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1 / 20 / 6 / -1 for passing

1 / 10 / 6 rushing

1 / 15 / 6 receiving + PPR

1.5 / solo tackle

0.5 / assist

2.0 / sack

3.0 / int

2.0 / FF or FR

projected starters, depth/bench guys

QB (1) - Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck

RB (2) - Ray Rice, Marshawn Lynch, Ben Tate, Jacquizz Rodgers

WR (2) - Antonio Brown, Brandon Lloyd, Stevie Johnson, Dwayne Bowe

TE (1) - Owen Daniels, Jason Witten

flex (1) - Doug Martin

DEF (1) - Houston

PK (1) - Robbie Gould

LB (2) - James Laurinaitis, Daryl Washington, Colin McCarthy

DL (2) - Jared Allen, JPP, Kam Wimbley

I picked 2nd overall, so I had a fairly easy time doubling up on positions, which I love doing. I think my biggest issue is working the matchups with the WRs and flex positions. Since it's only 1/15 for receiving yards, WRs are devalued, and I don't have a truly reliable top notch WR1. I do think I'm in decent shape overall though, even though it's a 10-team league. I know not everyone is high on Matt Ryan, but ultimately, Julio Jones and Roddy White are considered top 5-10 fantasy WRs by most, bordering on elite, and Tony Gonzalez, old as he is, still put up almost 900 yards last season. SOMEBODY'S gotta throw them the ball, right?

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Compared to the other 9 teams I'm guessing you are:

-About average at QB but with the good possibility of both Matt Ryan and Luck being better than expected.

-At RB I think your 2 starters are strong and your flex option (Martin) could be a big hit. Your depth is a bit of a concern though.

-At WR I don't see any real studs but all 4 would normally be considered good WR2s with the possibility of upside with Loyd, Brown and Bowe (considering his contract situation) so depth is good. In a 10 team league though I would think many of the other teams would be stronger here.

-Not a fan of the TEs here at all. I'm down on Witten and Daniels to me is a bit of a 'meh' option. Steady but no real upside. In a 10 team league I would think you would be one of the weakest at TE.

-IDPs is where your strength is, especially the DL. The top 2 players at the position and a strong 3rd. You will have a big advantage over everyone here. LBs are very good as well with 3 of the top 10 players (imo anyway) so another spot where you have an advantage.

All in all, without seeing the other teams, you are probably about average on the offensive side. Maybe even a little below the average. On defense however I would have to imagine you are one of, if not, the strongest.

Good luck.

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