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Victor Cruz

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Im rebuilding a dynasty team. Its a 20 team league and we have to start at least 3 WR but up to 5 so Wide receivers come at a prem. I have someone in my league that has Victor Cruz with 1 year left on his contract. Im trying to work a deal with him but he is being stubborn lol.

We have this thing in the league where 1 person has the ability to drop a player and pick him back up with a new contract for how every many years... well fortunately I am that person.

So I was wondering if me picking up Cruz and resigning him to a 4-6 year deal would be worth trading him my 2013 1st round rookie pick. (i'll prob end up finishing around 10th or so) so the 1.05-1.10 rookie pick?

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I think you need to ask yourself what do you think you will be drafting with that pick? If that pick is top 3 or 4 you might regret making that trade. If that pick is 4-6 it might seem like a wash. If the pick is later than 6 you probably got a pretty good deal.

The risk you run with trading future first round picks.

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I dont think that next years WR class is that good. Id rather have the established player with a long term deal then a future prospect. In my rookie drafts this year I have the 1.03 2.03 3.05 3.16. So I will rebuild as much as I can this year (i have 10 picks in the first 3 rounds of the FA only draft) to hopefully be decent by next year and only need to get those complementary pieces to be a champonship caliber team. As i mentioned above we have to start 3 WRs So with Cruz i'll have

Victor Cruz - 6 years

Doug Baldwin/ Early Doucet (which ever I can get in my FA draft) - 4 years

Vincent Jackson - 3 years

Josh Cribbs - 3 years (he is actually good because he gets %50 of his KR stats added onto his WR stats)

Randy Moss - 1 year

(rookie pick) - 4 years

So even with me loosing Moss next year I'll still be good for another 2 more years.

My rookie draft plan:

1.03 - QB

2.03 - RB

3.05 - WR

3.16 - LB

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