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Keep Rolando McClain?

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I have an extremely thin bench in a redraft league and I have R. McClain and P. Wheeler on byes this week. We start 8 defensive players, 2 of which must be DBs. I have no DEs.

Team right now is LB McClain, LB Wheeler, LB Laurinaitis, LB Freeman, LB Dansby, LB Butler, LB Wright, DB Bell, DB Bigby. 9 players. I feel like my LBs other than McClain and Freeman have been very solid and are undroppable.

Biggest issues: Whether to keep McClain....and if Angerer is back will Freeman be a crappy play vs. Green Bay this week and beyond. If I keep McClain then I will be missing a LB slot for this week.

So, should I drop McClain or Freeman for any of these guys that are on the waiver wire:

Bobby Wagner

Chase Blackburn

Craig Robertson

Jo Lonn Dunbar

Bart Scott

Vontaze Burfict

Albert McClellan

Anthony Spencer

Kelvin Sheppard

Brian Urlacher

And as far as DE’s – these guys are available:

Geno Atkins

Chris Clemons

Cameron Wake

Michael Johnson

Henry Melton

Michael Bennett

Justin Houston

Charles Johnson

Points are Solo - 1.0, Assist – 0.5, Forced Fumble – 2.0, Fumble Recovery – 2.0, Pass Deflection – 1.0, Sack – 4.0, Interception – 4.0, Touchdown – 6.0

Thanks for any input!

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Burfict and Urlacher were picked up.

I would keep McClain, the raiders have favorable matchups coming off there bye week, and it appears that the offense is struggling giving more field time for McClain and the raiders defense.

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