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Baseball - - AL-Only $100 Auction League Seeks One Owner

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AL-only auction keeper league in its fifth season has a vacancy.

This is a ten-team league, standard 5x5 rotisserie categorical scoring, keep minimum five, maximum ten from year to year. Active rosters are 14 hitters (C, C, 1, 2, 3, SS, MI, CI, 5 OF, UT/DH) and 9 pitchers (any variety, although there is a minimum IP floor), plus a 17-man reserve roster. The active roster is acquired by Auction, and the reserve roster by a subsequent 17-round snake Draft. Active-roster salary cap is $260 on Auction Day, expanding to $300 thereafter for the remainder of the season. There are weekly transactions, trading until September, and weekly FA claims; each team gets $100 FAAB.

Each offseason, all players who are not rookies in MLB get a $5 raise in salary. Rookies/minor leaguers stay at the same salary until called up and can be kept for several seasons (no time limit) if desired.

Entry fee is $100. The CBS stat fee is about $130 to $140; first and second place get cash prizes, while the finishers in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th get salary reductions off of one player the following season. No trade or transaction fees (except for September roster expansion, in which franchises can add one hitter and/or one pitcher whose salaries don't count for the rest of the season; there is a fee for this). All dues minus the cost of the stat fee go into the prize pool.

We'll be expanding to 11 teams next season when the DisAstros switch over, but for 2012 this will remain a ten-team league.

Online Auction and Draft via CBS to be held on Sunday, April 15 at 1 P.M. Eastern/10 A.M. Pacific. Usually takes about four hours to complete, maybe less. Owners from anywhere are welcome; we have several in California, and the rest on the East Coast (NYC/NJ/Philly/Toronto, well, okay, close to the East Coast). It's a great bunch of guys, very collegial, active traders, highly competitive. This vacancy was a surprise disappointment and we're looking to fill it with a competitive, fundamentally nice person (imagine!) right away. The orphaned team has a decent keeper list:

[salaries shown are already adjusted for 2012]

(actives: 5)

M. Carp, SEA $6

C. Figgins, SEA $6

E. Aybar, LAA $14

I. Nova, NYY $9

J. Verlander, DET $32

(minor league reserves: 4)

A. Romine, NYY $2

M. Olt, TEX $2

J. Sale, TB $5

J. Turner, DET $5

Any owner taking over the team has three choices:

(1) Take the team as shown above;

(2) Cut it down further if you don't like some of the keepers, down to no fewer than the minimum five (not the preferred option but we'll consider it);

(3) Start from scratch with $260 to spend at the Auction and no retained players. The above guys go back into the pool for the Auction.

It's a solid league, and lots of fun. If interested, please PM me here on FBG or e-mail me here. All questions and inquiries welcome. Thanks for reading.

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