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cushing out,

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10 person league. 1pt/tackle, 0.5/assist, 3pt/sack

have 3 LB on roster, play 2/week. We are limited to 30 transactions/season

I have: McCarthy, DJ Smith, Cushing

So, I need an LB to replace Cushing going forward. Options include:

L David (TB), Angerer (Ind), Jo-Lonn Dunbar (StL), Freeman (Ind), Wagner (Sea), Burfict (Cinn), Timmons (Pitt), Henderson(Minn), Allen (Jax).....

So, I have plenty of choices. Assuming McCarthy is ok, I don't need someone till their byes in week 10/11. I would like to grab Angerer, but there is really no need to rush until he shows that he is ok. Any thoughts??

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I think it is a toss-up between LDavid (the safer choice) and Wagner (more upside as the season progresses- he played 100% of last weeks D snaps).

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