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Need 2 Owners for Dynasty Dispersal

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I am looking for 2 owners for a dispersal draft in the following PPR Dynasty League. It is run on MFL and uses LeagueSafe. Entry fee is typically $100 but will be discounted to $80 for this year plus a $20 deposit for 2013. All rules and scoring information is available at the league site here. Please contact me if interested. League is run by non-participating commissioner. I would like to get the 2 team dispersal draft going as soon as possible. The pool of dispersal players and picks is as follows:

Bradford, Sam STL QB - 5

Gabbert, Blaine JAC QB - 9

Manning, Peyton DEN QB (Q) - 6

Orton, Kyle DAL QB - 5

Brown, Ronnie PHI RB - 7

Carter, Delone IND RB - 11

Gore, Frank SFO RB - 7

Greene, Shonn NYJ RB - 8

Snelling, Jason ATL RB - 8

Thomas, Daniel MIA RB - 5

Tolbert, Mike CAR RB - 9

Tomlinson, LaDainian NYJ RB - 8

Ware, Danny NYG RB - 7

Alexander, Danario STL WR - 5

Bennett, Earl CHI WR - 8

Henderson, Devery NOS WR - 11

Jackson, Vincent TBB WR - 8

Lloyd, Brandon NEP WR - 7

Washington, Nate TEN WR - 6

Williams, Roy CHI WR - 8

Young, Titus DET WR - 9

Gronkowski, Rob NEP TE (Q) - 7

Crosby, Mason GBP PK - 8

Giants, New York NYG Def - 7

Jets, New York NYJ Def - 8

Saints, New Orleans NOS Def - 1

Cassel, Matt KCC QB (P) - 6

Flacco, Joe BAL QB - 5

Bush, Reggie MIA RB - 5

Jones, Felix DAL RB - 5

Jones, Taiwan OAK RB - 8

Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB - 9

Woodhead, Danny NEP RB - 7

Armstrong, Anthony WAS WR - 5

Baldwin, Jon KCC WR - 6

Breaston, Steve KCC WR - 6

Harvin, Percy MIN WR (P) - 9

Holmes, Santonio NYJ WR - 8

Ochocinco, Chad NEP WR - 7

Owens, Terrell FA* WR - -

Simpson, Jerome CIN WR - 7

Smith, Steve CAR WR - 9

Thomas, Mike JAC WR - 9

Gresham, Jermaine CIN TE - 7

Heap, Todd ARI TE - 6

Pettigrew, Brandon DET TE - 9

Winslow, Kellen TBB TE - 8

Bironas, Rob TEN PK - 6

Janikowski, Sebastian OAK PK - 8

Bears, Chicago CHI Def - 8

Redskins, Washington WAS Def - 5

Rookie/FA Draft Picks Available:








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Can you give more details - how many teams there are in the league? Payouts, et?

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Ive been in this league since it was a startup (going on year 4). It is an excellent league with a great bunch of owners. The commissioner (Matt) does a fantastic job running things, I do not recall any problems the previous three years. I can personally vouch for timely payouts, Ive been paid within two days of Leaguesafe releasing the funds.

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Still looking for 2 dispersal owners. Highlights include Rob Gronkowski, Peyton Manning, 1.3 Pick, Frank Gore, Shonn Greene, Vincent Jackson, Steve Smith, and Percy Harvin.

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We have an active group and would like to get 2 quality dispersal owners on board so we can get going with our offseason schedule.

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I am in this league and can vouch for the commish and the other members. I know the available player pool is not great, but the other members are pretty active when it comes to trading, so you would have a chance to improve quickly...

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