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Balanced Scoring between Offense and IDPs?

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I am looking to balance out my scoring between the offensive side and the IDP side, does anybody have a good balanced scoring system that they would be willing to share?

Here are the starting lineups for each.






Defensive Tackle

Defensive End


Corner back


The IDPs are broken down into individual positions.




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touchdowns = 6pts

everything works off that premise

My league leans towards big plays (turnovers & sacks) and awards no points for dumb assists. Do your offensive players get points for Targets? Exactly.

Ignore Off position - we use it to score Offensive Line.

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Hi Mean Jene,

Is the link u posted here , still relevent & recomemended by you for IDP equal D/O points setting .. or you have more update one u advice more nowdays?


Hi James JBL,

plz advice me back reffering my survivor win prize in our great Oswego MFL league u comi$h


Many thanks, Amit

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A big part for us has always been the offset of player #'s.

Since nobody utilizes offensive linemen in their fantasy stats, we use more IDPs then Offense.

7/8 incl kicker 10/11 for defense.

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Here's my league's scoring system:

In my league, the Top 223 valued players (guys signed at $2.0m+ contracts) were:
9 Safeties
5 Cornerbacks
48 Linebackers

20 Defensive Ends

6 Defensive Tackles

14 Tight Ends

60 Wide Receivers

38 Running Backs

23 Quarterbacks

It's balanced in many ways, but probably not the ones you're talking. Do you mean equal offensive and defensive players will be drafted in the top 100 picks? Do you mean they score similar amounts? You pay a price w/ IDP because year-over-year, their performances are less predictable/consitent than offensive players, so even if there is similar scoring magnitudes and even gradient between offense and defense (which would be very difficult; you usually have to pick one or the other because IDPs are more clustered in fantasy totals), IDPs would still be de-valued due to inconsistency.

Feel free to just multiply every defensive position scoring option by 2 in my league if that helps. But just as importantly, it depends on how deep your roster is. Do you just have 1 player at each of the positions mentioned? You can award really big points if you want, but I recommend going full IDP (11 IDP starters) if you want to go about balancing in a less artificial way.

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You can use this as a baseline to work from:

One of the founding principles in this league was that O as a whole would out score D as a whole by a bit, so that we could subtract one team's O from their opponent's D and vice-versa to get a final score in the 25 pt range give or take. So we'd have final scores of something like 27.3 - 21.8. More along the point range of a real game. Unfortunately couldn't support the subtracting of cumulative units of one team from the cumulative units of the other, so we just went with cumulative points per team each week.

The scoring is a little more complicated. There are return yds, graduated ppr, QBs get pts for completions lose for incompletions lose on sacks and sack yards given. It also includes punters.

But 12 years ago the O side averaged just under 125 ppg and the D just over 99 ppg. This past year the O averaged just over 130 ppg while the D averaged just over 99.5 ppg.

If you are interested, I'm thinking you could bump tackles and assists up just a bit - maybe from 1.2/0.6 to 1.5/0.75 and it would get you close to balance between the O and the D.

You're welcome to use any of the concepts and scoring we used. The league bylaws that include flex starting on O & D are here:

Good luck!

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BTW, a great tool for building and testing a league's starting/scoring requirements is FFLM. When I set up the league above I used 5 years worth of stats to get the balance/scoring we wanted. Use FFLM and an Excel SS and you can probably get to where you want to be in a few hours. If you start getting proficient at it, it will take a lot less. It uses all the same itemization that mfl does and imports directly.

Sounds like a lot of work, but given that you want the league to run correctly from the onset and you probably want to manipulate and test while you are working it out, it's time very well spent IMO. And it's a free download.

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This one is a little complex but all my league members liked it.

Pretty much tried to bring in every stat meaningful even some return yards

I also moved the decimal point so scores look like real NFL scores instead of 300 - 250.

Top 100*&DISPLAY=points&TEAM=*

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