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Snap Counts?

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I am trying to figure out if snap counts are covered anywhere on the FBG website. There are tons of columns/articles with snappy but cryptic names like "From The Tape", "Believe It or Not", "Inside the Insider", and "Tiers", so many that I haven't familiarized myself with all of them and probably never will have the time to do so (and I wish someone would post a "guidebook" to what all of these columns are). But in poking around the site a bit, and searching the site and forums for "snap count", I found nothing. It would seem to be a simple stat that would have a simple, easy to identify name, similar to "Final Targets", which is a very useful table that is included. I'm just wondering if snap counts are buried somewhere.

Apparently this is a stat that the NFL is providing, although I couldn't find it there (but I don't really ever visit the NFL site). Other FF websites ( provide it, so I figured there was a pretty good shot it is somewhere on FBG. Is it?

Snap counts would be a really, really useful stat to include, I suspect especially for defensive players (my league doesn't include IDPs). But even for skill positions on offense. For example, knowing the WRs you are thinking about picking up on waivers play only 25% and 85% of their teams offensive snaps may be a bit of info worth knowing, even if their targets are similar.

Just curious. Apologies if they are covered on FBG and in an obvious place, but I wasn't able to find them. And if they are in one of these tools like Lineup Dominator, well, I haven't had much time to familiarize myself with these either, nor do I place too much faith in them.

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