated numbers.

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Tougher than I expected -

my top 3 are no brainers:




my next tier I am comfortable with -





the last three it becomes difficult when factiong in offense/defense and longevity, I settled on -




but Killebrew, Palmeiro, Allen and McGwire have legitimate claims. I only really feel bad about Killebrew and Allen, since Raffy and McGwire had the steroid cloud. I would bump Mize but I think his longetivity puts him ahead of them. Thomas has a sorter longevity - but he was SUCH a best I couldn't leave him off.

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Well, I had a feeling this format would crash and burn. Just no good way that I can figure doing it with the easy "poll" option. And I don't want to just limit you to voting on 4 of these guys.

Too bad, I was looking forward to the 2nd base and Left Field votes.

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Bruce Bochte

You're not helping!!! :hot:

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Is Jim Thome really a 1B?

Rod Carew started more games at 1B than he did

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