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Joe Bryant

Draft Dominator for 2012

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Hi Folks,

Wanted to give you a headsup as we've had several folks ask. I know there are lots of ideas for changing and improving the Draft Dominator for 2012. I know it's not the answer some want to hear if there's a change you'd like to see but for now, the Draft Dominator we have for 2012 is what we'll have for this season. Again, I know that's not the answer some want but I'd rather be up front and be honest with you vs have people holding out hope that we're going to change something this summer.

We do want to continue to encourage discussion on this though. I know we've had a lot of different threads on this but I'd like to start a new thread where we can consolidate ideas for improvement and change. As with anything, we can't promise changes will be implemented but we'd like to hear and see a current look at what folks are thinking.

For you folks that have been Subscribers to the Footballguys Insider and users of the Draft Dominator, thank you very much for being a part of Footballguys. You're the reason why we have a business. Thanks.


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